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July 12, 2010 in World 040 News, World News

I am back once again with the World 40 Blog. Last week I spoke with the UN tribe leader, Axilles, and he told me about their enemies and the wars that they are fighting and why. So this week I talked to their opposition, King Of  Thunder, the leader of the #1 ranked NMS. Enjoy!

World Map

Top Players:

It looks like Dacritta is still winning but Beachyme is catching up and Hourly Watchman is also making it there!

Top Tribes:

WOW! I can't believe it! It looks like Kata has finally proven themselves and has passed the UN W40!

Players OD Ranking:

It still looks like Kotche is taking the Number One Rank for OD

Tribes OD Ranking:

It looks like the #1 tribe is taking the #1 OD ranking, which makes sense! UN and Kata are close to them too!

NMS VS UN W40 Stats:

Interview Time

Today’s interview was with King of Thunder also known as KoT, leader of NMS. I think their point of view on this war is important, since last week I interviewed Axilles, leader of UN.

Introduce yourself to the readers:
KoT: I’m Knight of the Thunder, duke of NMS known simply as KoT. I played in W9 as duke of a top 10 a couple of years ago. There I met Lazarus (under other nick) and others who started in W40, but they’re gone now.

When did you join tribalwars?
KoT: Don’t remember the exact date but was in early 2007.

Why do you play tribalwars?
KoT: Cause I enjoy team work and strategy.

Can you describe for us your playing strategy?
KoT: Well , I don’t use a single strategy. Depends on several factors: your enemy, your control of the area, etc. I like making clusters in different K’s to get different chances for expansion. I tend to grow steadily, you won’t see big spikes in my stats but mostly steady growth.

Do you take a role in your tribe?

KoT: Definitively, my position of duke isn’t a name only. I handle internal matters, diplomacy, review of operations and tribe strategy in general. Of course I’m not alone, got a co-duke and a strong council to back me up.

How long do you think that your tribe can stay at number one?
KoT: If we keep our internal policies, the unity and activity, I don’t see why we would lost rank 1. Of course we need to keep backing that rank with great stats. Also handling of world politics is pretty important for it.

Is your tribe in war? with whom?
KoT: Yes, open war with UN skirmishes with RUM and clearing of iAlone spoils.

Why do you fight those wars?
KoT: With UN cause of Axilles backstabbing diplomacy. We had a NAP with them and we realized he was trying to plot against us with TC and Wasp, while we were discussing how to get NMS-UN relationship to the next level. Axilles keeps trying to get other tribes to attack us. Regarding RUM, it’s only for fun and future expansion. In the case of iAlone, they started it and we are finishing what’s left of them.

How do you think you are doing with these wars?
KoT: Against UN, the stats still look better for them, but their advance is getting slower and slower. Our weak links in the area went inactive or quit and the frontline is now filled with better players. With RUM the advance is slow as we still need to clear ex-ialoners in the middle of them and us, they tried to pierce into Mcastillo and they failed. More action to come in that front in the next weeks. About iAlone we’re just hunting them one after other; they’re refugees.

Do you think that you and the UN would be allies at one point?

KoT: While Axilles is still their duke I highly doubt it. The East wasn’t ever our area of interest but we can’t trust Axilles, now nor never.

How long do you think the war would last?
KoT: Months and months.

Do you consider having an academy tribe to help you fight those wars?
KoT: We aren’t fan of families. We have had a tribe for dead accounts while we eat them but not an academy properly. Even though if the best option is a merge with other tribe and getting an academy temporarily, we could live with it for a while. But it isn’t our first choice. Families tend to be ineffective in the long run and harder to manage

Would you ever consider helping the UN tribes enemies?
KoT: The enemy of my enemy is my friend? Maybe, the options isn’t close. However we aren’t looking actively for it.

Well what can you improve on to win the war\s?
KoT: There are always ways to improve, one we’re doing is clearing our frontlines of weak links. Not everybody in a top tribe can be top fighters but there are standards we need to stick to

Well it was really nice interviewing you. do you have any other worlds to the people of world40?
KoT: Keep enjoying the game and don’t believe this world is boring; you can make it as fun as you want

“You Don’t try. You Perform”


I would like to thank Rup22 who has designed the banner. He is really cool and you should check him out some time on W40