World 39 Blog (My First Ever;D)

August 5, 2009 in World 039 News

Hey Guys, this is DeathByClowns of World 39.

I’m the new blogger for this world. I have researched mainly around my own tribe, and a few players in my world.

Here are the TOP TEN best players on World 39:


1 Xalenryoh   131.002    
2 Gaurav10b 123.043    
3 cer-berus   110.876    
4 supercow1996   92.616    
5 RaoulDuke   86.186    
6 JustinOtherNoob   80.476    
7 trixs   74.926    
8 Woody Timber   70.057    
9 WeIsPeasant.   68.923    
10 Jirikai   68.192

It’s interesting how the top two players, are both in the tribe Geico, but most of the rest are in Random, the best tribe in the game.

Here’s the top 10 tribes.

1 Random   1.617.945        
2 -TDR-   1.470.718        
3 -V-   1.333.370        
4 Geico   1.063.331        
5 W O W   1.250.464        
6 ~ACID~   796.863        
7 COBRA   631.356        
8 DrEvil   569.962        
9 NXGN   552.260        
10 Lowkey   575.648        

I interviewed the best player on the game,

Xalenryoh, and I asked him these questions.

1: How does it feel to be number one?

2: How does it feel to be in the fourth best tribe in the game?

3: What is the funniest thing someone has ever said to you?

4: What are your in-game tactics?

5: How long have you been playing Tribal Wars?

And his replies were,

1. Very many people think it would be so exciting to be on the top. But it isn’t. Everyday you get so much questions and senseless messages.

2. It’s a cool tribe and we are happy to be there, but it doesn’t feel really special.

3. Today someone said: “Your first village (10’007 points) is the biggest one I’ve ever seen in TW :D

4. My tactics I’ll keep secret. But at the start its important to get LCs as soon as possible and farm as much as you can.

5. In this account there are 3 players. They play between 7 months and 4 years.

A tribal story,

B2C , Dragon and Pack, were all tribes. They have now merged into one to try and defeat an enemy tribe NXGN. They came together to make the tribe BSA. Blood Shed Alliance started to win this war against NXGN and they started to take NXGN villagesNXGN Started to fall in ranks, which made BSA think they were winning the war.

Because some Dragon members become a part of BSA, BSA became even stronger than NXGN. Usien, (One commander of BSA) left BSA and became a duke of Raining Blood (RB) extension of BSA. Then the worst happens, one of the council members and Duke of BSA, Bandit King sold BSA to there worst enemies NXGN. Bandit King betrayed all of his tribe and dismissed all the council members and other dukes and gave Duke Rights to a NXGN member and join NXGN. BSA was destroyed by one of his own duke at the time when we started to win the war against NXGN.

Members of BSA along with DE members joined Raining Blood. And Usien becomes the only duke there. Raining Blood was weak and not in stable conditions. Because they were hurt badly by there own friend Bandit king, who had stabbed them from behind. Usien and other loyal members started to rebuild and change there tribe name from raining blood to BLOOD SHED ALLIANCE RETURNS (BSAR).than BSAR started to get stronger and stronger and than again one of there baron betray them and stabbed them from behind and joined NXGN .NXGN stroke again and won this battle again all the members of NXGN attacked Usien and which hurts Usien badly. But USIEN rebuilds BSAR again and again rebuilding procedure is in process alongwith the war against NXGN. BSAR is still alive and still fighting for there names …

(For I was away on Vacation, this story was copied and edited, from my own tribe, for I did not know what was going on!)


Thanks for reading my world 39 Blog, I hope you “enjoy” it.