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August 5, 2011 in World 038 News, World News, Worlds 31-40 News

So do I.

Hello World 38,

Here is your weekly Blog Post titled “World 38: The World, The Continents, The Player.

So With this Please
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Oh Yeah.. I’m alive =D, I bet you I scared you didn’t I? Yeah.. I am still here, Alive & Well.

Well, Today i have made a few changes, Hopefully for the better, What Have I Done? I have made MORE STATS.. OH NO!! MORE STATS!!

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Now today For my Interview, I interviewed FullCircle.

Hi Fullcircle, How are you today, Since NUTS & NATO Declared war against Domino, Have you seen an increase in attacks? Or Do we need to run an “Attack Fullcircle Day” like we did for Red?

Im great thanks, the war declaration was a long time ago now my friend, attacks against me a pretty much the same but as you’ll see on the map im pretty much back of the field in comparison to my tribe mates however i expect more as i push south. An attack fullcircle day – hmm im sure i can cope without a day especially committed to kicking my rear-end!

You sure about the “Attack FC Day”? I have a banner already made up.. Oh well, It seems that recently your attacks have moved off NUTS / NATO and you are now consuming inactives, Is this to try and get you to the front line?

Im sure thanks – “attack NML day has been suggested though” your good friend red loves the idea  – hmm i wouldnt say inactives personally – we have ran ops and succesfully and the players have been (or where) active – bill the builder from Domino springs to mind – i did jump on the band wagon when attacking Alsu but to be honest who hasnt nobled a village from Alsu in k42. I do what i can to get to the front line and make ground where needed.

Hey Now, thats not nice.. Red Loves me.. its a wierd relationship, you know the type where they love you & You dont love them, but you stay with them to ensure they dont become a serial killer? Yeah… Its like that, So do you think NUTS will fall apart like Domino Did, Just to rebound back to the spot you were before the Fall out?

No – not a chance – the core member of players we have are very loyal, active and have been together for a long time now – yes one or two have left but the ones we have now will be here until victory  unlike other tribes we have a small amount of players that have quality. Im sure the tribes with 40+ members have quality as well but they also tend to have a lot of trash that bring them down due to mass recruiting for rank. As for red……he told me he’s on the next flight over to your house with his mankini and waxing strips

So Full Circle, Do you think that NUTS will become the #1 tribe of the world, Or Do you think another tribe will take them over?

In time yes but im bound to say that! Honestly i genuinely do believe the team of players we have together will eventually regain number one – possibly even a close call between us an NATO…..Domino, no offense but i feel that you will eventaully fall again…

The relationship between NUTS & NATO is there something behind the scenes there? Like The two dukes are related or married or something?

Haha! not that im aware of! Lady Noche can be very helpful – i’ll say no more!

Thanks for your Time FullCircle, Would you like to add anything else?

Just like to add that the main tribes ALL have great sets of people in them and some very skilled players……W38 might not be the most active but i’ll miss it when it ends…at the same time im sure we all want our lives back! thanks NML

Thank you all for Reading.

In my next post I will have the ISE featured in the next post.

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