World 38: The World, The Continents, The Player #9

May 28, 2011 in World 038 News, World News

So do I.

Hello World 38,

Here is your weekly Blog Post titled “World 38: The World, The Continents, The Player.

So With this Please
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Please Note: The tool that I used to create the table with the Points, Members & Villages which Contain the Loss / Gain is being improved for easier use for all bloggers, so those will not be shown. Just to point out, I havent actually done any work on the new tool, Work has side tracked me and now my whole focus is on a little place I call “HELL”, I mean “Work”.

Cheesy Is Gone. Yes Pizza Hut (Cheesy) Is No more. Their has been a lot of changes in this world since my last blog post. I for one am Surprised that this world had a bit of a fight left in them to do another shake up, or “revert” back to the way it was when I joined the world.

For One, The Long Standing Domino was the head of the world, until some members decided to “Push” these Domino’s and make hem collapse like so: With this little push all the little Domino’s Went for a ride, some stuck by to see if the pieces could be rebuilt and put back into place, to make this Great Tribe, Great again. Writers Note: I only Stated that Domino is a Great tribe as they held #1 for so long and have now been able to rebuild and go back up.

As Per all Domino Players, I believe they do not want a repeat of Domino falling, Splitting Apart as the little Domino Pieces ran away hiding from them in their new tribes, all of which were to be eaten back up when Domino was stood back up.

How Could this Effect The World? Only time will tell, a lot of people thought Domino would clean this world out. Some believing they are not able to. But going from a #1 tribe to #5, back to #1 is not an easy task.

As an anonymous player of World 38 has kindly relayed information to me to watch a Certain tribe Called “KarmA”

This Tribe sits up On the rim silently waiting, and possibly planning on doing something evil, or extremely good. Sadly I don’t hear anything about them. So they must have a pretty tight-lip member policy not allowing their information to be spewed out freely so they can fly under the radar. But, When & If they decide to attack, as the saying goes “The Quietest one is normally the one that will hurt you more”. I cleaned it up for the kid’s :)

War Stats:

Cheesy & BONE][, with the disbanding of Cheesy I believe BONE][ will be the winner, as Cheesy is no longer around. Where has Cheesy Gone? To Be honest, Some players are standing around going “Huh..” whilst others are running to the new world power Domino.

Side 1:
Tribes: REFORM, ASYLUM, Domino
Side 2:
Tribes: NUTS, NATO, BONE][

Timeframe: 15/05/2011 03:31:18 to 28/05/2011 20:41:15

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 98
Side 2: 187
Difference: 89

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 877,103
Side 2: 1,716,241
Difference: 839,138

As you can see in the maps below, This week (29/05/2011) Domino is larger. NUTS seems to be getting eaten by NATO.



As you can see in these two maps the different playing fields for the top 10 tribes (I cut it down to top 10 to make it easier to read instead of having several hundred names on the map and you lovely readers going “What the hell is our blogger on?” Currently, its tropical Fruit Drink.. it hits the spot for the moment. :)

This week I had the lovely privilege of speaking with noche. Please find her interview below, in case you don’t know who noche is, she is a lovely lady from NATO, Currently rank #10. So please, read on.

1.) Your name is interesting noche, where did you come up with this?

At one point in time I needed a screen name. Noche is Spanish for night. I was working night shifts and my husband teaches Spanish so that was the inspiration for my online screen name.

2.) Do you remember the first location of your village? and do You still keep hold of it?

Yes I remember my first village and still have the report of its loss. I have villages near it but I do not currently own it. Bekstar as a member of Banned took it from me. Then TC77 took that village. But I am sure that TC77 is taking good care of it and keeping it in an orderly fashion for me.

3.) You are currently Rank #12, Are you eyeing the #1 Spot? Will you be giving olafSchlief a “Watch Your back, I’m coming to over take you, hahaha”? (Editors Note, When doing this interview she was #12)

I am not sure that Rank #1 is my goal. I do want to stay on the world until the end. I suppose it could be interesting to battle Olaf for the number one spot but that is not my intention at this point. There is more to the game than having the most villages. It is more about how you use them. There have been a number of players that have been high on the rankings and are no longer here. PurpleDurple is one that comes to mind.

4.) For this interview a certain person offered you a chocolate bar, whom shall remain nameless for this interview, Do you believe that NATO could over Take NUTS? (Editors Note: I was tired when I wrote this question.. or maybe drunk.. or maybe angry one of the three)

I am not sure I understand this question. Can you reword it? Not sure what a chocolate bar has to do with taking over NUTS unless it was to make chocolate covered nuts. lol

5.) 1,716 Conquers to 148 Losses, Most of the villages that have been nobled off you, you have taken back. Are you the type of woman who wont allow someone to have what you have worked for?

I do like to take care of my possessions. Losing a village does not make me very happy.

6.) Thanks for your time noche, would you like to add anything to your interview?

I would be remiss if I did not mention my great tribe mates. Without a tight knit tribe such as NATO, I would not be here. From our corner of the world in the Northeast we have seen tribes come and go, rename themselves, splinter apart and regroup. The map is a never ending change of colors that rivals Mother Nature in the autumn. Thank you, NATO.


Thank You World 38.

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