World 38: The World, The Continents, The Player #14 -> Wow, 2 in 2 weeks, He must be desperate!

August 16, 2011 in World 038 News, World News, Worlds 31-40 News

So do I.

Hello World 38,

Here is your weekly Blog Post titled “World 38: The World, The Continents, The Player.

So With this Please

Read On… My Friends

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Now today For my Interview, I interviewed cambridgeapts.

1.) Hi cambridgeapts, thanks for taking the time to do this, The war with Domino & REFORM vs. Nuts & Nato can you remember who declared war first?

I do not know who declared first. I do not think it matters. It is tribalwars. The nature of the game.

In the last week, Domino has hit NUTS hard whilst NATO has been hitting you back, Do you believe Domino could win this war?

I do think we will win this war.

Do you honestly believe that Domino is back to being the Tribe they once were (After the Cheesy issues)?

I joined after the “cheesy” thing. The ones who left, were dealt with fairly quickly. Before the split, I was an enemy of Domino. Having played against them when the other members where here, and playing with them now, I would say that the tribe is better then it was.

Do you believe that Domino can see the light at the end of this very, very long World War?

Some tribe has to win the world. Light? I don’t know about, but I’m patient. Another year of plugging away and we might.

Some people believe Domino players arent allowed to post on the external forums? is it true that the Domino leadership put on a gag order?

Gag order? No. We are free to post what we want. I do not frequent the forums. Only so many hours in the day. I prefer to spend mine launching attacks instead of being drawn into idle banter in a chat room. If you do not see the rest of the tribe there, then they probably feel the same.

Thanks for your Time FullCircle, Would you like to add anything else?

Just like to add that the main tribes ALL have great sets of people in them and some very skilled players……W38 might not be the most active but i’ll miss it when it ends…at the same time im sure we all want our lives back! thanks NML

Thanks for taking the time out to do this, would you like to take anything else?

Happy gaming everyone. :)

Also, Today is redserith’s birthday, I’m sure everyone know’s red as that obnoxious spammer on our forums, He is so much more than that… He’s even more obnoxious :D In other words, happy Birthday my friend :D

Thank you all for Reading.

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