World 38: The World, The Continents, The Player #10 – Rise & Fall of Cheesy

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So do I.

Hello World 38,

Here is your weekly Blog Post titled “World 38: The World, The Continents, The Player.

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Cheesy, Domino’s Splintered Brethren, has now Melted. Many of the members were taken back into Domino to be one of the many dots on the Domino’s. Some have gone back to BANNED or BANED. Which should be known that these two tribes are not related. In this blog post I have been able to speak with ewanm1, redserith & some secret information about KarmA & ART.

Karma have been picking us off slowly. They have been avoiding war; tiptoeing around the idea of it. Art is getting annoyed. We want them to just declare war and stop acting like pansies.

Basically Art and Karma are in the middle of an undeclared war.

– Anonymous – Art

This message was sent to me a couple of days before Art had formally declared on KarmA.

As you can see in this map, KarmA is bigger then ART. So lets take a look at their actual stats:

KarmA Art
Members 27 27
Points 51,281,709 8,277,757
Villages 5,394 1,065

So as you can see in the table above, KarmA & Art have the same amount of members, but KarmA has a lot more Points & Villages. But as many smart players have said, “Points & Villages are great. What’s Really important are Troops.”. Art May Beat KarmA or KarmA may smack down Art and continue with the smack down of smaller tribes.

Side 1:
Tribes: KarmA
Side 2:
Tribes: Art

Timeframe: 31/05/2011 00:00:00 to 06/06/2011 05:00:31

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 146
Side 2: 19
Difference: 127

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 1,275,009
Side 2: 150,696
Difference: 1,124,313

KarmA seems to be smacking ART around. Could Art turn this around and gain the 1,124,313 Points & the 127 Villages? or Could this be the last we see of Art? Well Lets hope Art puts up a good fight against KarmA to show that the little guy can take a beating & turn it around to show them that they need to work on their cracks?

Side 1:
Tribes: REFORM, ASYLUM, Domino
Side 2:
Tribes: NATO, NUTS, BONE][

Timeframe: 28/05/2011 20:41:15 to 06/06/2011 05:00:31

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 273
Side 2: 149
Difference: 124

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 2,607,730
Side 2: 1,327,436
Difference: 1,280,294

NUTS, NATO & BONE][ have been busy little beavers, with chewing through the Domino, REFORM, ASYLUM line. Instead of losing 89 villages they gained 274 villages this week. A Total Gain of 185 Villages. Good Luck to all tribes.
Hi ewanm1, thank you for taking the time to do this, as I have heard from a source, their was a coup in Domino, Can you explain what has happened?

I refute that there was a coup. Many people were not happy with how things were going in Domino. There was a lack of leadership, direction, activity, participation etc and many players were tired of it. Having given plenty of time for change it became apparent none was forthcoming, things came to a head and some players decided to leave and create a tribe that would improve on those things that I mentioned but mostly would be a group of active players who had fun together.

Therefore, some of us left, invites were sent to the more active members in Domino and most of those decided to leave and join Cheesy

The long term game was to get those players to end game.


What was the main aim for Cheesy?

To have fun and to get to end game.

Whilst you were in Cheesy were you still loyal to Domino? or Did you act as a whole new tribe with their own goals?

Hmmm, that’s a tough one. Certainly, it was a new tribe with it’s own goals. However, there were certain Domino players that would never have had anything to worry about from Cheesy. But, to get to end game you have to fight what’s around you to get there, so hostilities were expected to occur with Domino and probably increase. Same could be said for various tribes though, not just Domino.

Why Did Cheesy Fall apart? Was it pressure from Domino or just the sound of a renewed Domino was too hard to let go?

Good question. I think for some a renewed Domino was appealing, for others I think pressure was exerted yes. I was disappointed with some of the things that were said but I was more disappointed with the reactions of the players we invited to Cheesy. Whilst Cheesy was a new tribe, the majority of its members had been together for some time and to see many of them not supporting tribe mates that came under attack and then leave to return to Domino was pretty pants.

Do you believe that Domino has come back together? or will it go back its old ways?

Can you clarify the meaning of your question a little please.

Yes, Sorry. Do you believe Domino has gained its glory? or will it go down again?

I don’t think Domino has glory at this stage. It’s bigger than it was with players rejoining but as for glory, I think they’ll gain that once they win a major war. The only major war in the world is theirs vs Nuts & Nato. With some old players returning (and I don’t mean from Cheesy, I mean players that left Domino long ago coming back and taking over some of the inactive accounts) then it will be interesting to see if Domino can turn the fight around or whether the only good thing to come from these returns is a pick up in forum posts thanks to Roby and ISE.

My gut instinct at present is that Nuts will keep making inroads against them. Domino will no doubt pick up village caps to improve their stats a lot from Nut’s new recruits that are somewhat isolated in Domino territory

Do you believe that NUTS will take over the world?

I think that is the most likely outcome from what I have seen the last 6 months or so and I wish them luck, my dealings with them have always been pleasant and they’re really nice guys/gals in the main.

Was their any reason why you didnt rejoin Domino?


1.) I didn’t receive an invite or any communication to the effect that I would be wanted

2.) I hadn’t seen anything change in terms of the reasons I left, so there would be no reason to return. Better to forge a new path.

3.) I’m not overly fond of the methods currently employed at Domino.

4.) My closest friends are no longer in Domino.

Thank you, But I have never been in Domino , Who is your Biggest Idol in the World, The one player you wanted to fight and see who won?

Hmmmm, I guess I woulda liked a longer crack at Vodkabrass. Nice guy – the crazy half of the team at least, I never chatted with the other half.
But I think it hard to name just one player that might be considered my “idol”.
There are several that all things being equal – activity, size etc who it would have been fun to go up against. Olaf, Mnov, G@r@volli (who no longer players w38) to see how well, or probably how badly I’d do.

PS, love you still Mnov n Olaf, no fighting any time soon x

Ok, Lets wrap this up, Is their anything else you would like to add?

I would say that it’s convenient to make out that Prussia, myself and 9687 stirred up a lot of trouble in Domino by leaving etc. It should be noted that one of Domino’s dukes left with us with full knowledge of what we were doing. Interesting that that player wasn’t referred to as a traitor and other things for leaving.

Goodbye to Prussia Empire and 9687, you’ll be missed and the world is a worse place without you both. It’s a pity you were replaced in Domino by inferior players. Players like those from WR who Domino turned to when we left. Players who are now being kicked by Domino for losing villages to Nuts. It’s a shame that those players are being screwed over now to protect the stats.

A big thank you to ewanm1 for this interview.


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