World 38: The World, The Continent, The Players #5 – World Changes

April 17, 2011 in World 038 News

So do I.

Hello World 38,

Here is your weekly Blog Post titled “World 38: The World, The Continents, The Player.

So With this Please
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As I have recieved a Complaint from someone who wont be mentioned, I will be doing TWO Sections, DOUBLE the Post Count. One Fully Written like a story (Based by ISE) and one Fully Written like a War Stats (Based by ME/NML0089/Kris)

Silently, Domino fell apart, To form Cheesy, FALLEN and many other smaller tribes which have forced them to drop from the Top Position #1 to #4. They look like they are on a slippery slope down, who knows if they will hit the bottom or if they will get back up, dust them selves off and Yell, “LETS DO THAT AGAIN!”.

Even More quiet was there name change, From Domino to GUNS, Could this help the old Domino reform and take back what was theirs?

Whilst they slowly crept away, many other tribes had formed from the ashes, would one of these new mini tribes take the world over? Or will NUTS have the world by its NUTS?

As you can see in the map above where all the new tribes have formed. One of the biggest changes was DoNuts The single player tribe, with a big heart and a big attitude. This was the first time NUTS had encountered such a large loss to their points, Hellmind (Points: 22,590,204 Rank: 2) left and Formed DoNuts, Due to unknown Circumstances. (Editor Note: This player will NOT respond to Blog Interview Requests after many attempts. If you Are Hellmind and are Reading this, Please contact me for an interview, it would be a good read to know why you left NUTs to Form DoNuts).

So with this major change, what do you think will be happening? A new world order could come out of the ashes of the once Great Domino. Editor Note: Please leave a comment below to state what you think might happen.

So what has happened during the last week with the world War? The big Show down?

First lets take a look at a before and After shot of Domino.

Before:                             After:

Since Domino’s Fall and GUNS rise, the tribe has  gained over 5,150,207 Points with 767 New Villages added. Also Several new players have joined the tribe giving it a nice strong bonus of an extra 14 Members Could this be the rise of GUNS? Could GUNS really take back what was Domino’s from NUTS? Only Time will tell.

Even with the separation of Domino fragmenting into littler pieces, NUTS & NATO don’t seem to care, They are happily attacking with full force.

As you can see below: (Editors Note: This was taken Directly from TW Stats, Nothing has been changed or modified.)

Side 1:
Side 2:
Tribes: NUTS, NATO

Timeframe: Last week

Total conquers:

Side 1: 603
Side 2: 978
Difference: 375

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 19
Side 2: 33
Difference: 14

Points value of total conquers:

Side 1: 4,793,840
Side 2: 8,734,564
Difference: 3,940,724

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 186,212
Side 2: 316,453
Difference: 130,241

Another Day, another Declaration Cheesy has Declared on BONE][ for stealing there delicious boneless chicken wings, once you have a Cheesy Boneless chicken wing, you wont eat anything else. But I digress from that. Lets take a look at there war stats shall we?

Side 1:
Tribes: Cheesy
Side 2:
Tribes: BONE][

Timeframe: Last week

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 39
Side 2: 0
Difference: 39

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 356,895
Side 2: 0
Difference: 356,895

It honestly looks like Cheesy are getting their Boneless Chicken Wings back from BONE][, But has BONE][ Already taken the secret Recipe? If they have, Please contact me, In Game: NML0089, Skype: iloveinosha, Forums: NML0089, You can get my email too if you like please contact me first.

As Many people are aware LOTRFan11-5 gets bored easily, Loves to be attacked, Loves to get awards, but doesnt get attacked, so he declared war against BOTW, Can this one lonely man hold out against BOTW or will the Wolves eat him alive?
Side 1:
Players: LOTRfan11-5
Side 2:
Tribes: BOTW

Timeframe: Last week

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 0
Side 2: 0
Difference: 0

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 0
Side 2: 0
Difference: 0

It seems to be a little stale-mate, has LOTRFan11-5 received the attacks he so desperately wanted? This will be revealed… Next week, when I interview him.

This week I was lucky enough to speak with several key players of Domino’s Fall.

Prussia Empire of Cheesy

What is slowly happening to Domino? it looks like they are splintering off into Smaller Factions, What is the reasoning behind this?
Whatever happens to Domino is now up to them. :)
We are no longer part of them, so can’t really answer that question.
Domino is no longer the same tribe it used to be. We fell to the number one tribe curse.. Players went inactive or lazy, leadership started disappearing.. Basicly the fun of the game was gone.
Really only two options to fix that… Change things up and make the world fun again, or delete..
Decided against the second option obviously! ;)
Hope better luck for the new number one tribe NUTS, and congrats guys! =)

You were in Domino for a while now you have seemed to turn your back on them and formed “Cheesy” also known as “Pizza Hut”, Nice play on the world of pizza delivery companies!, But are you guys going after Domino?
Would rather not inform the entire world of our tribes intentions, thanks. :)

Just want to say that I will always have respect for the original Domino, they were a solid amazing group of players well lead and deserved the number one spot..
Just wasn’t the same tribe or players anymore.

Do You believe in a short amount of time that Domino will cease to exist and that Cheesy will take there spot?
No clue what will happen, the world is changing pretty quickly.
Our intentions were never to kill Domino, just needed to bring fun back into the game for us.

Your name is interesting, How did you come up with this nick?
Hehe, well we put things together pretty quickly…
Ewan and myself decided there could be a lot of fun play on words with the name Pizza Hut.. Plus he wouldn’t go with Andrea’s Amazing.. So that was the second best choice for tribe names! ;p

What do you enjoy to do outside of Tribalwars? or is Tribalwars your house like some people?
There is a world outside of tribalwars!?!?
Hmm.. I will have to look into that! ;)
Nah, tribalwars isn’t my life, always gotta stress that the real world is far more important!
I enjoy outdoor activities.. hiking, swiming, jetskiing, scuba diving a lot of time in the sun! =)
Laptop may follow me around a bit more than it should though.. (:

Wroc Teh of FALLEN

Thank you for taking the time out to do this interview Wroc Teh, I was wondering, how FALLEN came to be?

It is entirely a selfish thing. I had lost my sense of enjoyment in the game. My best times in TW were when I founded and ran the original WEBASH with Sandrajmb1. By creating The Fallen with Sandra we are trying to recapture the spirit of the old days.

You were once in Banned, then Asylum and Now you are the Duke of FALLEN, Do you believe that FALLEN will Rise to the #1 with this now fast changing World?

I think our tribal profile says it all. We don’t fight for points or position. We will continue to fight our respected enemy NUTS and NATO and will aid our ASYLUM, Domino and WR brothers and sisters as much as we are able.

In The next few months, how do you believe this world is going to pan out? Do you believe Domino will Fall and the FALLEN will rise?

Domino already has diminished to make way for something new. So far NUTS are proving pretty unstoppable. Let us hope that Pizza Hut develop into something that will give them a challenge. As for The Fallen, we will remain active and will try to offer resistance to NUTS and NATO for as long as we are able. All those that have joined The Fallen are people that fight with heart and determination. Whatever the outcome I am priviledged to fight by their side.

You were once a member in BANNED do you care that your old tribe has fallen so far? or are you glad that your tribe has risen in glory?

I joined BANNED at their request after successfully co-leading their basher/academy tribe WEBASH. I am not an elite player and always felt more comfortable in a smaller tribe. I was sorry to see BANNED rip apart through internal issues. I still hold all the ex-BANNED players that still play W38 in the highest regard. Given my history you see why I value OD so highly. Members of The Fallen share my outlook. I am very happy with what we have created and I feel we are bound for glory.

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