World 38: Shooting it out With Mr Shooting

January 20, 2011 in World 038 News, World News

Ok, Its jeremyleite's Mona Lisa

Today I was able to talk with Mr Shooting one of the dukes of I.A.R, How his War is going with Redserith and just some general information about him.

1.) How is your 1v1 with redserith? or have you both gotten over it?

It’s continuing….. A bit quiet at the moment as red is still building up in the area. He’s a smart guy and knows that long distant nukes aren’t going to work that well with me. We’ve had a few skirmishes so far – so I look forward to some more intense combat with him.

2.) How come some of your villages have been nobled by your own tribe I.A.R

No comment :)

3.) How do you think World 38 will progress? Do you think I.A.R Will reign supreme or will they fall apart?

We never were intended to be a big tribe. We love the game – but the old hands have a real life to. Our success varies on different worlds. At present we appear to be growing again…. But don’t worry – normal service will be resumed as soon as possible ;-)

4.) You are well known on the forum as a n00b/newbie/nubcaek is this false or do you just like to antagonise people and push them just for a fight?

I am pretty much as you find me. I only started posting on the world forum because of Mark Hanson and Banned declaring war on us last year. I’d never heard of them up until this point. I talked a bit of trash – and the rest is history as they say.

I like to pretend to be dumb sometimes, so bigger players think I’m and easy target ;-) I suppose I’m an average defensive player, but a weak attacker. What does everybody else think ?! :-D

5.) What do you like to do outside of Tribalwars?

I like to keep on the good side of Mrs Shooting and keep the little Shootings (4 of them) as quiet as possible.

6.) If you could pick one person to have a war against, who would it be?

I can’t think of anybody better than Red at the moment. He doesn’t seem to use the clever offensive scripts/ add ons etc etc…. Just like myself… so we get (or will get) a bit of a chance to duck and dive each others nobles / attacks etc. Old school style !!! :)

7.) If you had the power to change anything about World 38, What would it be?

It’s a great world – moral is active – 10 levels of tech – paladin weapons – archers – mounted archers. Good fun! I suppose I may slow the speed down a bit. The faster the worlds, the more people are tempted to share accounts – which I’m not so keen on.

I don’t like the number of “inherited accounts” that seem to have taken place on this world…..

I did enjoy the churches from other worlds. Throws some people badly and that can be quite fun seeing people trip up.

The new flashy version available on world 54 is quite good – but doesn’t work so well on my mobile. I also like the militia in the farm. Quite handy at the start of a world.

8.) Thank you for your time Mr Shooting, would you like to add anything new?

Witman is very quiet these days. Has he quit? Or has somebody tied him up and gagged him ?! ;-)

Thank You for your time Mr Shooting.