World 38: Interview in the Sky, With Skynub

January 17, 2011 in World 038 News, World News

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Hello World 38.

Today I got to interview Skynub one of the Forum Antagonists was able to give me some time to speak with him to get an interview.

Hi SkyNub, Thanks for taking the time out to do an interview, Why have you changed Tribes 14 Times?
Hello, and no, thank YOU for taking the time to write this lovely interview.
I’ve explained the second part of this to you, but here’s to all the other… NUBS out there who don’t know – I’d say more than half of them were for LULZ or the tribe was disbanded, such as ~UW~ or ENGAGE.

As as Smaller Player, But a big one on the forums, Do you see that the World will change alot?
As for the snippy smaller player remark, I have a few plans in mind, but it’s a secret plan that no one but some of the council in R~I~D knows (bandit)
Honestly, I doubt the world will change, and being quite honest, if Domino really even cared or tried in the least they could have/still can win this world with ease – but, who am I to spectate – I’ve been here for less then 3 months.

What do you think will happen with R~I~D?
I can’t say, but from how I’m seeing it NATO will be crushed and we still have yet to deal with those pesters that we know of as NUTS.

What is Bauce? or do you Mean Sauce?
The Bauce is a philosophy I created that is based upon the fact that by losing no villages… ever… you are the ultimate WINRAR and thereby a boss. But in all srs bzness, the Bauce is something I just completely made up and have no idea how it ended being my village name infrastructure.

If You could change anything about the world what would it be?
It needs more action for me, honestly, I’ve sent 100’s and possibly 1000’s of attacks at daddykeebs and all I get is 1 lousy attack back.

If World 38 Was in the final Stages of ending who do you think would be the top tribe?
Domino. For sure.

If you would like to add anything at all please Do!
I vote #1 for the siggy contest ;)

So thank you to Skynub for taking this time out to do a blog interview, Thank you world 38 for reading it.

Also a few matters:

1.) World 38 your blog competition has ended, the Forum Graphics was able to successfully choose one of the banners and the winner was jeremyleite.

2.) I now have a twitter feed that you are able to find out my latest projects it is located HERE follow me if you are interested in finding out all my new projects.