World 38: Hiding in the Shadow’s With Shaddow Master

January 12, 2011 in World 038 News, World News


Hello World 38!

Today I was able to speak with Shaddow Master about all his challenges & wars (if most of you are on the PnP forums, Shaddow Master is the #1 Person to fight against)

Seeing how you are currently Facing about two or three different “Skirmishes”, How are you handling against all of these attacks?

As reggie is aware of, I have not been dealing with our war. I am mostly concintrated on the B.H. war, but after I am done with them, if reggie still wants to, I will be more than glad to continue our war. It was at 600k or so points when he declared on me. Now, he only has 160k points. There is a huge point difference.

You seem to be a big protagonist on the forums, But honestly, Why does everyone want to Fight you?

As a friend pointed out to me, they probably just hate me because while the small point players let the big players run over them, I stand and fight (well, I try to). I don’t think some people who attacked me actually hate me. It is location. Like in K56, a domino player attacked me and took some villages from me, but I don’t blame him for doing that. They were near him and we had no diplomacy with them. But some of the other people, like reggie, just developed into enemies. Reggie doesn’t like my leadership skills so he left the tribe and sent me a mail, and then it just escalated from there.

Seeing how you have had several people declare Personally on you Would you like to push for more just for another laugh/fun?

I play tribal wars for fun. Everything I do on tribal wars is for fun and my amusement. However, most of the time, I forget that it is just a game and I end up taking tribal wars to seriously. For me to get another laugh, there will need to be more tribes like B.H. (which will need to be completely built from traitors, spies, honorless mutts, etc.).

What do you like to do in your spare time?

This is suppose to be my spare time, but it doesn’t seem to be that way for me because I spend a lot of time here so the question to ask would be what do I do when I’m not playing tribal wars? Well, I would draw out my life for everyone, but I don’t think everyone needs to know everything about me. I’ll tell you some of the other things I do though. I play chess (because I like the challenge and I like to think), I bowl (because I need something to take my frustration out on and I don’t think people will like it if I take it out on them), and I tutor in Math (Because I enjoy helping people in math, but don’t ask if I get paid for tutoring in Math because I don’t because it is during school).

What is the History behind I.A.R?

I do not know much about the history of I.A.R. I know that they are kind of like the “class clowns” of World 38. I also know that they are great with defence and don’t have much offence. I know that they can get rude in the private forums. But as far as the history, I have not heard much about them. I started noticing them probably in this past summer. However, I have been told that they use to be a target for everyone so they ended up becoming smaller, and when they reach the points and ranks that they once were, they will become a target again.

I did not really like I.A.R when I first noticed them, but the more I’ve heard about them and the more post I read from them, the more I learned to like them.

What would you like to change about World 38?

I wouldn’t change much. I like the way things are. I wouldn’t mind more friends, but enemies are just as good.

Thanks for taking the time to do this interview, I understand your wars take a lot of time, If you would love to add anything else that would be great.

Friends are great and I wouldn’t mind more, but enemies will do just as well. Afterall, someone needs to have an enemy. If no one did, then this world will be at a stand still and nothing will get accomplished. However, I do think something is funny. I think it is funny how people who don’t even know me, hate me. I’m talking about a tribe that was called -nerd-. I’m talking about the version of the tribe before it became B.H.’s academy tribe. It was skynub’s old tribe. Skynub was the only 1 in that tribe who liked me so I told him that if he ever leaves that tribe for whatever reason, but he needs a tribe to be in, then just ask me and I’ll give him an invite (which, I ended up giving him an invite because the leaders of nerd dismissed him for telling the truth and speaking his mind). But when Skynub was in nerd, he pointed out a good point. I did not even recognize those people in that tribe… I did not know any of them. Skynub’s explanation for them hating me was because they are trapped in the band-wagon effect. He said that because all of the “big-wigs” hate me, they do to so my final words for this interview is that if anyone is trapped on the band-wagon, they better jump off before it is to late because when the band-wagon reaches its stop, they might not like the result.

The End.

Thank you to Shaddow Master for taking the time out from dodging attacks, to sending attacks and to even laughing at attacks that have landed as well? Who Knows.

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