World 38: Chatting with the inc(red)ible redserith

January 10, 2011 in World 038 News, World News

Hello World 38,

I have had the chance to be able to speak with one of the biggest personalities on our forum. Yes He is redserith, I was able to ask this gentleman 7 Questions, read on and enjoy. Just so you know, everything in bold is a question I ask him.

Hi redserith, Hope your doing well, How is your war with Mr Shooting? The war with Mr Shooting is doing okay I guess, not really a one on one anymore but it’ll play out in the end.

Your name is quiet interesting, what does “redserith” mean or did you just make it up? That name has been mine for years, well… the Red part of redserith stands for my hair colour (yes, im a ginger) and serith means… well I made that part up and I think it sounds cool.

I was reading your profile, you seem to enjoy contacting everyone you attack and have a laugh with them, What gave you that Idea? I do enjoy contacting players I am hostile with. If I can contact all of GT I would, I do it for fun, to see when they are online and offline, to see if they hate me yet, and to put them down without breaking any rules. I got this idea when jack737 first started hitting me (on my profile, I joined his fanclub) It also takes the edge off war and proves that there is fun in all forms.

What do you like to do in your spare time? In my spare time… I do not have spare time, I work on the oil rigs, come home, keep my fiance happy and play Tribal Wars. Though, thats just during the week days, weekends are a different story all together, partytime, thats about it… just partying, though i’m always online, playing tribalwars while slizared on my buddies computer.

What is the History behind WR? The history behind Wraith-Reaper (WR) is not a secret, we are a promising tribe that is in relation to Domino, we came from being the average tribe in the top 30’s to being in the top 10.

What would you like to change about World 38? I would like to change the moral on 38, it just sucks. Though without it, I would have been rimmed long ago.

Thanks for taking the time to do this interview, I understand your wars take a lot of time, If you would love to add anything else that would be great? No, thank-you for having me, wars take a toll on everyone, cure for it is writing poems to your opposition.

So on the Behalf of my self, Thank you to redserith for being able to do the interview with me.

Thank You,