World 32’s Weekly #3

October 24, 2010 in World 032 News, World News

So, here it is, World 32’s 3rd weekly news. Unfortunately the leader of F~G was unavailable for an interview however I will continue in my attempt to corner F~G’s leader to get his take on the war they are engaged in.

Also in this edition, an overall look at the world with some comparisons and the normal war statistics but with some nice shiny new graphs.

All this plus details on a competition that I am running, the winner having their banner become World 32’s blog posting banner.

A quick glance at the map will show that there has been little change in the state of affairs since last week’s dominance map. The biggest change since last week dominance map is the removal of NA.T.O and being replaced by bloodp.

In regards to wars, THX has gained: K29 – a previously uninhabited K, K06 – A K previously owned by FearUS, however they have lost K67 to F~G. F~G on the other hand, as well as gaining K67 have gained K96, previously held by NA.T.O, yet lost control of K45 which has now been taken by Time. FearUS has also gained control over K02, a previously uninhabited K.

This section covers the major wars that are being fought  in the world currently. The statistics are taken from TWstats typically the night before the blog is due to be posted so that they are as accurate as possible. If you feel that people needed to be added to either side of the statistics then please leave a comment with the player name, side and a reason why and I’ll endeavour to add them if it is valid.

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There is, unfortunately, no interview this week. The player that I was hoping to get interviewed for this issue was not on often and as such I couldn’t get interview him. I will continue to try and get an interview from the leader of F~G however and hopefully it will be in next week’s issue. The other interview that I was conducting over mail did not fully work out. After a couple of questions the player seemed to ‘disappear'; I will attempt to finish that interview and here will be two interviews in next weeks edition to make up for the fact that there is one missing from this weeks.


This week there is a competition running for all the members of the World 32 community. Whether you are an active member on the forums or just someone who reads yet remains anonymous, it doesn’t matter.

I am looking for a banner that will be placed at the top of every post relating to World 32. Since this blog is for the community of World 32 I decided to allow the members of World 32’s community to both create the banner and decide upon the winning one. There are a few rules that need to be kept to, but other than that you guys and gals have the floor.

The banner doesn’t have to be of specific dimensions, this platform will resize all images to fit into it’s widths. I have, however requested that the banner doesn’t exceed the height of 300px but this isn’t a strict ruling. If it looks better slightly taller then go for it. The only other restriction on size is the size of the file itself. This may not exceed 2mb; exceeding the 2mb limit will mean that the banner cannot be uploaded to the blogging platform and so can’t be used. Other than that, stick to the normal forum signature rules regarding what can and can’t be used and you should do awesomely.

I look forward to seeing what the community of World 32 can produce with their creativity skills.