World 32’s Weekly #2

October 17, 2010 in World 032 News, World News

Welcome to World 32’s second blog post relating to that fascination we know as Tribal Wars. Perhaps it would be more prominent to call it an addiction – because lets face it; it is. In this issue I’ll be looking at the recent recruitment of the LT members to Time and also featuring an interview with kokobest, leader of FearUS.

This weeks dominance map looks virtually the same as last weeks with the minor exception of LT and Time. FearUS have taken re control of 2 K’s that they owned previously, and F~G have taken control of an outer K. LT have all but disappeared from the dominance map and been replaced by Time.

With this recent revelation, Time now control 24 out of the 100 possible K’s; therefore putting them 1 away from controlling 25% of the map. Surely it won’t take them long before they manage to take control of this milestone.

Time’s recent recruitment of active LT members boosted their current lead at the top of the leader boards to  99’092’636 million in top 40 points above their second place rivals, F~G.

One of Time’s leaders, AreYouKidden, had this to say about the recent recruitment of their former enemies, LT.

“In all honesty, we just figured if THx could recruit our enemies, then we could too!”

Time were criticized  on their recent recruitment of one of the players, SHaKeSPeaReD, who had been described as a “nobler of barbs and in-actives”. The response that was received to these comments were

“It was the points, definitely the points.
Reality is, not everyone is always what they seem. Fortezzo as the leader of Havok was once a Barb/Inactive Nobling treehugger, but under the right leadership, and with the ability to focus on game play, it’s amazing what some of these guys can actually accomplish, it’s just a matter of having the right attitude, which Shakes always has had.”

It is only a matter of time before we see if these new recruits are up to the challenge of being in the #1 tribe and whether or not they can be moulded into better players as a result.

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Thanks for reading this weeks issue. Next week I’ll be looking for an interview from one of the leaders of F~G as well as searching around for any possible new wars that may have cropped up that no one has noticed yet.

Starting next week there will also be a section looking at the world statistics; things such as the remaining players, tribes and top noblers. This will provide a greater insight into the world and show the rate of decline that there is.