World 32’s first ever blog!

October 9, 2010 in World 032 News, World News

Welcome to the first World 32 blog since… *looks around at the dusty room devoid of blogs*… since forever I think. Rest assured that this will be the first of many blogs for this world in which we will be getting up to date with the issues of World 32 as well as the goings on and the current wars.

In this issue we have an interview with the leader of the THX Family, Curroptkill72 as well as a look at their war against their recent former allies, F~G.

Before I delve into the facts and figures of a single war, let us take a look at the World as a whole.

From the map we can see that the main 3 super powers of the world are Time, F~G and the THX Family. F~G and the THX Family are currently involved in a war against each other, despite having been originally allies since almost the beginning of the world. None of these tribes yet own 25% of World 32, however a few days ago, THX Family was 1 K away from owning 25% of World 32.

As it stands Time control 19 K’s, THX Family also control 19 K’s and F~G control 15. A smaller tribe tucked away on the North West of World 32, FearUs, have 9 k’s currently to their name and this will perhaps grow.

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This weeks interview is with one of the members of leadership in the THX Family, Curroptkiller72.

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That’s all for this issue World 32 people. Next week I have an interview lined up with FearUs’ leader and will be taking a look at what happens in the week.