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January 29, 2011 in World 032 News, World News

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That’s right! It’s back! The long awaited return of the World 32 blog has finally come. Firstly, I’d like to apologise for all those loyal followers who have missed this and wanted to see it back. It’s been some rough times, but I’ve finally been able to knuckle down and get some writing done. Read on to see some comparisons of the best tribes and which wars are actually still happening.

So, the map has most likely drastically changed since I last produced an issue of the blog, let’s just take a look at the current map for starters and see what the current world situation looks like.

So, as we can see from the map, the east has, yet again, been thrown into turmoil by yet another split in a tribe that has had too many name changes, with FD being its most recent. With the split of FD into TRZ and FD, the east is even further from finding one or two tribes that will be able that will be able to rise to the challenge of taking on a tribe that was once called “one of the best tribes to ever grace TW”.

Although FD were and still are at war with Broken, formerly Noname, it looks as though TRZ has set their sights on different aspirations, and have recruited some of the Broken members.

SinekValesi         Joined   28th January 2011 – 23:06              12,185,904
b.onay                  Joined   28th January 2011 – 22:06              4,094,606
zimparaci             Joined   28th January 2011 – 21:06              7,301,018
mevlutc61           Joined   28th January 2011 – 18:06              10,537,963
Shkodr4nN         Joined   28th January 2011 – 18:06              2,181,401
Lady Ashley        Joined   28th January 2011 – 01:06              8,627,891

As you can see, TRZ has already recruited 6 members of Broken, 3 of which are Time’s targets and the others being a part of the FD vs. Broken war along with the others. I highly doubt that Time will cease their attacks on any of the players in the Mid-North that TRZ have recruited. These players have been through many different tribes in their time on this world: b.onay 31; zimparaci 21; and mevlutc61 35.

Judging by the nobling stats of Time against one of the players, zimparaci, it is considered a mystery as to why TRZ would think they would give up on their target.

Statistics: Time vs. zimparaci SelectShow

Now, comparing this map with the previous blog, we can see that there have been some drastic changes to the map, the most obvious being the disappearance of FearUs and the appearance of {[S*]}, known as Survivors. It seems to be made up of a rabble of players, from all walks of life, bunching together in an attempt to stop their eventual demise at the hands of another tribe. Whether or not the leaders of this tribe can stem the incoming tide of destruction or not is another question. It all boils down to their ability to lead, and the ability of the players underneath them to follow that leadership, and with so many tribe changes, how many are actually loyal to their current one, or who will ‘jump ship’ just to save themselves?

Other such changes are the gaining of new members for THX in the North-East of the world, players that were once part of F~G, when their original split happened and they became FD and Noname, these players hooked up with their old tribe, THX. Their previous statistics against THX were quite convincing, and they played a large role in the war against THX, for FD.

Statistics: 4 players vs THX Family SelectShow

The only other changes to the map are that F~G no longer exists (as previously mentioned), FD and TRZ are recent splits from FD; Broken merged forces with SELL and are now seemingly merging with TRZ.

Time haven’t had much of a mention, but that said, Time don’t look to have made a great deal of change where they currently are. This of course would be a mistaken fact since they caused the mass deletion of FearUs, a war which was previously called a ‘border dispute’ and then upgraded. Of course, that said, Time did a job of removing –C*- from their side of the world, and picked up a couple of extra player in the process from the looks of the map, although TW stats hotly disputes this as member gains, leaving it as the only other alternative, ennoblement gains.

As I took a look on the forums, I saw a post from Time’s leader, AreYouKidden. Well, here is what he wanted, so I have done so… albeit very late.

“/me goes searching for the w32 blogger.I’d like to upgrade my border dispute to a blood bath, and just skip the whole war stage?
Anyone writing about us lately?” – AreYouKidden

When I stopped blogging, Time was in the middle of a ‘border dispute’ with FearUs and F~G were at war with THX. Without showing previous war statistics, it is clear that Time came out of that war with more village than they went in. For F~G however, it was a different story; although as a tribe they come out of the war with more gains on 24 hours, 48 hours, week, month, 3 month and forever, because of the split, they lost members. Overall, if you take the villages lost because of the members lost and subtract that number from the villages that were gained from THX during the war, it seems that they actually lost 3’842 villages, of which 2’172 of those villages went in to THX. Of course these stats are the most accurate that I could find due to the disbanding of F~G; they come from THIS post.

So, onto the current wars.

FD, despite all its problems and its split will continue its war with Broken, or so it seems. The war was declared on Broken on the 12th January at 00:37 (00:00:00 for the purpose of statistics) according to the forum thread that was posted by none other than myself.

War Statistcs: FD vs. Broken SelectShow

Although they seem to have made a good start to the beginning of the war, perhaps they have not made the progress that they hoped to made, or indeed should have made against Broken.  Broken do not seem to be making much of a comeback against FD, however they are a smaller tribe with less nobles and nukes available. Time will tell if Broken is able to stand up to FD, or if FD will continue to rim their players one at a time. What we can tell, however, is that one of the players listed as a leader, Lady Ashely has moved tribes to TRZ, along with SinekValesi, who previously led Noname. Are they jumping off a sinking boat and leaving the rest of the tribe behind?

With this said though, members of FD have recently also left them, do they feel that FD is a sinking ship? Or do they have other reasons for this since they are also the founders of TRZ.

World Player, Village and Tribe Statistics

Here it is! World Statistics time! I’ll just show you who has done the most stuff recently and such, all that is available to me, from TWstats, (the new and improved version :P) will be shown to you here.

So it seems that World 32 has finally reached under 1,000 players just this week and finally we can begin to look at the possibility of half-price nobles and the end game coming to another world, World 32 this time. However, I still predict that in a years time, wars will still be raging and Time will be fighting off the last tribe, or group of tribes in the attempt to finally win the world, and put an end to the suffering that is on it.

However, despite there being less and less players on the world, the amount of tribes seems to just be increase all the time, that said however, the active tribes on the world has decreased, and now stands at a measly 117/118 to the gigantic 21.41k tribes that are actually registered on the world.

Curiously enough, even with the number of players on the world decreasing, the number of villages is on the rise, either this is through barbs being generated on the world, or the players left are playing a sick joke on us who want to get towards end game, and are constantly restarting to create more and more villages. Well, more fool them if they have forgotten that for end game, it only counts player villages.

Growth Rankings

1              1              NukeDiewalker Time      21,996,449           2,271     30,453
2              3              SHaKeSPeaReD Time      20,870,557           2,085     29,923
3              2              moobong            FD           20,998,460           2,092     28,954
4              4              Fortezzo              Time      19,690,817           2,004     27,331
5              5              mihajlo98            TRZ         17,694,229           1,566     25,026

NukeDiewalker has been at the top of this list for a long time, and he continues to dominate it with a growth rate of 30k per day, closely followed by SHaKeSPeaReD, both members of Time. Moobong of FD isn’t that far behind them, although he is ranked higher than SHaKeSPeaReD, he is certainly growing at a slower rate, and looks to be overtaken at some point, however with the difference in growth, it will take a long time for this to happen. Fortezzo falls behing with still a hugh 27k a day and in 5th is mihajlo98 of the newly formed TRZ, with 25k per day.

Tribal Ennoblements

This weeks winner is, you’ve probably guessed it, Time coming in with 981 villages in the past 7 days. The closest to them is FD with under half of that figure at 469 and followed by {[S*]} with 411.The weeks loser is Broken, coming in with 477 lost villages in the past 7 days, followed by {[S*]} with 366 lost villages and then THXF with 198.

Player Ennoblements

In the past 7 days, Faeria has made the most conquers on the World with 81, followed by Mr. Sinister at 73. DM InsaneWar closesly follows Mr. Sinister with 71 villages nobled within the past 7 days.

As can be guessed, Time mostly dominate these rankings with 12/20 players being in their tribe, however it isn’t dominated as much as I thought it was when I first took a look at it.The weeks loser is vavaro73 of {[S*]} with 207 lost villages, followed by B@rQn** of Time with 167 villages, who is drawn with TESIUS of Broken with the same amount of losses. The player with the most tribe changes in the past 7 days goes to akoposipong, who is currently residing in no tribe.

Funny Fact!

Something I kept mentioning to point out, but never actually got round to it until now, is that during the THX vs F~G war, the two sides managed to produce what looks like the symbol of Ying & Yang. I have added the dots in the middle, but if you rotate it, and although they are out of proportion and show F~G overpowering THX, the symbol can just about be seen.