World 28 update

August 30, 2009 in World 028 News

So, it has been a few weeks and I am sorry, some real life crap came up. My uncle died…

Moving onto happier things, W28 is starting to shape up quite nicely. We are down to 10 or so MAJOR tribes while all smaller tribes are dwindling. I suppose that this world will be down to 6 or so by Christmas. Quick update is that PWO PWOned Vangard. V was hanging by a thread for a while, but the Penguins just wanted all of the ice to themselves. Note how the map below is a little off with PWO’s territory. The map I was playing with did not have ~L~ on there, but note that K32 is L and not PWO.


It seems everyone has a NAP with everyone else in the north, but the real wars are happening in the south. Note all of the perfect borders all over the map, those prove a NAP or ally exists within diplomatic relations. All of the jagged edges are either new NAPs, or are a war of some sort. It appears that PANDA is being squished by the constant expanding from every side. Their only hope may be to head south. The same thing is true with PWO, only that their issue is no land due to diplomatic relations. PWO may also need to move south in some way, since every other border is a NAP border.

Rage seems to be getting smaller, but drink and beer are growing like crazy. It is safe to say that Drink now owns the north east of the map, while the Kommando Kittens own the north west. MTS is doing quite well, and owns most of the south east, but is still very packed into a small space, they need some room to grow. The Sith are also having growth issues, but since they are in the middle of the map, their region is more densely populated and therefore can afford it. Being dense in a tribe can be a good thing anyway, it makes for easier and faster reinforcements and keeps outsiders…well…out.

Next week, I promise an interview with a player in the world. Until next time, keep fighting and keep growing.

-the Kaisar