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January 30, 2012 in World 025 News, World News, Worlds 21-30 News


Well World 25 it has been a long long journey. This world opened on October 9th 2008, and since then there has been the drama, politics and action that comes with a world on TribalWars, It was based on the very successful World 5 and the faster speed settings yet again proved to be a massive hit.

This Blog will be mainly focused on SubV, they are the tribe which has come out on top and managed to win this world and this Blog will be looking back at how they started and managed to work their way all the way to the top. 



 Map on 22nd October, Last Blog


The map says it all really, since the last blog SubV has just wiped out all remaining opponents and now there is only 2 continents left to finish, all SubV need to do is stay active and finish off the remaining players. 

Tribe War Stats

Now obviously these are not the final war stats but they are going to be the closest we are going to get and with fewer than 1000 enemy villages left on this world I doubt they will be changing too much.

 Rank    Name   Conquered villages     Lost villages    Defeated opponents while attacking Defeated opponents while defending

1          Heavenly hell  3.763   20        866.308.493    14.257.959

2          gougework1    3.076   5          486.245.942    7.534.287

3          alexmichie       2.825   74        353.315.404    11.468.704

4          DipsyDixie      2.350   8          268.759.923    17.933.224

5          uk patriot         2.336   153      244.119.407    49.147.323

6          Billsmith          2.061   26        449.643.668    8.628.734

7          jg4088 1.957   21        163.353.395    9.588.769

8          slick94153       1.638   1          189.494.277    331.613

9          dartharris         1.536   6          53.307.099      9.102.025

10        Saint Pauli (deleted)   1.503   22        172.059.231    2.579.238

Well done to the top 10 war noblers, without you the tribe would not have won this world. Also on a side not a huge thank you to the other tribes and especially their Dukes for some memorable wars and online banter.

Tribe Stats

Members: Most gains (no internal conquers) (191,443 total)

 #1        immunesoul     5,693 conquers            2.97%

 #2        uk patriot         5,344 conquers            2.79%

 #3        gougework1    5,162 conquers            2.7%

 #4        Heavenly hell              5,161 conquers            2.7%

 #5        alexmichie       5,102 conquers            2.67%

 #6        jg4088             4,606 conquers            2.41%

        drayman10      4,520 conquers            2.36%

 #8        acfro    4,384 conquers            2.29%

 #9        DipsyDixie      4,285 conquers            2.24%

 #10      spazbunny       3,655 conquers            1.91%


History of SubV

The Tribe started out as SPQR, an aggressive small tribe started with 10 members;

  • BONESAW    Joined  28th November 2008 – 19:00  19,552
  • Deathskullzx   Joined  28th November 2008 – 19:00  13,696
  • bubinaatoors    Joined  28th November 2008 – 19:00  12,944
  • The Intimadater          Joined  26th November 2008 – 19:00  11,948
  • cheesehead1267          Joined  26th November 2008 – 19:00  12,785
  • ivabiggun        Joined  26th November 2008 – 07:00  14,787
  • Sasquatch Is Beast      Joined  25th November 2008 – 01:00  9,617
  • KryptonMonster         Joined  24th November 2008 – 22:00  8,097
  • gougework1    Joined  24th November 2008 – 22:00  34,585
  • ChokeMe        Joined  24th November 2008 – 19:00  22,076

They were an aggressive tribe who started fights with alot of neighbouring tribes, the Duke ship was controlled by Jim.Lane and Gougework1. They fought and beat Spooner and UniQu3, Within that time the players which would become the core of SubV had joined, Maud Dib and the StacyRant account holder moved into the Gougework account and Immunesoul joined. Soon after that the name was dropped and SubV was born.

 Requiem was the first major war for SubV and the war which put them on the map, and on the forums with Immunesoul making his debut. Alot of players on the forums predicted the bigger Requiem would win, until after the INH war SubV was always the underdog on the forums which alot of players agree spurred them onto victory, but Requiem was split in half across the world and a very poorly organised tribe which fell to the experience and skill of the core of SubV. The SubV members mass attacked the 4 biggest players in Requiem, they held out for awhile but were unable to conjure up a successful counter attack and the lack of co-ordination and the fact the other side of the world did not send support meant that they fell. Then SubV did something it did throughout the world and has been both criticized and congratulated for, it picked out the strong in the falling tribe and recruited them, this time they got players such as Satinzz, Crazymike and Mathias, the rest were slaughtered.

You can see the Declaration and War Stats Here

During this war that the four players, Gouge, Dixie, Jim and Bishop would form a political and military partnership, this gave them control over the SubV council and they all had a similar attacking style, they were all very aggressive and would become the attacking force behind several wars.

The next war was the big one, after the Requiem war they were neighbours with WHNC, the current number one on the world. SubV again were smaller, this time though the Enemy was not split in half and this tribe was war hardened and experienced, this was a major test for SubV. The current Duke did not want go into this war as he was unsure of the outcome due to WHNC size and alliances, due to his reluctance the Four controlling members decided to attack 44ever, a new recruit into WHNC and the current number 1 on the world. Bishop then started something which he was very good at, he began needling a player, he was very good at this and won alot of battles due to this, 44ever was very cocky in the return and the subsequent attack forced SubV and WHNC into a war. This war was alot of peoples favourite in the world, including my own. The Four controlling SubV players ran through 44ever, who stood little chance as the whole SubV teamed up on him and forced him to quit very early on. But early on one of the Co Dukes, ChokeMe left the game due to Real Life, Halfway through this war SubV lost its other, Jim for a few months, this lead to Bishop sitting and playing Jim. This was influential to the tribe and the rest of the world.

You can view all the stats and updates Here.

This war lasted a long time and nearly every other tribe on the world jumped on the bandwagon once they saw the damage SubV were doing, SubV were the only tribe throughout this war that consistently had positive stats against WHNC. A number of major of successful operations on the SubV frontline and with WHNC having to withdraw its backline support with the Declaration of ADHD on its backline lead to the fall of WHNC, after the fall of WHNC there was a major grab for players, SubV picked up;

Dysterious, tubbys30, sarah jane1976, grouchysmurf, cassette77, jg4088, Lord A J Quinn, trebor154, Cypher Rahl, spazbunny and blackratboy.

 Some of these players would become a major driving force in SubV with major thanks going to Jg4088, who became a number 1 player for a bit. But recruitment was and always has been a massive issue in SubV, the leadership liked being a small tribe of killers, they did not like mass recruiting to get to number 1. They always required an application to be filled out and were not a joke, it showed whether a player was a newbie or a veteran or if they were trainable. It allowed the council to decide if they were a killer or to be killed. Some in the tribe were used to large full roster tribes. It was a struggle at times to make them understand it was not in the tribes best interests to mass recruits, after all that was our lunch!

After the WHNC war, The Intimadater was promoted to Baron and he set about to fix what he perceived to be a recruitment problem. He recruited several players in the south at this time. This created tension with INH since he had recruited some of their food. Also during this time Jim.Lane went missing again and Bishop played him again, during this time Bishop threatened Gouge and Maud on more than one occasion if they did not do what he wanted. Dixie got involved and told him that if it happened again serious consequences would happen. It happened again and this caused the greatest attacking team in my opinion to be broken up and everyone involved now looks back now and thinks this was a big mistake, but trust was broken and feelings were hurt. Since Jim was still absent and in a power play Dixie and Gouge brought in Satinzz as a baron, who was loyal to them and then they set up a vote to make The Intimadater, Duke. Before anymore could happen Jim returned to the game and anyone who knew Jim and worked with him liked him and respected him, this put the feelings between Dixie and Gouge and Bishop on Ice. This led to the Four of them rekindling their group and taking on Great Ektaban from INH and therefore starting the INH war, this was not entirely unprovoked, AuskillaD had launched some fakes at mathiasdk92. The new recruits from WHNC were not happy about being thrown into a war with some old tribemates and also going straight back into a major war, the SubV members though wanted them to prove themselves and realise that war is the main part of this game. This also started the infamous North/South divide within SubV, the North had started the war but the South were the frontline and felt the majority of the heat. The North did send heaps of support and sat regularly but they also criticised and the fact the stats were the worst SubV had ever seen they were not very supportive of the new players, this fuelled the divide.

But during this war The Intimadater decided to tell Jim and Bish, about the plan to remove them,  this set off a bomb within the tribe, The Intimadater was asked to stand down and Satinzz take his place, this happened but within a minute of holding the Duke ship she received an angry letter from a tribe member and then handed back the Duke ship to The Intimadater. He then demoted Dixie, Gouge, Satinzz and Muad Dib. Bishop then went crazy on the forum and made it impossible for them to stay, so SubV split in half and the majority off the north split into HCG, during this time SubV’s stats against INH got worse and the NAP between HCG and SubV was broken by Bishop on several occasions, because of this HCG talked to INH and an attack on SubV was planned and organised, but 48hrs before the launch date Maud and Di were banned, it is still unknown on who reported them but they changed the outcome of this world. Maud and Di were halved and because of this they realised they would not be as useful or able to get their old villages back during this war. Jim then came back and started talking to Maud and they mended fences which lead to HCG remerging back into SubV. But at this time the South was dying against a very active INH. But with the remerge of HCG along with some extra recruitments, most notably were ricky357 the current number 1, the middle world combo of alexmichie and gr869 and the northern powers of lnlsban and Seawardorange, these two players combined with ricky gave SubV diplomatic powers with Pack and the rest of the Northern tribes. These recruitments gave SubV a safe backline and a new frontline with INH. Within 3 weeks of coming back the original Four got situated to take on INH biggest player Stanonion, This proved to be a Key point to the war, INH pilled thousands of support into that account and it was watched 24/7, this made it very challenging and very fun in taking them on. Stan eventually fell but soon after the account was about to be eaten by SubV the war ended.

The end of the war was very unpopular within and outside of SubV, the merge came about when Bishop contacted Uk Patriot, the Duke of INH, and he offered them a chance to talk about an end, Uk told him no at first but when it became obvious INH was going to fall he got back to him, a chat room was setup between Uk, Bishop, Jim and The Intimadater. In this chat room it was negotiated which INH members would come over and eventually a list was drawn up, it was also agreed upon that they would not be forced into attacking ex-tribe mates, It was then suggested that a trial tribe be set up for 30 days to see if anyone had been missed who had potential. After this the Trial Tribe ended up becoming an Academy, this was massively unpopular within SubV and combined with the merge with INH which was kept quiet even from half the council, this caused Dixie and Gouge to set Maud and Di as sitters and walk away from the game for 3months.

You can view the online discussions Here. 

Before the end of INH, Pack had jumped on the bandwagon and decided to declare on INH, two big players of INH had gone barb, leaving K73 empty. This prompted Pack to mass launch on the barbs, by the time they landed they were landing within SubV territory and this caused tensions between SubV and PACK, SubV were not ready for another war as all the support was in the South and a few big Northern Players who would be key in the fight with Pack were inactive. So a ceasefire was drawn up, this was another major fault on Packs behalf and created internal problems there, eventually leading to a split within Pack and creating TDR. The ceasefire was allowed for a number of reason one of which was Bishop, the majority of the South had had enough of him and the fact he was still controlling Jim’s account and using it to insult and betray people was really grinding on people, after a Skype conversation with the rest of the council and information being shared by the rest of the council it was decided that Bishop had to go, it was planned that his account would be kicked and then he would be launched on from the entire tribe, to keep Pack happy it was agreed they would get his villages on their border, this never happened though. Within a day of Bishop being kicked he removed Jim’s account from SubV and then tried to defend but ended up deliberately getting banned and giving up without a fight. All the villages were then eaten by SubV and Pack was given a set of Rules that if they broke then they would be declared upon, this included where they could and could not noble and who they could or could not support.

With tensions rising with Pack in the North and with the South focusing on cleaning up the South, taking out NNT and other small tribes down there, SubV through Immune started warring STK, during this time Pack war plans were drawn up and the frontlines were massively stacked. STK fell quickly and this led to them being recruited by TDR and this therefore lead to SubV declaring on TDR with them recruiting refugees.

The Declaration is Here for you to read.

This war was fun and the majority of people agree was the last good war of this world. TDR started out very well, they identified weak points in SubV and exploited them, they took out a couple of big players and benefited from the South being busy and the North being slightly inactive, but with the return of Dixie and Gouge, a false personal NAP set up and friendships being betrayed and broken this war was what TW was about. SubV then started to turn it around on all fronts, and decided to do what it did best it set up the biggest OP this world has seen and took out ricky, the biggest player on the world at that time and a ex SubV player who had been playing SubV and Pack. He was mass launched upon and was crushed easily, K36 which had been his home for the entire world fell quickly to SubV. With all of the ex SubV players with the exception of lnlsban being destroyed SubV council then contacted the remaining players, who had impressed during the war and offered them a lifeline to win this world, they were told Pack would be the next target and that if they did not attack them they would be out and a target to SubV. slick94153 lnlsban naga162 loststryk Penthesilia sockit1710 and Lychaeus joined. This was the last time SubV would ever take in the survivors of a losing tribe, but these players have proved that the council made a good decision they have all been influential in SubV winning this world.

After the war Dixie and Gouge rejoined the council and Dixie became a Duke while Randy took some time out, It was then decided that the Academy was to go;

bobo1563 1aybaybay  cameronthechef jessieb666n Sacerdoter Billsmith supergrande xcomputerx Heavenly hell fizzytigerlady were promoted up to the tribe and the rest were let go, this created tension in the south and divides within the tribe. Soon after this SubV declared on Pack.

The Declaration on Pack can be viewed Here. 

This was a demolition, Pack were unprepared for the onslaught they received, they lost ground very quickly and their frontliners were quitting daily, 3 months after the declaration on Pack the war was basically won in SubVs eyes and they decided to declare on the entire world.

The Declaration on the World can be viewed Here. 

In the South we had formations of 4eva, DC and a couple of other smaller ones, the divide lay with SFM. Pack then Declared on its only ally left, which was in an attempt to give their players hope by letting them noble something easy. The tribes in the South and the Southern SubV players were divided over its old friends, this lead to personal divides within SubV and the council realised that there was no longer a threat left on this world except from within the tribe. A lot of big Skilled players, together, with Big Ego’s and all had personal feelings towards players outside the tribe.

This period in time was very difficult for the council and the tribe, the tribe almost split on several occasions, but the council showed the skill it had shown in getting this far and how this council had guided this bunch of independent players to a worthy victory, without every member on that council the tribe would have fallen apart and it is the unsung heroes of that council which saved the tribe on a number of occasions by simply talking a player out of launching on another. Players such as gougework1, Realistica, DipsyDixie and Jg4088, these players combined with the other members of the council solved all the personal problems and made key decisions which would keep these players together.

The Social side to this game is alot harder than the actual game and keeping 40+ individuals on the same page and focused on the same goals is almost impossible but the SubV council have achieved it, So Well Done to all the Players involved.

This history would not have been possible without the input from DipsyDixie, Gougework1, The Intimadater, Uk Patriot and The rest of SubV.                 

Stats Corner.

These are the Yearly Stats from 2010 and 2011;

Top Noblers;


2010 Conquers 2011 Conquers
1. sta17mattywagon 2,230 1.Heavenly hell 5,338
2.1aybaybay 1,909 patriot 4,067  
3.KyllirMOM 1,909 3.greenghost52 3,858  
4.Billsmith 1,888 4.immunesoul 3,826  
5.hossamelnaggar 1,875 5.drayman10 3,681
6.crazymike 1,779 6.alexmichie 3,505  
7.acfro 1,775 7.gougework1 3,466
8.vince79 1,759 8.Krenan 3,316
9.Heavenly hell 1,748 9.Billsmith 3,144  
10.lnlsban 1,712 10.sta17mattywagon 3,110

On a side note these achievements deserve a special notice;

1.         uk patriot         2011-02-28   05:47      44.  Dave nobled 44 villages in 1 minute.

1.         bernard 2485   2011-12-23      137. Berny nobled 137 villages in 1 day.

1          Heavenly hell [SubV] 1.291,18 Mio. ODA, also Congrats on the 1000 awards.

And finally, and most important of all:

Rank    Tribe name      Points of the best 40 player    Total points     Members         Average points per player            Villages           Average points per village

1          SubV   1.405.142.824 1.405.142.824 38        36.977.443      134371            10.457

Well done to everyone involved with SubV and thank you all for your time and effort.

This was my First world and I doubt my last due to the success and addiction created within this world. This however will be my last Blog, certainly for World 25, I do hope  you all enjoy it and I hope you have all enjoyed World 25 as much as I have, thank you for the friendships and the excitement you have provided and I will miss this World greatly.

Goodbye and Good Luck All


Uk Patriot/Dave has made a Youtube video of the toptribes maps and shows the change in the world from the start. It is not complete but it shows all the way up to the middle of the Pack war.


supergrande today at 22:55

God this WORThis period in time was very difficult for the council and the tribe, the tribe almost split on several occasions, but the council showed the skill it had shown in getting this far and how this council had guided this bunch of independent players to a worthy victory, without every member on that council the tribe would have fallen apart and it is the unsung heroes of that council which saved the tribe on a number of occasions by simply talking a player out of launching on another. Players such as gougework1, Realistica, DipsyDixie and Jg4088, these players combined with the other members of the council solved all the personal problems and made key decisions which would keep these players together. LD IS ALMOST OVER :DDDDDD



bernard 2485 today at 23:16

It’s all said and done, it’s real, and it’s been fun.

 My quote



Danglee on 15.01. at 23:46

It’s been a pleasure in this final tribe of Subv to meet when I was very active and got to know uk and heaven. I took a lot of attacks in INH and because of those friends I survived to be where I am. It’s been years of work some constant some sporadic but I’ve done it myself all the way through with no sitters or shared account. I still don’t get scripts today so will some one come round to my house in Portsmouth England and bloody teach me ?

  Dangleeballs (Ian)


DipsyDixie today at 01:21

What I was really hanging around for, I was trying to feel some kind of a good-by.

 I mean I’ve left schools and places I didn’t even know I was leaving them.

 I hate that.

 I don’t care if it’s a sad good-by or a bad good-by, but when I leave a place I like to know I’m leaving it.

 If you don’t, you feel even worse. 

 ~J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye, Chapter 1

mathiasdk92 today at 02:02

This was a fun first world for me, many people in many different tribes showed me how to play this game and helped me throughout the accounts I’ve played on, thanks to all my friends and hope to play with all you more worlds yet to come

 Spartanator, Silksword, Mathiasdk92

drayman10 today at 19:21
i know i have not said much about myself for the last blog alex

but here go’s

i’m Steve from the uk and i started with drayman10 and i’m going to finish with the same name i started s ome time in 2009 oct i think and tw has been a big part of my life as well as my wi fe and 2 kids

it has been a pleasure for been in sub’v and given the opportunity to join sub’v and for my good friends lisa celexacewho really showed me how to really play this game and keeped me in the tribe and also ISMAniatico who also is a good freind just a 1,888span style=”color: #00000/span
0 “shame he stopped playing

i have made alot of friends in this game but the 2 i miss chatting to the most are The One Derf and dennis the knight dennis my oz m8 and The One D3.KyllirMOM/tderf from the usa like al3.KyllirMOM/td

I don’t care if it’s a sad good-by or a bad good-by, but when I leave a place I like to know I’m leaving it.ot of people in this game it just too much for him is

ok i hope i play this game again but i need a rest and i hope to see you all on other worlds in the future all the best steve 

Princess Di on 07.08.2010 at 20:37
Thanks Quote Edit Delete
A bit harsh I guess you dont no Princess Di very well:)

secksay on 16.01. at 14:52

It has been a pleasure to play with you guys/gals…..

hossamelnaggar rglasgow pt taylor GATE TO HELL 666 domantioner5 dartharris Danglee gamaleden david loker 17 Mike135 cameronthechef bobo1563 1aybaybay secksay jessieb666 Sacerdoter Billsmith supergrande xcomputerx Heavenly hell Sangsters Gangsters fizzytigerlady saad749 CouchyNZ slick94153 lnlsban naga162 loststryk Penthesilia sockit1710 Lychaeus Pokiuki123 greenghost52 SilkSword martintooone daleh771 Reverend Cakes K9Me bernard 2485 shadow.empire cameronthechef   spikeo99 ddawg1981 sta17mattywagon gr869 ricky357 seawardorange cktamoore drayman10 mandrake22 Sole C /spanollecter hanibalII jigs21 acfro h46ac Saint Pauli RagingPanda uk patriot gomer46 Ragom Mr-Fry     razdds2 grouchysmurf drayman10 zaxxchen general moe Anchovy Tunafish alexmichie mariqia abcdefg1200 hindustani Gangsa CKA NL hero boom crazymike psihh mathiasdk92 cincy132002 ISMAniatico Catapult Kid natnat15 fritztubaman gav270 celexace AlphaOmegaMD Hammarliden blackratboy totenfosse Tewza vince79 spazbunny k6j4f0 Satinzz whitbyrudie bob1645 Johnathen Priestly edward007007 Paradox99 manu2551988 bbanimal hanibalII Mini-BT cktamoore Aragorn Dragonmaster steeltoast Rafaeldcm djdan0123          EmperorRon ChaGaara Lady Eibhlin MacEnierghe Realistica mother53 king004 Roguekatana jg4088 Dysterious tubbys30 sarah jane1976 cassette77 Lord A J Quinn trebor154 Cypher Rahl blackratboy totenfosse Rotten Corpse garkos k6j4f0 vince79 Tewza ReBornFreak poespass ISMAniatico Sturm6868 KDGreen xxxRockyxxx crazymike dreamer0 millsey fifa499 *doganbey* 35svcbn DoYouWannaTryImTURK memk Monkeyboy529 frogstomper LATEKNIGHT x Chaoss x irelandswarrior dreamer0 tzarSimeon ITCH-MITE Hammarliden DodgySheep hubbz001 stanker92 urtalkingtodavec LadyLeanora brinkfur    anup pande immunesoul TheMaxx ahbby08       Drkmyrm JimmyKeena actually123 Drkmyrm Chris2119 herbert mifsud  CykeOPath youk panda360 Muad`Dib Princess Di Cristle Girl DipsyDixie XxBishopxX Chapyri Eighthouse pooeater NeilM265 jim.lane Siversen BONESAW Deathskullzx    bubinaatoors The Intimadater cheesehead1267 ivabiggun Sasquatch Is Beast KryptonMonster gougework1 ChokeMe