World 19 News Update!

April 26, 2010 in World 019 News

Hello w19! I hope you have all been well this week. It’s been somewhat quiet this week.  A few interesting things have happened, however. Several days ago, craigcarey (currently the rank 11 player in the world) left Candy and has recently joined HEROES (=o). Also, our little warmongers All* have declared on TNT in the northeast (link)! Right now All* has a nice lead on caps, but this is usually the case in the early early stages of a new war. We shall see if they keep up the momentum. It is also interesting to note that another top-ranked player, suby in corea, is being nobled internally by UNSF. While the player has likely quit, we can’t really say for sure because suby has never been one to post on the public forums…but gobbling up a 15 mio. account is a setback for any tribe. I can’t recall much else interesting happening at this time (let me know if I’ve missed something). So let’s have us a look at the maps:

I have no revelations about this map =P

Power Rankings

Major Power (10+%)
ASYLUM 331,742,972 12.71% New New
BRAINS 262,753,307 10.07% 1,886,181 0.12%

Mid-sized Powers (4-9%)
UNSF 242,474,184 9.29% New New
VIRTUS 229,077,316 8.78% 9,570,902 0.41%
All* 214,624,448 8.22% -11,483,418 -0.40%
ORIGIN 175,873,734 6.74% 7,826,801 0.33%
XLR 172,016,368 6.59% 16,877,914 0.68%
CANDY 145,819,878 5.59% -17,817,861 -0.65%
~EP~ 143,735,945 5.51% -3,382,149 -0.10%
~TA~ 117,051,191 4.48% 7,313,310 0.30%
TNT 115,222,539 4.41% 12,473,250 0.50%

Minor Powers (Less than 4% & More than 30M)
cC 73,923,939 2.83% 4,923,071 0.20%
~HOME~ 72,366,074 2.77% 27,752,187 1.07%
NIR 66,950,376 2.56% 510,143 0.03%
WDW 64,357,330 2.47% -2,428,727 -0.08%
BRAINZ 64,331,505 2.46% -118,981 -0.01%
HEROES 35,547,235 1.36% -1,986,551 -0.07%
Bonded 35,289,412 1.35% -11,401,474 -0.43%
Magyar 31,732,809 1.22% -9,139,251 -0.34%

These will be more interesting in a couple weeks perhaps once things pick up with TNT and All* =)

Weekly Interview

This week’s interview came up at an opportune time!  I happened to have set up an interview with Gaelen Strident previously, so this was done before the recent declaration on TNT, fyi…no interviews about the war yet =)

Q: Introduce yourself to us =)
Well, my name is James. The wife and I have two grown children. And as it stands now I’m a slave to my two poodles. At present I play in W19 in the far north where the good looking players were positioned, naturally.

Q: How long have you been playing TW? w19?

I used to play Runescape just for something to do with occasional free time I had now and again. I enjoyed working toward building up my little cartoon man with turquoise green armor they called Rune Full. But then the game turned into a major time consumer. My son introduced me to TW one day. It seemed just the right thing to take me away from the expense of RS, in both time and money. Just occasional spot checks were all that would be necessary on my acct: not endless skilling as in RS. Little did I know…Anyway I started about Aug. 1, 2008. And have logged in almost every day since then. Pretty lame, huh? Had I known in 2008 what I know now, I’d either be on the top rung of this world by now or I would have quit on the first day. The latter would have prolly been best =P

Q: What other online games do you enjoy playing?
Occasionally a few tower defense games, but really nothing else online or off line. At my age games aren’t a priority. Just continuing with TW as an excuse to get away from more important matters. At times a rousing Risk or Axis & Allies match with experienced players is welcome. And of course, there’s chess.

Q: What other worlds do you currently play/have you previously played? How would you compare those worlds to w19?
I play in W48 now just to kick some noob tail. Been on several worlds, but W19 has been the most rewarding. I will say though that building the tribe VICE on world 28 was the most fun. We had a good team and fearless. I left it because it took too much time on top of W19. A number of other situations where I grew big enough to not be a good target came about on different worlds, but then they were just another W19 situation, so I quit them. Every now and then players get the itch to level up more than one rank a month and start on new promising worlds… bad move in my opinion, but I can’t resist either.

Q: What is your favorite aspect of TribalWars? Least favorite?
I favor being able to build the acct. one brick at a time. Most players lose patience with a game like this because of its basic format (takes forever to do anything whatsoever—just my speed). My one gripe is the fact I’ve spent so much stinkin’ money on the game just to do what I could do any other way, which is to waste time. But once you’ve put that much time and expense into something, ‘tis hard to walk away from it. Other aspects such as making acquaintances and having a place to tell my stupid jokes tips me toward staying on with it. Obviously it’s human interaction all the way around that keeps us all on the hook here in Tribal Wars.

Q: How would you describe your playing style?
Attack me and you’ll find out. =P

Q: Could you give us an idea of your w19 history? (past tribes, etc)
After starting, I joined a tribe called EMP2. That fell off almost immediately and after 3 weeks I was accepted into CRABS, (my second tribe experience). Got to know many of the PANDAS folks at that time. However they decided that CRABS was too spread out and K5 was really not involved in tribal affairs. Enter {~VD~}– a tribe that was dumb enough to start a war on Signos that lasted 12 hours… long enough for me (the most active player) to unload on Trapkid and waste my entire offensive on him (but I did at least get a village out of the deal =P). After I spear headed the attack, the tribe abandoned the war with me smiling sheepishly at a guy that was 10 times my size. He forgave me and we eventually became chat partners. After quitting that worthless piece of (censored) of a tribe, Ripperjakk invited me to AD! Now, there was a tribe for ya! What cohesion and camaraderie! We had a long and rewarding time, becoming a war hound of the tribe. Lost no wars and growth was steady and the threat of eating inactives alive kept them active. *sigh* those were the days. But time marches on and now we’re here swimming in a soup of new tribes in the north.

Q: The map in the Northeast corner of w19 is a bit of mess since the Pandas breakup. How do you think this will influence diplomacy & wars down the road?
I really don’t expect a lot to come of it. I believe it’s a matter of opinion on whether the northeast is a mess, actually. As a tribe expands as PANDAS did there really is less opportunity for local skirmishes. The breakup may allow for some more local activity among former players of PANDAS.
Players who were expansive before the breakup usually remain so, no matter what the political arrangement is among tribes. TW is mostly about players; in my opinion, tribes are not as essential as the activity of a player. It is true: support is necessary, but larger players rarely need support anymore.

Q: Pandas recently broke apart and the former members have gone in multiple different tribes. Nothing was announced on the public forums. Could you give the w19 community an idea of what happened?
Again, the size of the tribe was an issue, in my opinion. A tribe with such a vast front as was PANDAS has a lot of different interests among players tugging on the leadership. Nothing in PANDAS’ history is unique: the players in PANDAS interact with each other and with friends of other tribes. Interaction causes changes. Tribe changes happen so often it’s hard to keep up, hence the “Tribe Changes” record on every profile in tribe and player. The biggest changes that occurs are the colors on the dominance maps. Hate to throw water on all the gossip… heheh.

Q: If you could make an improvement to TW (without having to worry about it being too radical of a change or getting community support), what would it be and why?
The improvements are already being made. I’d prefer the scripts that are allowed to be edited in game play become part of the premium game experience. And I see that some of them are. Apparently the game programmers see what inventions players come up with on their own and are willing to incorporate them in the game itself. Good move, folks. It’s made my stay more enjoyable. I’d like to see an in-game chat fill up some of the empty space on either side of the game window. I’d like to see other stats become available in this space as well. In-game dominance maps would be nice if it can be done without a lot of bandwidth. I’d like to see a decrease in the cost of nobles in packets. However, I suspect this would cause severe ramifications for some players and would benefit some more than others. It would be a lot easier to lose a lot of villages if you’re not active daily. I understand it’d be unprofitable to allow only a few players to remain on W19 as we crash through the continents at a faster pace and eliminate players more quickly. But frankly, the point of the game is to dominate. As it stands, the prospects of world dominance are daunting at the rate we can queue nobles. I expect to be in control of the all of W19 by the year 2,215.

Q: Freebie — anything else you want to say to w19?
A player once wrote in Runescape to a player who was begging for something, “A noob in need is a noob indeed.” Don’t be a noob– be self-sufficient. This eliminates whining and excuses. And by all means, keep your integrity and your sense of humor. It’s only a game…
… naw… this is war!

For Next Week…

Well, I received a good suggestion for next week’s blog…I’m taking submissions for a “facepalm of the week”.  This can be submitted by anyone for anyone’s facepalm. Guidelines: don’t be nasty, have something of substance, and send me your responses via pm for screening. I had originally intended these to be TW-exclusive, but sometimes the stupid things we do in RL are too funny not to share, so RL facepalms are fair game too.

Bad example: JohnnyQ2010 is a noob because he sends fail attacks!

Good example: I catnuked myself today!

This is a trial run, we’ll see how it goes =)

And for next week, would you rather see some current war profiles, or a w19 players debate? Vote on the thread and we’ll go from there! Until next time w19!