World 19 News and Weekly Update!

May 24, 2010 in World 019 News

hello w19! It has been a while since you’ve heard from me, and I’m glad to be back. We have a good issue for you this week, so kick back, have a seat, and enjoy the read! First things first, let’s have a quick peek at the maps:

There’s nothing earth-shatteringly different on the maps from any of the recent ones, though I am sure there have been some slowly shifting borders on local levels for any of the current wars going on in the world.  The biggest news, however, in recent days is the disbanding of Asylum.  I don’t know all of the details, but essentially someone who wasn’t meant to logged onto an Asylum account with duke privileges and disbanded Asylum! It was reformed in short order, and thanks to the petitioning of the members of Asylum, their OD scores have been restored (Asylum is attempting to regain their forums–to my knowledge this is still in progress). It’s generated a lot of hubbub on the forums, with good reason. It’s frustrating for the tribe itself, and a low move–especially at this late in the game, when a tribe like Asylum has been around for ~2 years. I don’t like to get preachy, but shame on the culprit behind this mess.

Power Rankings:

(courtesy of Persempai)

Major Power (10+%)
BRAINS 300,301,105 12.15% 2,202,912 0.38%
ASYLUM 296,379,526 11.99% -25,951,258 -0.74%
VIRTUS 269,917,498 10.92% -10,677,668 -0.16%
All*² 268,057,078 10.84% 28,545,486 1.39%

Mid-sized Powers (4-9%)
XLR 194,553,135 7.87% 2,040,438 0.27%
UNSF 181,532,536 7.34% -31,145,497 -1.05%
~EP~ 151,335,372 6.12% 7,366,651 0.44%
CANDY 130,784,056 5.29% -9,332,720 -0.24%
~TA~ 122,197,102 4.94% 884,756 0.15%
~HOME~ 100,333,137 4.06% -8,313,813 -0.23%

Minor Powers (Less than 4% & More than 30M)
cC 95,160,738 3.85% 14,528,718 0.67%
BRAINZ 94,045,102 3.80% 4,731,947 0.28%
Magyar 73,493,356 2.97% -1,899,118 0.00%
WDW 71,714,396 2.90% 1,033,921 0.11%
NIR 50,664,366 2.05% 1,094,753 0.09%
HEROES 38,460,624 1.56% 5,352,512 0.25%
ARSE 32,803,080 1.33% -1,653,622 -0.03%

Tribes Out:

Conquer Maps

Like omg! they are working! Finally! So let’s have a look at some conquers in the world’s current major wars and see how it looks (and you lot better enjoy it because it still takes bloody forever for these things to load): All timeframes are one month.

XLR vs. UNSF/Bonded (XLR conquers yellow, UNSF conquers Purple)

So XLR is still pushing hard to the east on UNSF into K37 and K47 without much resistance. I’m hoping this war heats up when the fronts meet and XLR and UNSF start trading conquers in addition to the traded cat attacks =)

Next we have Candy vs. Origin and Virtus (Candy on Origin – white, Candy on Virtus – yellow, Virtus on Candy – green, Origin on Candy – blue)

Very interesting! You can see alot of things from this map. First, the size of the front is huge! Also, Candy is very focused on nobling Origin, and Virtus has a nice spread of conquers across the map. Should be interesting to see how this will change when Candy takes their attention off of Origin… =)

I also wanted to do maps for Asylum vs. the BBC coalition, but the disbanding of Asylum messed that up royal. Apologies to the guys and gals at Asylum, and to the rest of w19 as well. We will do some of those maps in a few weeks when the numbers recharge back up ^^ I plan to keep doing these conquer maps from time to time, so inform me if there is a certain war you would like to see featured!


This week we have two interviews, one with RiverStyx of Brains and Rampton of UNSF. Here you go!

Q: Introduce yourself to us =)

Hello. RiverStyx here, real name is Steven. I’m a 26 year old soon to be Staff Sergeant in the USAF. Currently waiting to be deployed here soon and I work as an Airborne Tactical Support Operator. Used to be a linguist that worked in Afghanistan but got removed from that since there was a surplus of linguists.

Q: How long have you been playing TW? w19?

Jeez. Hmmm… My first world was actually W20 where I was pwnzer’d in about 1 months time. Quite the eye-opener when you get nobled by a guy who sent nobles with 6500 spears/swords in each attack =o Then I came to W19 where it seems the soap opera hasn’t ever stopped =p Been playing TW for 2 years now.

Q: What other online games do you enjoy playing?I don’t really play any other web-based browser games, but I do love some Call of Duty MW2 on Xbox Live and sports games like the Madden series.

Q: What other worlds do you currently play/have you previously played? How would you compare those worlds to w19?I played W43 until I recently quit. I’ve never seen an entire world hug so much as that one. Then there was W22, and after I got to nearly 1M points I deleted once I realized that archers sucked. I took over for awhile on a W2 account, but nobody really knows much about that one… ;D And W20, which I described above. All in all, W19 has been my most favorite world. Every time I try to leave, I seem to find my way back.

Q: What is your favorite aspect of TribalWars? Least favorite?

Watching the tribe work together to support each other and go after a common goal. A single player doing something like mass attacking another player is fine and all, but when you see an entire tribe work in cohesion to take down and utterly destroy an opponent, it makes you appreciate not being on the other end ;D What I dislike… The blame game. The one where somebody always has an excuse for a failure when it’s as simple as just honing up to it and taking the blame head on. Nobody is perfect and sometimes you are overrun or beat out by a superior opponent. It has happened to nearly everybody, just take the beating and learn from it. No matter how good a player you are, there is somebody better out there. Unfortunately, and at the same token fortunately, I’ve been on the receiving end of some beatings that has taught me how to be a better player in the long run.

Q: How would you describe your playing style?

Different worlds I’ve done different things. This one I’m just balanced with what I think is a very common 2:1 Defense to Offense ratio. A long time ago I found that people hate cats, so I have A LOT of cat nukes for those players who love to turtle the front lines and leave the back exposed. Nice to get those green reports with farms/clay pits/ smithys that are absolutely leveled by a good cat attack.

Q: Could you give us an idea of your w19 history? (past tribes, etc)This could take forever…. I started off in a tribe called EarthDawn, apparently some sort of name for a board game with a random guy I made friends with. Later, moved on to FUTE until we attacked =DEV= and they merged into Brains during the middle of the fighting. Went back to ED until we had a short tour with the almighty Saints Family (not my most shining moment in W19). Recreated ED and was getting beat on by Brains until the guy sitting me disbanded the tribe while I was on Easter Vacation with my family. FTO/Linda were really let down by that and Linda ended up deleting and taking up an account with Asylum while FTO left for Asylum as well with Jason and later MIvan. Been in Brains ever since the merge between what was left of Brains and my tribe ED.Q: The Brains family has dominated the SW for longer than I can remember. Why do you think this is? Good players, less competition, luck?We actually weren’t a family until nearly the end of our war with NIR. The tribe Growl came to us during the war and was seeking a spark of life as they were dying and so Brains kind of took the entire tribe under it’s wing by renaming them Brainz. As a rim tribe, most of the leaders were understandable that sometimes the quality of player is not what it is near the core and also that activity can sometimes beat out skill as well. The more active members we had, the better off in the future we’d be. It wasn’t a popular decision, and at the time I didn’t agree with it either based on the stigma of a “family” here on W19, but sometimes it’s what’s best for the tribe, and not what others think.NIR was the first major war we were in since I had taken over the reins of the tribe from Linda and FTO. It was a very slow process; the tribe didn’t find its spark until we learned how to work together, which took longer than anticipated. Eventually the leadership was turned over to Jrandall75 as I had too much to do in RL to lead a top 5 caliber tribe, and everything since then has been written in history ;D A little luck, but the SW was bloodied before it came under our power. It wasn’t just gifted to us, that’s for sure. Also the core of Brains players aren’t first time players. JR has been playing W2 for a very long time, we’ve put other W2 and W3 players into open accounts and a few people from W10. However, many of our best players are also first-timers here in W19, which is a testament to how hard work and effort can pay off.Q: Why do you think Brains has always been on the receiving end of so much trash talk from the w19 community? It seems like y’all get it from every angle =D

People don’t understand what we’re about. It just seems like we popped up from nowhere to become a dominant tribe, and the whole “family” thing just adds to the hatred. Sometimes people are afraid of what/who they don’t understand, which is fine by us. We aren’t looking to be liked/loved by the community. We just want their brainssss!!! =pQ: Brains was slow to join up the BBC/Anti-Asylum coalition. Is there any interesting story behind this? Brains has taken the lead recently in the efforts against Asylum. Is the Brains war machine just slow to start up or have Brains found a new motivation in this war?We were in on it from the start, but we were still putting down the leftover remnants of NIR who had a few active members that needed to be squashed. So our launch date was a week later than everybody else’s.
As far as the start up for our nobling, our first target was a bit to munch on, as ForTheOrca was stacked out the wazoo. But as soon as she had been cracked, she got banned then went barb. Then there was our fake OP on Loco where we attacked him to draw out all the support we could… And then went after MIvanoski. In-between, we’ve seen Gulzun delete because of a ban, Sir Icehead who had a new player that was former NIR that quit as well, and then the Jason account was gifted back to Brains after we had started attacking him.It’s not that we aren’t trying, but our targets all seem to disappear as soon as pressure is added, which is fine by us. We may have to noble their leftover barbs, but a dead/deleted player is just as good as getting the stats for them.Q: You and JRrandall are the dukes of Brains right?

No JR has 3 other dukes that lead with him. I’ll leave their names off because I don’t know if he’d want me saying who all our leaders are. I was Duke for awhile but due to time constraints and my military lifestyle, I stepped down for the good of the tribe. I’m just a regular member now that the leadership will call on for ideas and such as needed.

Q: I always had the impression that Asylum and Brains got on pretty well, even if they were not outright allies so to speak. Is this how it was between your tribes, and also, why did things change?When I came into power in Brains, I learned that they and Asylum had a long-standing NAP that continued until Linda came into power during Drats absence. Then they dropped our NAP and soon we found out from an inside source that they had a poll on who to attack next after their second war with WDW, Brains being an option and another option being attacking our war target NIR. That didn’t set well with the leadership and thus talks between Potter and JR started up for attacking Asylum.Q: If you could make an improvement to TW (without having to worry about it being too radical of a change or getting community support), what would it be and why?There seems to be so many useless improvements that TW has made recently. Camps, that retarded SOS button for attacks on your villages. The only thing I would ask for would be another world with settings very similar or exactly the same as W19, seeing as no other world has the type of settings that we have.Q: Freebie — anything else you want to say to w19?

Good luck to everybody and remember, TW is a game, not a lifestyle. There are some people out there where it seems TW has control over them, but it’s supposed to be a game, not a stressor. If you find yourself stressing over it, take a step back and remember you play it to have fun. And yeah, our tribal COA sucks and we are in the process of fixing that =) Thanks for the opportunity and thank you for all the work you put into the blog for W19 Chris. You’re doing an awesome job.

Next the interview with our good sir Rampton!

Q: Introduce yourself to us =)

Hi, my in game name is obviously rampton (no relation to the mental institute in England) and my real name is James.

Q: How long have you been playing TW? w19?

I’ve been playing TW for 2 years now……I think. Time fly’s when you’re having fun.Q: What other worlds do you currently play/have you previously played? How would you compare those worlds to w19?I’ve played a few other worlds but never really got going because I was always too busy on W19. However, I’ve just started on W50 with a group of guys I know from other worlds so hopefully that one will be a keeper like W19.
In comparison to W19, no world I’ve played has been as good.
Q: What is your favorite aspect of TribalWars? Least favorite?My favorite aspect of TW are meeting all the different people (enemies & allies) from around the world. I’ve never played a game like this in the sense where it brings total strangers together and forms a strong bond between them.

My least favorite……why can’t I think of one……wait XLR for declaring on us. No joking. I don’t think I can think of one.

Q: How would you describe your playing style?

Well going back some time I would say I was more offensive and loved to attack, but since last November when my little daughter was born my time has been limited so I couldn’t time my attacks as well as what I used to.

Q: Could you give us an idea of your w19 history? (past tribes, etc)

When I first started W19 I was a noob (some will probably say I still am) and I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I started of in the I-WOD family and later moved over to UNSF and I’ve stayed there ever since.

Q: Am I right in concluding that you are now the duke of UNSF?

Yes I am a duke. I’ve been the duke in UNSF since the war with T69T. I first stepped upto Baron during our war with Angels, so I’ve been on the council for around 9-12 months now.

Q: How did the tribe change when Kest and Nathan Potter left?

Well if I’m been honest here when Potter asked to merge Bonded & UNSF I was a little reluctant due to the pointwhores such as Mary & Suby. Potter quitting was coming for a while. He threatened it and came back and then threatened it again and finally ‘quit’ or some would say moved to XLR.

As for Kest moving, hmmmm, I really can’t understand that, but as of now and I’ve mailed him this via skype, he won’t be welcome back in UNSF. If he does come back then I will be gone.

Potter always took too much on and yes he will be missed. Kest loved sending his account round to be sat without prior notice so will he be missed……I doubt it.

Q: Now, I can’t speak for traded attacks, but it certainly looks like your efforts against Asylum have slowed in terms of conquers, while Asylum has mostly been focused on the western front. Is the war with Asylum still healthy or has UNSF decided to focus elsewhere?

The Asylum war is still on going but it has been slowed down slightly due to a certain tribe declaring on us. Ha ha. It started off well and we’re still trading attacks.

Q: Ok, I have to hand it to you guys that you’re facing a tough fight (and I’m not saying that as a backhanded way of tooting XLR’s horn–I’m saying it as simple as the map sucks balls for UNSF). The cards are stacked against UNSF when you consider the map in relation to where your accounts are placed–many of your active players are 2+ K’s away from where XLR is nobling. How is UNSF handling this problem?

The main problem we had is that our borders are/were full of pointwhores such as Mary & Suby so it wasn’t too hard for you guys although I’m not dumbing down the job you guys have done.

XLR are a force on W19 and it will take something special to push you guys back.

Q: UNSF has been pretty quiet on the forums. Is there any particular message you’d like to send out to w19 from UNSF?

I’ve only spoken there a few times as has Karafili. The main person to speak on the forums was as everyone knows, Potter and now he’s ‘gone’ that’s why it’s quiet from us.

We just like to try our best and try to prove people wrong. After all, most people think we’re either noobs, barb noblers or inactives. ha

Q: If you could make an improvement to TW (without having to worry about it being too radical of a change or getting community support), what would it be and why?

I would maybe try to make the cost of playing this game slightly cheaper. There’s a world wide recession going on and not everyone can afford to pay for a premium account.

Q: Please provide a list of all of UNSF’s offense and noble villages, so I can have w19 send free kegs to each and every one…. <=D

**Here Rampton provided me with a list of LoverLover villages…LOL!**

Q: Freebie — anything else you want to say to w19?

Yeah, which account has Potter taken in XLR? Ha ha.I just want to say that I think W19 has some of the best people I’ve ever had the pleasure of fighting alongside or fighting against and some of the most skilled players in TW. The settings that are on W19 make it so, and it is a pleasure to be involved in this world.

Whew! Lots of update! I have no facepalms, but I do have a blog question that I would love some responses to: What is your opinion of coplaying? There are obvious advantages and drawbacks. Do you support it, or are you against it? Tell us why!

Until next week w19! Stay well!  ((PS – I am sorry for the ****ed spacing, I cannot fix it without making the entire post unreadable)).