World 19 News and Update!

January 10, 2010 in World 019 News

Hello w19. Finally, an update!  I’d like to thank everyone for their patience…I’ve been pretty busy over the holidays.  But now that the holidays are past, things seem to be picking up a bit around w19.  Our forum mod, asalamalakum, is leaving us for a couple months, so let’s all give him a proper send off to his new adventure!

Now, down to business.  First, a quick look at the maps:

There’s been some shuffling and reorganization in both the northeast and northwest, but nothing that’s changing the map in a *huge* way.  The current power rankings, however, are a little more interesting…

Power Rankings

Major Powers (10+%)

ASYLUM 340.163.326 11.01%

Mid-sized Powers (3-9%)

BRAINS F. 264.092.707    8.42%

PANDAS 228.140.519    7.40%

VIRTUS 207.331.604    6.51%

Bonded 195.720.494    6.27%

~UWA~ 176.607.272    5.70%

CANDY 167.525.453    5.44%

UNSF 147.879.722    4.68%

ORIGIN 141.498.778    4.50%

XLR 127.546.326    4.17%

Minor Powers (1-3%)

NIR 107.925.962    3.49%

Just 107.183.036    3.32%

-=CB=- 99.368.554      3.18%

All* 93.474.390      2.99%

WDW 92.202.884      2.99%

~EP~ 67.294.523      2.21%

Magyar 51.946.147 1.66%

cC 42.555.671      1.36%

~TA~ 32.522.395      1.08%

So, looking at these numbers are a little interesting.  With the Virtus (OFA)/Origin split, Virtus has moved into the mid-sized power range.  Asylum has grown enough to comfortably move into the major power range.  Arse and CB have declined in numbers, while we have the more recently formed tribes Just, All*, and ~TA~ on the scales.

Weekly Interview

This week we have a double interview of sorts.  This week’s featured interviewees are DrSneider and Chaos667, the co-dukes of the recently reformed All Stars tribe.  So here it is…

Introduce yourselves and All* to w19 =)

DrS: Hi, I am Denis, an 19 year old original owner of DrSneider account, you might remember me from worlds such as world 4, 10, or 12. I live in Slovenia, in a small country of endless green and beauty.  Besides playing online games, I really like to listen to music. I am open-minded listener =) Oh and I go to college as well.

Chaos: My real name is Rainer, I am 22, and I live in South Africa, Cape Town the mother City.  I enjoy sport cricket, Rugby, Football (you know, the real kind that does not have padding) and squash. I love my music, anything from old school 60s rock to In Flames (Google them). I enjoy motor racing, F1 ftw!!! I also spend regular weekends at the races watching the local racing. I also enjoy a good night of poker and smoking cigars.

How long have you (guys) been playing TW?

DrS: For way too long. I, myself, am playing Tribal Wars for 3 years now… I sometimes could call this game a Trouble Wars, simply can’t quit, because I always want to attack someone =D

Chaos: I’ve been playing TW for more or less 2 years. My first world was W19, since then I’ve tried my hand at many other worlds, but I can’t seem to get away from W19.

Who originally formed All*; Are they still playing? (if applicable)

DrS: Mainly we were made out of a tribe, called NEWBIE, my very first tribe on world 19, which was disbanded after seeing that activity dropped. But I gave western former NEWBIE players another chance to try again, so we established All*. So I think it’s only right to say, we all did create it, and pushed it as far as we could and how we were let to play in world 19 for our first time.  Yes, some of them are still kicking in this world, and I am very glad that I can still see them there. I only hope, we stay together in many numbers in this world for long time.

Chaos: DrSneider formed the first All*, DrSneider then decided to make a small tribe with the K35 members of NEWBIE.

I think a lot of people have some idea of why All* disbanded, but I don’t (and there must be others who don’t), and it would be better to hear it in your words anyway…

DrS: There are two sides of this story. One story is originally from -D- themselves. If I remember correctly, we made two mistakes, why they left All*. First mistake was, leadership went inactive. Second mistake was, that we kicked matt- out from All*, and the rest of the -D- crew followed him, to world 19 biggest family tribe creation, called -D- family or Empire of the NE.

Chaos: Personally I believe it was due to some bad recruitment of our part, and due to this bad recruitment things went down hill. We recruited a lot of ex -D- members, who turned out to not be loyal to the tribe. And then simply put we were back stabbed.  -D- was reformed and they convinced 2 other tribes to gangbang us. With no light at the end of the tunnel for us, we disbanded All* and joined XLR.

The obvious follow-up to that is of course, why has All* reformed?

DrS: Hm, very interesting question. All* was reformed, mainly because of Chaos’s desire. But I had also some other plans in my mind, when I left XLR to create All* with Chaos. I completed my wish, and I am really satisfied at this moment. My wish was to put back together all All* members into one tribe. Unfortunately, some of members are still in XLR, but I know why, and I still find them as our brothers.

Chaos: When DrSneider started All* the first time he made a public statement that we will be a top 15 tribe with 13 members, his confidence in the tribe and the members made me believe that we could do it, and now we have. For me the reforming of All* is a totally emotional choice, All* has and always will be my tribe. I think I can say this for both myself and DrSneider that deep down we have always been All*.

What is your favorite aspect of TribalWars?

DrS: I guess catting opponents’ buildings, to annoy them even more than nobling their villages. So overall, I like attacking most in this world of Tribal Wars. But I think closest to this is also communicating with my friends over skype. A really handy tool for keeping you even more addicted to Tribal Wars then game itself =D

Chaos: Catting the hell out of someone, nothing brings a smile to my face like 6 pages of reports where your enemy is losing 16 levels of his farm per attack =D Oh and the endless random people I have met playing this game.

What other worlds do you play and how would you compare them to w19?

DrS: Besides playing world 19, I play Slovenian server “Svet1” as well. The main reason I am playing there, is because my RL friends are playing there too. Unfortunately, Slovenian server is still far below the excitement. As for World 19, it is by far the best world I played. Even if I played in several worlds, world 19 is my favorite one. Close to it goes world 4 which was my second favorite world, where it all began. World 19 has few things that other worlds do not, and that is very good settings and small tribes.

Chaos: I have played ALOT of worlds…W16, W17, W26, W32, W34, W36, W39, W43 and W45. I have to say that the only world that compares to W19 is W43 where the settings are very similar and the friends I’m playing with are great.

If you could change something about TW, what would it be and why?

DrS: More girls, because we need them =D

Chaos: No morale in all worlds, nothing annoys me more than some lazy player that grows his village to 9k by the time I have 200K and then I have to waste tons of nukes just to noble him.

Describe your tribe’s style/your playing style/how you like to play.

DrS: Well, I definitely like to help my tribe members and allies. I believe my greatest card is to play offensively and that way support them in attacking. Personally, I am enjoying attacking and catting, where I believe you can destroy opponent faster than with nobles only. So when they ask me for defense, I simply reply to them, where shall I nuke? Our tribe style is simple–having fun no matter how. Team spirit, communication and fun are most important in achieving success. So yeah, CATS AWAY! =D

Chaos: Well the new All* tribe is still finding its feet as a tribe, we will know for sure what our style is after our first war. But with DrSneider and me leading I’m pretty sure it will be aggressive.  As for my style, it varies, I have a very mixed way of playing, but early on I’m very aggressive, going 100% offense in the first 5-10 villages, then depending on what the tribe needs I adapt my style of playing to best help the tribe.

Who came up with the shoe Coat of Arms idea/tribe name? Where did the idea come from?

DrS: To be honest, it was quite spontaneous. I was looking for Coat of Arms for our new tribe, then suddenly, I saw Croco All* shoe, and put it on our profile. And since everyone liked it, it stayed as our new symbol. Oh, we also added a hat on our Shoe, you can’t get better than that, can you?

Chaos: Well the shoe is from DrSneider’s addiction to Google (I’m worried about him). As to the All Stars go RAWR!!!! It was one of those random moments that DrSneider and I have while chatting, we find something funny so I added it into the way the tribe looks.

Freebie — Say anything else you want comments/questions/suggestions/bulletins =)

DrS: Remember, it’s just a game, meant to be played for fun. All* Bible is under construction. All* Nom Nom Shoes are off limits.

Chaos: (Watch this space for something epic from All*).

Question of the Week

Last Question: What is your favorite unit and why?

Featured Answers:

“teh catapults. need there be an explanation? nobles are a thing of the past. wanna make a player tremble? which of the “fake” attacks will make your buildings go *crunch!* ?”

Answer submitted by King Muffin

“My favorite unit in the game is the light cavalry unit. I like it for several reasons. The light cavalry unit is a speedy one, and speed is particularly useful in tight situations and when you are beginning a new world. It can haul a good load as well for a farm run in a new world. Also, you can use light cavalry to snipe noble trains when you must, as they have an adequate level of defense (although I do not recommend that they be used for normal defense unless necessary ) They also build relatively quickly for being so useful, only about four minutes and some seconds with a fully built stable. These are the main reasons for my liking of the light cavalry unit.”

Answer submitted by One with Cat in Pants

This Week’s Question:

What are your predictions for w19? Where do you see our world in 6 months? (You can answer this for yourself, your tribe, or the world on a broader level)

Well that about wraps it up for this week folks! As always, I welcome your feedback, suggestions, and encourage discussion on the w19 blog thread on the forums. Till next time!