World 19 News and Update!

December 14, 2009 in World 019 News


Greetings w19ers!  It’s getting close to the end of the year, and fun things like holiday time with the family and attack breaks are coming up around the corner!  Things have been a little bit on the quiet side in the w19 community, but we should have a nice update for this week.  On with it then.

Blog Banner Contest Winner Announced!

In spite of my begging, only one of you lazy louts have submitted a blog banner.  So our dear Mark-CFC wins the prize (see his banner featured above)!  Boo on you w19 for not giving Mark any healthy competition!

Maps (Sorry kids I’m going to do Power Rankings every other week):

This Week’s Interview

This week we have an interview with Graand, diplomat of ORIGIN, the recently formed tribe in the NW area of w19.

Q: Hi Graand. Coming from the eastern half of w19, I have to admit I don’t really know who you are. So introduce yourself to everyone =)
A: Well, my name is Graham, I am 42, married with teenage children and live in Australia, I love all strategic based games (whether it be online or not) and I have been playing this game for around 2.5 years now starting in W5 and have played most worlds.

Q: Have you played or are you playing any other worlds? How would you compare them to w19?
A: W19 is my main world as I gave up most of the others as my online times reduced and I did join w42 but am thinking of leaving, as I only play there because of some friends from W11 and 14 are in the same tribe. W19 is clearly my dominant World ever and will continue to be until I am rimmed and once that happens…I will start again, lol.

Q: How did you get into a leadership role in your tribe?
A: I have been everything in a tribe from S***kicker to Duke and once I display the skills I have gathered over my time here, it is clear I know what I’m doing regarding tribe structure and day to day runnings.

Q: Tell us the scoop on Origins…why have you and the other members of Origins split from OFA/AFO?
A: Well sadly enough our true leader returned to claim his rightful place in the tribe (OFA) and there were a few there that didn’t want it that way….so ORIGIN was formed, which is actually (mostly) the Original members that helped form OFA.

Q: Did you leave on friendly terms?
A: Some have asked “why” but most understand the change and we are still talking to this day. People realize it is just a game and that individual choice should be made without ill feelings, resentment or persecution.

Q: With this split, the map in the NW quadrant of the world looks a bit messy. What are your thoughts on this?

A: LOL, sorry but it was reasonably messy anyway, just all a nice shade of blue/light blue, funny thing about this game is activity….telling who is actually still playing the game and who is not, depends on the way an account is sat (sorry for the off topic).

Q: Are you retaining OFA relations with ARSE, or are you separating Origins diplomatically as well?
A: One thing I would like to say is, ORIGIN will NOT have any family “connections”, we aim to be a tribe of 40 actives and feel we will be so soon, any diplomacy with this “new” tribe will be strictly of our choosing. Any allies (or enemies) of OFA – AFO, will not necessarily be ours.

Q: Was the formation of Origins a planned move or a more spur-of-the-moment decision?
A: Definitely a spur of the moment thing, as we hoped for a calm solution to our internal problems, but alas….didn’t come.

Q: What is your favorite aspect of TW? Least favorite?
A: Favorite aspect: is definitely the people I have met (and get to meet) as without them, it would just be a ps3 game and (of course) I love the strategic side of the game.
Least fav: is the childish behavior some people have towards others, because they didn’t get their own way, or had a bad day at school/work etc… solution: don’t come online and give someone S*** ring your ex and give them grief instead, or your boss, even the prime minister?

Q: Any other comments in general?
A: I would love to see this game go “to the next level” and get some serious “fighting” animation going, would enhance the game incredibly if you could see your troops fighting rather than waiting for the time to count down (to an attack) and then open a report? I would also like to say thank you for you allowing me to express myself to the TW community.

Question of the Week

Last week’s question: What is your worst noobish screwup?

Featured Answer:

“I was once asked to sit an account on some long forgotten world, when a friend who had started late was nobling his first village on the rim. He had 3 nobles and he’d already lowered the loyalty of the village enough that the 3 would take it on the next run, but he couldn’t be online to send them. Now, he asked me to do it, which I was happy to do, and to time his nuke in front of it as he thought the guy was gonna get support from his tribe.When the time came, I sent the nobles out, and then waiting the 30 mins or so to send the nuke. I was a bit worried as my connection is dodgy at the best of times and there was a chance I’d lag out completely when sending the nuke, but to my great delight the nuke slotted itself within 50ms of the first noble, making the whole thing about 300ms long. It was at this stage that I noticed my horrible horrible mistake.The entire noble train may have been 300ms long, it may have been effectively unsnipable from a newb-on-the-rim point of view, but I was never going to take the village, as I had managed to send the noble train not as an unstoppable attack, but as support.”

Ouch. Nice noobiness =)

This Week’s Question:  What is your favorite unit and why?

PLEASE send me some answers people!!

We have a new  contest in the w19 community: Christmas Pics! Go make something pretty!

And on a final note, let’s all show Mr. Pam Nam, Drattuts himself a little love…he’s gone over a week on PnP without being banned! =o