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December 3, 2009 in World 019 News

Greetings w19ers! I hope you all are well.  First, a few items of business:

I’m really really sorry for the uber-delay in an update =s I have been very busy with holiday travel and school.  Anyway, I’m back and we should get back on a regular schedule now.  And I’m working on trying to format the blog in a nice eye-pleasing fashion.  Feedback is much appreciated.

Blog Banner Contest Update

I have only received ONE Banner entry! Don’t any of you want some free PP? I’m trying to drum up some friendly competition and give you all an opportunity to contribute to this blog.  A vote will give us some good fun but there’s not much to vote on with a single entry.  So please enter, or bully your friends who are good artists to enter!

Interviews Update

Quite a few people have expressed interest in seeing some player interviews.  Our first player interview is included in this week’s blog!  Most of you that hang out in skype chats and post on the public forums express interest in reading interviews from some of the lesser known players…help me figure out who they are lol! You all know the behind the scenes players in your tribes better than I do, so drop me a line so I can get in touch with them.

Current Wars Updates

Ok, so anybody can run stats on TWStats, and you can run any war’s stats a number of different ways that end up showing statistics that look really different =s I’d like to figure out a nice way to cover the current wars that is a little more interesting than the same old hack over and over.  Would you all like to see conquer maps?  Or do you have any better ideas? Let me know.

Power Rankings

Updated through 11/20/2009:

Major Powers: (10%+)

1 O F A F. 36098 366.117.240 11.60%
2 Bonded F. 33025 332.787.387 10.60%

Mid-Sized Powers:(3-10%)

3 ASYLUM 30011 297.468.269 9.64%
4 BRAINS F. 23783 239.086.484 7.64%
5 PANDAS 18846 187.885.352 6.05%
6 ~UWA~ 14984 148.055.639 4.81%
7 CANDY 14348 142.498.418 4.61%
8 XLR 12203 119.405.984 3.92%
9 WOLF F. 12154 122.237.651 3.90%
10 ARSE 12041 120.670.633 3.87%
11 NIR 11734 116.274.200 3.77%
12 CB 11409 113.754.893 3.67%
13 WDW 10661 107.684.131 3.43%

Minor Powers:(1-3%)

14 ~EP~ 6149 59.756.993 1.98%
15 Ba al 5532 56.186.900 1.78%
16 TC 3138 32.781.604 1.01%

So if you look at these numbers, they are really quite interesting.  I counted families because they consider themselves as a cohesive group, and it does make the stats a little juicier.  Notice the only two major powers are our family tribes.  Of course, ASYLUM is hot on their heels and may have passed it in the few days since these stats were run =) But it raises some interesting points about w19.  I think the small tribe size has helped to keep these numbers so low–we are not even out of the top 20 before the power rankings decrease to less than 1% of the world’s villages.

And for good measure how about a quick look at the maps:

This Week’s Interview

With Bigfeet15, Duke of Care Bears

Q: How long have you been playing TW?

A: I have been playing off and on for about 2 years.

Q: Have you played or are you playing any other worlds? How would you compare them to w19?

A: I started on w23 where I met one of my best friends and mentor CZucchini we played a few odd worlds together where I learned the basics of the game. I then came to w19 under the name of karelll and together we built up a tribe from scratch.
Q: How did you get into a leadership role in your tribe?

A: I had a made a group of friends during my first go around at w19. That group of friends went to AD! and asked me to come back to the game to keep -=CB=- going. So they gave me the bigfeet account. And I have been leading CB since June.
Q: What is your favorite part about leading a tribe? Least favorite?

A: My favorite part is watching a good plan come together and looking at how far the tribe the tribe has come.  My least favorite part is if I ever count up how many hours I spend on here in a week. lol

Q: Many people feel like tribes on the rim are less skilled players than players in core tribes. How do you feel about these opinions?

A: I disagree with this. While the rim is not always as challenging as the core is, it doesn’t mean that players in general are less skilled then those in the core. I believe with hard work you can be just as good as the core

Q: Your tribe has been put in the spotlight recently with the OFA Family vs. ARSE war, particularly when Carebears officially broke off ties with ARSE and agreed to a ceasefire with OFA. Do you think this has changed the world 19 community’s perception of CB, and if so, in what way?

A: I believe for better or worse the world looks differently at us now. We used to have been thought of as a noob rim tribe. Weither you like us or hate us, I feel most people will agree that we better then people first gave us credit for. And I think it prove that w19 is only going to be seeing more of -=CB=- in the future.
Q: What do you think is the most important element of a successful tribe?

A: I believe a good active leadership and loyal members are the most important elements to a successful tribe.

Q: What do you think PnP and public forums add to and/or take away from the TribalWars experience?

A: I think the Public forum is a great way to get news and it enhances the game.

Question of the Week

I had an idea for a new little section to throw on the tail end of the blog each week…basically, I am going to throw out a question for you guys, and every week I’ll post the best/most amusing answers for everyone to see.  Feel free to contact me with any good questions you have in mind.  Here is this week’s question:

What is your worst noobish screwup?

(Come come don’t be shy now, we were all noobs once.  And if it’s really that horrifying, I’ll keep your submission anonymous upon request)

Until next time…