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February 19, 2011 in Announcements, World 017 News

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New-Years! My special will consist of four parts; Part one will consist of all kinds of maps (world,and, players). Then, the second part will consist of Top Noblers (wont be explained wait and see). Third off will be war maps, it will show the wars between tribes, and in addition, I will have war statistics. For my last part of the special, there will be several interviews of the players of world 17. Now, for the first part of the special, maps.

Here is a map comparison from 9/05/10 and 12/28/10. The maps are courtesy of Nickjer and his map-makers.

Looking at this map, a few questions pop up: what happened to ROMA? Also, WAR- what’s their story? What are TITANS and BoS up to?

From what the map tells us, ROMA split into two sides- the majority of players  joined Tao and some players joined [BA]. What caused the tribe break up? I asked JJFurr, who is now a Tao member. He replied, “the tribe only had 10 active players fighting the war with Wisdom, who now call themselves HaV. ROMA could not win such a fight so those who were active went to other tribes.” Why did Jason moore, who left to form a one man tribe, do so? Jason Moore failed to reply when I questioned about why he left to form a one-man tribe, but one popular theory as to why players do this is often that they want to either ‘go out with a bang’ or just go inactive alone. Is he gone for good? We might never know.

Here is the War map and it shows who has the upper hand in the wars. I set it up on and then it was edited by Samulis.

It Looks like HaV and BoS are having a hard time in these wars. As we see here HaV is mostly surrounded by enemies  and they have a lot of front line ground to cover.

Is where [BA] moving in relation to where they are now? What direction have they moved?

[BA] is currently moving from to North to south and from South West to South East, they are Putting pressure on HaV, Tao is helping [BA] with that job of putting pressure on HaV. I think Tao (yellow) is be helping because they are frightened by [BA] (black), and thus decides to help them, as they do not want to cause a war with [BA] and their allies.

TITANS are warring with BoS and they are taking a lot of land and they it looks like they are not going to stop anytime soon.

Now here is the player map. it tells you the top 15 most visible players on the map. This map is also courtesy of Nickjer and his map-makers.

Yay I see my self, I never knew I was that small, a lot of work for a spot on the map. Okay lets get on with this.

Here is the Interview with subarre  the Person with the highest amount of nobles in the year of 2010

How did you make such an achievement?
Trying to noble all the enemies that have been attacking me.

Did you have help?
From the beginning, I have been working with some players. We coordinate attacks and always we support each other. Of course, we have had the help and support of the members of my tribe.

Were you the original owner of the account? If not, when did you get it?
Yes, I am the original owner of the account.

How many people had that account before you?

Have you owned the account for this whole year?

Was it a coincidence that you got your achievement or did you plan to get it all along the year?
It has been a coincidence, I have never thought about it.

Was getting the ‘Top Nobler of the Year’ a hard thing for you?
Yes, we have been fighting for many months and sometimes it has been very hard. I have spent many hours playing the game.

I got this done with the help of Samulis my head blogger.