World 17 Weekly Blog ~ Wisdom War

June 29, 2010 in World 017 News

Hello readers of the blog today we will have maps as usual also i decided to try something new I took the advice of Cane9. I put the leaders of Wisdom and ROMA in a skype chat to get their real time perspectives. I include maps of Roma and Wisdom from the tribal wars Conquer map tool and as usual i will show NickJer’s maps. There has also been some updates in tribal wars i will list those also in this blog so Enjoy.

Firstly If you are not aware there have been some new updates introduced to the game on Monday the 21st of June.

TAB key can be used in tribal forums now

Combined overview: Changed some inconsistent texts and graphics

Awards: Also give players “Resurrection award” if they were nobled

Some fixes and improvements to in-game help

Minor visual improvements

“Ennobled” report now contains the custom name of the attack

If account deletion is in progress, premium accounts are not prolonged anymore

PA: Attacks can be renamed in the confirmation page

Fixed some issues with forwarded reports

Fixed map pop-up layout for some versions of Internet Explorer

Bugfix: Browser offers to save password again

Bugfix: Publicized reports: Troops can be transferred to simulator again

Bugfix: Clicking link in a publicized report does not link out of sitted account anymore

Bugfix: Paladin does not get new weapon also if no statue has been built anymore

Bugfix: “Spied” hint was not displayed correctly

Bugfix: “Manage groups” was displayed without having a group

Bugfix: Queue in smithy did not show up correctly

Next is the map of Wisdom and Roma from twstats Conquer map tool from last week.

The war stats of Roma and Wisdom from last week:

NickJer’s Map

Top 20 Tribes

Top 20 players

Time for the interview you’ve been waiting for Jeho and ampra in the same chat room!

Introduce yourself to the readers.

Ampra: My in-game name is Ampra , and I started playing this game 2 years ago, and this is my second world. I quit first one as an inexperienced player, and must say I still am learning.  Just like in real life, you never stop learning. Here on world 17 I am duke of tribe ROMA.

Jeho: Here on w17 I am the leader of Wisdom.

How long have you been playing TW? w17?

Ampra: me too, I joined this world day one of my TW career.

Jeho: I was a bit later than that…

Ampra: I am one of last players from core.

What other worlds do you currently play/have you previously played?

Ampra: None, this one is enough fun for me.

Jeho: I only play this world now. I just deleted my w48 account, as I do not have time for it with all the fun I am having here on w17.

Ampra: Ahh… sorry, I didn’t see the second part… I played w11 for 2-3 months.

Jeho: I played w19 for a couple of weeks when I first started TW, but I hated the settings and deleted. Also, I ran a w4 account for a friend for a few months who was away and played a w14 account for about 6 months, but in the end w17 is the only world for me.

How would you describe your playing style?

Ampra: Mostly defensive. Turtle style.

Jeho: I am aggressive and tend to fly by the seat of my pants.

How war is going from ROMA’s side?

Ampra: We are doing well; if you look that we are fighting one of best tribes that this world has ever seen and we are having fun it. So I think it’s going well so far; always could be better, but we are holding out.

How about Wisdom?

Jeho: I think we are doing well considering this is only one of the major conflicts we are involved in. I do say, icewong has done a nice job of keeping us on our toes. My hats-off to her. Well, we are also at war with BA, 13th, and TAO. So there is enough fun for everyone .

What is the effect of inactives in a war?

Ampra: Well, each of the big tribes that are still on this world has inactives. After all, we are already 2 years into it, and we can only see more and more of them going away. We have to deal with it and have to learn to keep playing the best way we can without those players.

Jeho: Inactives always affect what happens in war and as this is an older world, I think it is safe to say we all are having our issues with players needing to quit because of RL commitments or just boredom with an older world. I agree with Ampra, we deal with it and move forward. I believe how a tribe handles their dead accounts makes a huge difference in their success. If you hold on to them too long they weigh you down. However, you also need to be sure to not use all your nobles up on inactives when there are juicy enemy villages to take. So it is a delicate balance.

How are your war strategies are going?

Ampra: Its going as we predict, we are fighting and looking to see gaps in enemy defense . It’s not easy because we have good enemy on other side.

Jeho: We are constantly changing what we are doing. Some strategies work well and some do not. We learn from each op and use it to be better the next time around.  ROMA had the advantage in the beginning since most of our villages bordering them were empty and supporting our front lines elsewhere, but that has been resolved now and we are dug in and ready to go blow for blow as long as it takes. And with the likes of players like icewong on the other side, we face a nice challenge.

How do you expect the war to change in a month?

Ampra: Not too much on our front, but wisdom has a very big front and their other fronts could change.

Jeho: I see us continuing to push forward on all fronts, but in regards to our war with ROMA specifically I don’t see much change. We are holding the advantage right now and I suspect we will in a month.

Do you expect any sudden changes, expected or not?

Ampra: Anyone who playes TW knows that those things can happen tomorrow. So, I am playing for now and enjoying it and if real life or tw bring something new, I will deal with it then. I personally don’t see anything big coming anytime soon.

Jeho: I don’t even dare speculate on what could happen tomorrow. Like Ampra said, we play the game, plan as best we can, and hope nothing tragic or extremely unexpected happens. But, as all of us who have played w17 for any length of time know, the unexpected does happen. Also, a good tribe and a good leader will roll with it and make the necessary adjustments to get through it and be victorious on the other side.

What have been some Diplomatic changes after the war, and has the war affected any diplomacy?

Ampra: Well, ROMA is specific in diplomacy with not having any allies, yet we do have common enemy as BA 13th and TAO. So in the way war push us more toward wisdom other enemies. So yes it affected in a way.

Jeho: Well for Wisdom, we have added one more enemy to the list and a lot more red dots, but our allies are the same now as they have been for a long time. Of course, at one time, most, if not all of the members of ROMA were members of our allies- Mojo. Unfortunately, Mojo is no more, and the players still playing from Mojo are spread among many tribes. Some are with our allies, and some are with our enemies. It makes for an interesting dynamic.

Are you going to ask their allies for help or get other tribes to hit the enemy?

Ampra: If my members need help and I can’t help them, I will ask and each leader who doesn’t want to do that for its members and players are not a good one.  Pride has destroyed many tribes of this world, and I will not do anything to put ROMA players in danger.

Jeho: We work with our allies when and as we are able. Due to location, some are entrenched in their own wars and are not in a position to offer assistance. We do our best to take care of our own, But, when immediate help isn’t needed and an ally is closer at hand, my members send letters and ask for assistance and we try to do the same for them in return as we are able.

Will you end up ending the war by a stalemate or fight till the end?

Jeho: At this point in the world everyone is at war and the lines are rather clearly drawn.

Ampra: I must agree with Jeho.

How you expect the world to change after the war?

Ampra: I don’t know, I don’t see the end anytime soon, so I am not sure what will go on. I am not sure… I will be here for a lot longer.

Jeho: For Wisdom, winning this war with ROMA will free us up to refocus more fully on other fronts. So how it ends has a great impact on Wisdom’s future. But, I am not one to speculate too much or to get too cocky. As Ampra said, we are not close to an end in this war, so anything can happen.

Anything else you want to say or suggestions for the blog you might have.

Jeho: I would like to thank Ampra for being willing to do this and for his honestly and time. Other world leaders were very suspicious of a Wisdom blogger, but I knew Abdel could do it right and be fair and balanced. The best to you and ROMA Ampra. Regardless of the outcome, it has been a pleasure getting to know you.

Ampra: I wish lots of fun for both tribes!!! Hoha conducted the interview very well!!! I am glad that someone took this job, and I wish you all the best too Jeho.