World 17 Weekly Blog – BH war

June 19, 2010 in World 017 News

Welcome back to The W17 Blog. Today I will be covering the BH (BoS and BoK) family war and Tao, *np*, *np*A, and Titans. TITANS, declared on BH July 3rd, 2009. About a month Later *np* Broke there alliance with BH and Joined titans in the war. Today I interviewed Cane9 the speaker of 13th Frod was busy so he Talked to cane to talk to me which was a nice thing of him.

In the past week, Tao took a good amount of villages off BoS towards the Center of the world. *np* and their academy have been nobling towards the East of the World. Titans are nobling towards the North East part of the World.

BoS and BoK are fighting people off In their Land. It also looks like they are getting ready to strike back against their foes with a lot of momentum.

Top 20 Players

Top 20 Tribes

World Map made by Nickjer

The Interview of the week.

As said in the paragraph I interviewed Cane9 (speaker of 13th)

Q: Introduce yourself to us

A: Herro everyone, Holden here. Most will know me by Cane9 from the 13th Legion

Q: How long have you been playing TW? w17?

A: Well this question is the same thing for me as w17 was my first world! I started may 2008 but quit in june.. Started again in august in K70.

Q: What other worlds do you currently play/have you previously played? How would you compare those worlds to w17?

A: Wow big question I will start with previously played!, w19, Haploid/Jorska (2 different times lol), w36, was in Koalas (w17 tribe lead by Dan) but ended up playing on the rim with vladir for a few months until we quit.. Good times. w43, played Radicane*, It was a co played account with myself and Wishmaster (from BA) <3 We were in Autumn but restarted in K38 and ended up being duke of a noob family tribe branch.. Was fun for a while but got REALLY boring! Quit a month or so ago. w44, had a quick jaunt here but didn’t do much. w47, played Heroes at heart with Wishmaster and Crazychamps, Crazy quit cause of exams and I didn’t have that much time.. We ended up quitting. w48, hung out with DNW for a bit then quit. Also played UK.2 for a couple months but quit that after the premade fell apart. For present worlds: W17, Cane9 (obviously). and W50, Luigi Pwns You, We float around the top 10 in the rank 1 tribe DIY. Compaired all these to world 17? Well none are as fun except w50.. It all depends on the tribe im in.. W19 was a great account but I didn’t like the tribe. W17 is the most amazing tribe ever.. W50 rocks as well

Q: What is your favorite aspect of TribalWars? Least favorite?

A: Good question, I would say favorite aspects are the friends and team work. I also LOVE start up. I have agreed to not play anymore late world accounts except w17 and just go to new worlds, get top 10 or top 5 and play until like 500k then quit. Least favorite.. All the noobs that shit talk and think they are awesome, Also another favorite would be rimming those noobs.

Q: How would you describe your playing style?

A: Far to agressive.. Thats why I like having a Coplayer with a more conservative backround lol

Q: Could you give us an idea of your w17 history? (past tribes, etc)

A: As said before, Started may 2008 in K40. I played in the tribe AEF who was rank 1 in K40 at the time. I played till I got an academy then quit for the summer as I had to leave for camp. I told Prince-Of-Hove I would be back after the summer and joined again in late august, ending up in K70. I mailed him and he was still around absolutely destroying in Tao He sent me resources every once in a while to help grow. I started a tribe with one of my best TW friends Maria (has since quit) who played the Bpanthiras account. The tribe GAF did pretty well in K70 but we eventually had to disbanned it as other tribes were quickly taking over the area and we needed to move. I ended up joining 13th and she joined the enemy tribe. After we laid waste to her tribe she joined 13th and I have been here ever since!

Q: Do you have a leadership role in the 13th?

A: I am an officer. Leader? Nope. I currently am a war centurion for 13th. (2iC to the War general)

Q: What updates or improvements would you like to see come to TW?

A: For w17 I would have to say implant the achievements.. They are so cool!. For up coming worlds I describe the perfect world!. Speed 2, Troop speed 1, No moral, Archers, Pali with Weap, Simple tech, Coins, 2 Day BP, No fake limit. The rest doesn’t really matter haha

Q: Freebie – anything else you want to say or suggestions for the blog you might have =)

A:Thanks for the interview, I would just like to say thanks to all my fans and supporters. My agent jeff, you are awesome. My family and friends, thanks for always being there for me while I accept this… Interview? Im excited to have the blog, hopefully there will be some good articles.. I would recommend a MM vs Wisdom Interview.. Stick MM and Wisdom Leadership in a chat room and see what happens. Could turn into a very nice blog post