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August 10, 2010 in Special Features, World 014 News, World News

*Drum Roll*……………I present the first ever World 14 Blog Post!

To Kick it off I decided to interview the mighty Drew-Waylander!

Me: Red

Drew: Blue

So Drew, is world 14 your first world on Tribalwars or did you play before it on a different world? If so, same alias or under a different name?

I started in w9, but got rimmed as all noobs do and joined w11 where I learned about scripts and premium points even .. yea very green … and met some good guys that showed me some skills and I ran from there .. then left to join a new world.

I have always been under same name.

Drew, when you started world 14 did you start in a pre-made tribe or did you just join up seeing that a new world opened? What tribe did you originally start out with on world 14?

I was still green then so the word Pre-made would not of made much sense lol.

Guthix was my first tribe, but they were just a bunch of barb eaters so I left LOH who merged with CULT.

So after Cult did you join with FAIL?

I got into a convo with the original TOXIC after I kicked him hard when he tried to take me out … so Bee asked me to join FAIL, and I refused 3 times before I saw CULT was almost gone.

Ok, I got to ask you one thing…….You were beating the mighty Toxic.J in a fight! How in the world did you manage that?

He was not prepared to fight a deff player :)

Ok, after you joined FAIL, how long did it take for you to become at the leadership postion your at now?

Well, as you know being a FAILer after the reborn war Bee left us and so did most of the players ..I think we were down to 15 members and 20 sits lol .. FAIL was dead in the water … I got on well with TAC who was given the leadership after BEE, but he only knew about the northern tribes where I knew just about everyone .. so Diplomat was my job and from the things I found out we moved in directions I pointed out and so on it went from there .. if only reborn knew how bad FAIL actually was after the war .. lol

What do you remember most about the tribe FAIL?

War War War and if no war how to make a new one .. and the characters we had in there were wicked ..always out for fun

Being a FAIL member also that is exactly what I remember. In the end though, the wars were in my opinion one of the best things about FAIL. We picked up some great players from them and it brought us together even more in the end. What was your favorite war while in FAIL and why?

Well, I had the NEXT border line so my account was safe … but the Reborn/birds war was a war of attrition as I don’t think anyone in FAIL slept for 6 months or more so I got to play everyones account :) permanent  front line experience and against such a high level of skilled players against us .. it was hard very hard to keep track of it all .. and you soon forgot the mechanics of the game and just did what you needed to do … oh and the banter was good ..

There was a huge amount of respect for players on all sides.

Think it was 8 out of the top 10 tribes against us .. so something you never forget.

Yes, now many of those old enemies are FOE members now. Did you ever think that FAIL would be even anywhere close to what it is now?

No, nowhere near what it is now ..

At what point was there talks with OWNED to form TheFOE?

DIV was being a pain in a lot of players sides .. Raven24 was getting pushed around by the OWNED leaders, bear in mind that OWNED and FAIL have had a long long standing loyalty to each other throughout the entire game ..

OWNED started on NEXT and asked us FAIL to join in and remove Div from the game.. also GOH asked us to Join in and remove Div from the game ..

Then just as FAIL was prepping for this war…….Inside OWNED there was an internal dispute and Raven got kicked from OWNED.

So, JayJay stepped in and did what he could from a distance….

Then we started on NEXT and Raven24 formed BOO .. and I had a lot of heated arguments with FAB and Tango over Raven24 and Raven24 asked me to save Div ..

FAB announced he was to leave the game and Tango got the job to lead it and he was the main guy attacking Raven24 …

I tried every diplo skill I had and to no avail … so rather than put FAIL in a bad light I left FAIL and decided to take out Tango .. JAY was there with a few villages 5 I think he got off Tango when I started on Tango…

I unloaded on him and he ran off .. and so I left for the night passing my sit to Ed .. next morning I login to see I am Duke of OWNED ..

You can imagine my shock.

Jay /Reborn took in Raven24 and OWNED and FAIL came together at that point.

So how was the name TheFOE thought of?

Well, once we had taken out NEXT we basically held over 1/4 of the map .. and though we never wanted a family tribe and we did try to run the tribes as seperate tribes .. did not work so FOE was born…. FAIL OWNED Empire.

So tell me what was the ~GOH~ war like?

We had a choice to war with Metty war with NWF war with GOH….

We had good relations with Metty so a vote was given to the tribe and GOH came out on top ..

The war was slow at first due to distance, but once FOE got a foot hold they soon crumbled .. there were a few good fighters in there, but our sheer numbers just swamped them in the end I think..

I think more of the war was fought in the forums than in the game.

I agree with you there

Seems like there was a lot of fighting in the forums

Beer in mind we were still in a war in the north during the GOH war ..

so not all of FOE was committed to the war.

Well, we all know what happened in the end to GOH, but now it seems like the last few active members of GOH formed FIRE.

Yea and this is where the problems start .. I have worked hard to keep feeding the lads targets and pull in players to replace inactive players … and the thing about FOE is they are fighters and need food .. but the distance killed a lot of good players into inactivity ..

So, chasing the last of GOH was just to far and same for FIRE now most players CBA sending attacks that will not land for a week and then wait a week for them to come back lol.

So are there any plans after FIRE?

well RIP and FOE go a long way back and we have been called alsorts even game spoilers .. but when you have had good relations right from the start and worked well with them … I don’t see it right that RIP and FOE should fight just becouse our allance worked where others have failed.

So what the last stages will be is not written yet.

No one predicted where FAIL is now, so I guess the same concept applies for the end. Anything can happen.

Well the plan was to remove FIRE and then the inactives … and see where we stand then ..

But FIRE have dug in well and are soaking nuke after nuke … good work and respect for it .. they will have a good ODD by the time they are gone.

Well, I guess its time to finish the interview with just some quick personal questions.

What are your hobbies outside of playing Tribalwars?


Music and 3D game design.

What kind of music do you like?

Metal and Happy Hardcore .. strange mix I know

So, I am guessing your job is in 3D game design?

I used to work in the game industry, but found it a rat race of a job .. more work than fun .. so I do freelance as it pays more and I get to enjoy what I do .. but is hobby work

Nope I run my own company  … selling digital signage, interactive whiteboards, VC and software …

Toys for the boardroom

Ok, I guess I’ll let you say some final remarks if you have any. Anything you want people in world 14 to know about you.

Always Salve to the FAIL, so I just do what the tribe wants/needs I have never been out to please other tribes and FAIL has never been one to say no to a fight… I guess I have been lucky with FAIL/FOE to have a such good number of  loyal players beside me .. Now and in the past ..

Alright well thanks for the interview. Your a great person, and I’m not saying that just because your my leader or am I….Just kidding

World 14 Statistics as of 7/31/10 to 8/10/10

Players left: 320 Down 11
Players – More than 0 points: 318 Down 4
Players – More than 500k points: 252 Down 2
Players – More than 1mil points: 235 Down 5
Players – More than 5mil points: 132 Down 2
Players – More than 10mil points: 51 Up 3
The remaining players could fit into: 6 tribes
Tribes left: 36 Up 1
Only includes top 40 members:
Tribes – More than 0 points: 24 Up 3
Tribes – More than 10mil points: 9 Down 1
Tribes – More than 100mil points: 4 Up 1

(You might have to click on one of the maps in order to fully read it)

World 14 Tribe Dominance Map

Player Dominance Map

World 14 Top Players

****World 14 Awards Over past week**** 

- Ennoble Loser: STEESHOT with a massive 227 villages lost

- Ennoble Winner: Panicman with a massive 99 villages gained

- Tribe Ennoble Loser: FIRE with 507 villages lost

-Tribe Ennoble Winner: TheFOE with 498 villages gained (the rank 1 FOE)

I would also like to recognize Maegnas and *ZhG* Bullet who both got 90 villages each over the last week.

First ever World 14 contest!!!!

Yes, that’s right folks. I am going to start running a contest every week. To start it off this week I will have two contests.

The First contest is for all the people who are good at making banners. The person with the best banner will get there work shown on the top of the blog each week.

Requirements: Takes up less than 2MB of space, Has the words Terror37 and World 14 Blog on it, and finally should be 680×120.

The second contest is who can ever come up with the best poem detailing world 14’s history will have there poem displayed in the next blog. The contest will be open for 7 days.

The Next Blog

-Two interviews, Statistics, Maps, Awards, Update on new world 14 events, Contest winners from last week, New contest

Final Remarks…..

This is my first blog post, so I hope I can definitely improve. I will be sure next time to talk about new tribes such as TRAIT next time. Seems to me that world 14 isn’t quite dead yet. Seems like some players still want to see it stay alive as long as possible. Well, this is the end to the first blog.

Much love,