World 13 updates!

February 27, 2011 in World 013 News, World News

Some big news coming out of world 13, some small news as well, and some inbetween news I guess.  A top 10 player quit, another to 10 player left her tribe, INSO may be in turmoil?

Maegnas, a top 10 player, has called it quits here on world 13, due to… you guessed it… real life kicking in. Good luck on your future endeavors!
Zayed Alyssa has left ~PWC~ for reasons unknown, although rumors are swirling!
Xela186 has gone silent, has he finally given up on his tribe?

INSO is planning something that NO other tribe has done in the history of .Net (as far as we are all aware, including various mods and admins) INSO is planning a public execution of a player! They are going to share all the details of his/her impending death in hopes that they can actually defend against it, and possibly give other tribes ideas on how to form an op.


INSO vs ~PWC~/{E}: June 15th, 2010 SelectShow


Riders vs Orion/Gensis: November 3rd, 2009 SelectShow

Who’s ready for our first ever W13 Interview?!?!? I know I am!

Interview: MSMShrek SelectShow

Earlier on, I spoke about some turmoil in INSO, apparently people are up in arms in the Tribal Council about certain decisions that are being made! lets see some quotes shall we?

have an INSO civil war? – Denipop
Let’s make 2 tribes and have at it then. – NoelyDeezNutz
Pick two new dukes and let players each pick tribes – CaptainNCoke69
This is the one condition where I would quit the game. I do not want to see any civil war – Cestus333
i agree with cestus. You divide the tribe in a civil war and i would just hit delete. How much fun would that be to conquer barbs. – Carnivores

Looks like there may be some underlying issues in INSO that may cause their demise before the world is over!

I do want to take the time out to give a send off to Shagohad. He is serving in the military and will be going over to Afghanistan in the upcoming weeks. As a supporter of our (the US) Military, I wish you luck over there and hope you stay safe and come home safe as well. On your free time, take some pictures and email me, they will make their way into the blog.

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