World 13 interviews!

January 27, 2011 in World 013 News, World News

I recently sent out a small questionnaire to almost everyone on world 13, while a lot of people have responded (which I appreciate) there seems to be a bit of confusion.

I personally do not care when you log in, it doesn’t change my playing style, I can see stats and I get information from players all over the world. Such as these tasty tidbits that were forwarded to me from one of my friends in ~PWC~

AukanaThe less she knows about our members and our tribe the better. (speaking of another INSO member)
Is that why we have received an ingame mail from NoelyDeezNutz asking loads of personal questions. At least, I received it, so I presumed everyone else has too.
Sounds like INSO have brought in a professional profiler to research our tribe LOL
GlamazoniaNoely from what I have seen likes to have fun.. I got the survey too.. I think he is just trying to liven things up.  The questions all seem innocent enough but I would not answer the ones about the weakest players or worst players.. those I would definitely avoid.
I also imagine that everyone who submits a completed survey can expect it to appear in the world forum.  So its up to you if you want to do it or not, just think before you post your answers.. they might be seen and examined by all.
How long have you been playing..  will easily identify our replacement players and alert them to those who have gone that they are not yet aware of.
best and worst players.. you can imagine what these answers might reveal and the feelings that might be hurt.
Just remember, less is more and always proceed with caution :)
One more thing.. Noely appears to have sent this to the entire tribe. It could be his way of seeing who is active and who is not.  If you are sitting an account, please at least open the mail so he thinks its has been read. ;)
Evilwarlock1 – i got it too. did not reply to it. hes playing mind games… he offered me a big account blah blah blah… just like glam said, Noely is sending out “friendly” emails to us trying to find out who is inactive. He did it to HeWhoWalksamongus us and he started nobling him…  He did it to me asking who is sitting this account.

I’m putting this in the blog so you know that I am doing this on behalf of the blog and not for the tribe.  Maybe you all should listen to some of your tribe mates and focus more on fighting a war instead of being paranoid and conspiracy theorists.

If you would like your chance to answer the questions and keep your online times a secret (because that’s working out so well) the questions are below.

World 13 Blog interview (this is your chance to speak to the world, have fun with it)

Name: you enter your name, either ingame or real, doesn’t matter.
Time playing World 13: How long have you been here?
Tribe: What tribe are you in?
Best memory of the world so far: What memory would you define as “the best!” in this world?
Top 3 players in your opinion: Who do you think are the top 3 players in world 13?
Bottom 3 players in your opinion: Who do you think are the bottom 3 players in world 13?
Biggest waste of space in World 13: Who do you think was better off NOT being here?
Most dangerous player: Who is the biggest threat (player wise) in world 13
Tribe history: (which tribes have you been apart of)
Best tribe you were apart of: Best tribe you were ever apart of?
Worst tribe you were apart of: Worst tribe you were ever apart of?
Best player you’ve played alongside of: Who was the player that you played with that made you go “wow, they are good”
Worst player you’ve played alongside of: Who was the player that you played with that made you go “Holy crap they suck!”
Tribe of 7, If you could make a tribe of 7 players, who would they be? If you had to choose 6 other players to play with in your own tribe, who would they be and why?
Worst decision you made in this world: What was the one thing that made you go “damn, i should’ve done this differently”
What do you think of your blogger so far? How am I?
If you could change 1 thing about this world, what would it be?
What made you choose world 13? howcome?
Would you choose it again if another world opened with the same settings? would you?
Premades or build as you go tribes? Which do you prefer?
Why world 13 should be worried about you? What makes you a threat?
Your final comments: Have fun with this, give a small writeup with whatever you’d like.