World 13 Dwindles down

July 19, 2011 in World 013 News, World News

I have to apologize to all my readers for my lack of a blog lately, I was consumed with preparing for Skirmish USA’s Invasion Of Normandy. A 3 day paintball event that includes camping out, 4,500+ people and a lot of paintball. But, this isn’t a blog about paintball, so let’s get into our TribalWars mindset and get to work!

World 13 has dipped down to 194 players left, which means cheaper coins are coming. For most people, this would be a great thing, but for some tribes, it means trouble. It means that active players and tribes will have even more nobles to spend and make for faster expansion and domination.
It’s weird to think that 3 years ago, we all started with a single village, thinking “this should be a fun game to pass some time” and he we are, at least some of us, 3 years later, wanting to smash our heads against the keyboards at times… STILL playing the same game. If you told me that my single game would last this long, I would’ve told you to get lost and to take the game with you. TW is burning players out due to it’s lack of an end game phase that actually encourages players to want to win.
Most players who win a world, just want it to end. They don’t want premium points to spend on another world, because they got so disgusted from the world they just won and spent countless hours playing… Sleepless nights, alarms set for sending attacks, dodging, sniping, backtiming, etc… Only to be told “Congrats! Here is some free premium to do it all over again”
Thanks, but no thanks INNOGAMES… I think most players would prefer to get a real prize, or a TON of premium to sell off and make up for it.

I’ll probably end up catching heat for stating this stuff in the blog, but hey, it’s World 13 related and it’s how many players currently feel. Maybe it will light a fire under some people and they can re-evaluate how the game is “won.”

Some current stats on our world.

INSO vs N.E.B.  (Last month)
INSO – 656
N.E.B – 70
MAP of conquers

INSO vs ~PWC~ (Last month)
INSO – 61
~PWC~ – 3
Map of conquers

INSO vs P:R (Last month)
INSO – 304
P:R –  18
Map of conquers

INSO vs GENSIS (Last month)
INSO – 1,077
Map of conquers

N.E.B vs Bey0nd
N.E.B – 37
Bey0nd – 8
Map of conquers

I wish I could offer you more war stats, but as far as the world forums, there are no other wars going on currently. World 13 is ready for cheaper nobles, the end of restarts and the end of morale. So let’s get to it and get this party started!