World 13 – A World at War!

January 23, 2011 in World 013 News, World News

You’ve been shown a bit of history so far in the world, you’ve been introduced into my writing style a bit, and you’ve been allowed to continue playing this world because there are always more inactives to jump to. Until INSO backs you into the corner and takes the villages from your hands.HA! you thought this would be some banter about how great INSO is!

This is actually going to show the current state of the world and how it evolved to where it is now.  We currently have 328 players left, 52 tribes, 318,624 villages, and only a select few tribes that can actually WIN this world.

In the northwest, we have Riders, ranked 4th in the world. They control the northwest with no threat to any border except down south. They are currently at war with Orion and Gensis. They currently own 12.7% of the world

Moving south, we are hit with Gensis/Orion, ranked 3rd in the world. These 2 tribes are intermingled because they all used to be 1 tribe, and have since graduated into the 2 forces we see now, 1 full of active players and 1 as a graveyard tribe. Their only safe border is the southwest area. They are currently at war with each other (or so they say… lol) Riders, INSO and P:R. Gensis owns 12.6% of the world. Orion owns 1.5% of the world

Moving towards the east, we get smacked with P:R, also known as “the little tribe that could” They seem to just be there, with a real lack of a world forum presence as well as an ingame presence, they have seemed to fly “under the radar” thus far. P:R owns 3.7% of the world.

Moving north from there, we run into ~PWC~/{E}, ranked 2nd in the world. Their borders to the north and east are safe, and they control the north east/eastern side of the world.  Started what was billed as “The war to end the world” with its longstanding ally of INSO in an effort to “cure boredom” or so they say.  They are currently at war with INSO. They currently own 26% of the world

That leaves 1 major tribe left, and it is the number 1 ranked tribe in the world. INSO. With a default diplomacy of WAR, they have made quite a few enemies.  While constantly expanding in almost every direction.  Their only safe border is the northwest thanks to Riders, their longstanding ally. INSO is currently at war with ~PWC~, {E}, ORION, GENSIS, BNZO, and P:R.  INSO owns 33.6% of the world

You should now be all caught up with the current standings in the world.  I’ve also decided that the history of the world should be thrown in throughout the blogging adventure, instead of doing it one after another until we are at present day.

With that, I leave you with the final map of the tribes we’ve gone over

And I want to thank each and every one of you that read this blog every week.  I appreciate the support, and be sure to fill out the “interviews” I’ve sent out ingame, it was the most “cost efficient” way of gathering information for the blog, and I will be contacting people directly for actual interviews.