World 11: Weekly W11 News

December 14, 2009 in World 011 News

Bonjour W11! Since the declaration of RASP on the whole world already 44 players left this world (thx to MyPetWorm for this information from his updates in the Countdown w11 topic). This week RASP lost again a huge amount of points. For more information about RASPs side, we have an interview with RASPie Elmo. Also don’t forget to send me an entry for the challenge!


Power Rankings

There were some quite large changes on RASPs side, the other tribes did pretty well:

  • RASP loses 70 mil due to TSPU (splitting off from the RASPs family) and W.C. (which I put as individual tribe untill it is requested to add those points to RASP)
  • }DF{ drops points and becomes again a Minor Power
  • good week (+ 1 mil) for ZIP (+3.7 mil), ATTERO (+3.7 mil), WW|E (+2.3 mil), LoD (+2.0 mil) and OZ (+1.4 mil)

Major Powers: (+10%)

RASP 434.009.530 26,40 % -70.126.618 -4,27 %
ATTERO 365.147.757 22,21 % 3.702.163 0,23 %
LoD 289.944.379 17,64 % 2.071.696 0,13 %

Mid-sized Powers: (3-10%)

ZIP 134.083.772 8,16 % 3.722.829 0,23 %
OZ 102.999.231 6,27 % 1.397.059 0,08 %
Legend 92.229.832 5,61 % 983.074 0,06 %
jotad 90.637.271 5,51 % -497.691 -0,03 %

Minor Powers: (-3% and +5mil)

}DF{ 48.751.635 2,97 % -1.606.319 -0,10 %
W.C. 33.249.809 2,02 % *new*
TSPU 18.211.443 1,11 % *new*
WW|E 10.103.011 0,61 % 2.333.789 0,14 %
Aten 9.612.874 0,58 % 296.715 0,02 %
XPTD 8.043.450 0,49 % *new*
RT? 6.684.049 0,41 % 54.238 0,00 %


Nickjers Map


Player of the Week: Elmo

This week I had a nice chat with Elmo, the winner of the challenge last week.

Klouwe: Hello Elmo! You are well-known on the externals and are recently playing the goldcorp account. But I assume a long time ago you also had your own account? In which tribes have you been in W11?

Elmo: Well hello Klouwe! I started around the K86 region, and joined a tribe called KOTT that was located solely on the fact a real life friend was a baron in it. I then was rimmed by LoD-NW so ended up in K70, i was in some small noob tribes before joining RSK~S which i thought was the biggest tribe ever (1.2 million). Then i started talking to KOA Anubis who was leader of DMNT (CQB=D=) at that time so ended up moving there, after he persuaded me. Then i moved MAFIA until jen had me move back to DMNT (CQB=D=). I then quit w11 as i had got bored, untill KOA rang me up saying return because he had me an account, so i returned to DMNT – then called AoD. I then quit that account to take on a smaller account, coplaying with a certain noob Pinrage. We both quit, so i went to juveleo and played with him for a while, untill i left to take on an account in W14. I once again returned due to Anubis ringing me up asking if i was gunna return. I came back to play Shellman221 with him, before being offered Goldcorp account.

Klouwe: Wow, so you’ve been playing on many accounts here in W11! So currently you are playing on the goldcorp account. Does this frontline account suites your playing method well or do you prefer to play accounts with more safe backyard villages?

Elmo: Well frankly, im quite inactive at this moment in time, however i’ve just been in contact with a certain Mr. Pinrage so i have found myself a brand new coplayer, who will help me come over my current disadvantage. I’m at a total of 1+ villages so far during the war, that i believe considering i’m in a total of 4 k’s that have a front with enemys is an ok achievement. i have had 1 sitter so far taking two hours off me.

Klouwe: Very recently W.C. was founded. They are located very close to you… How are they related to RASP and are you going to join them?

Elmo: When i logged on today i found out about W.C, i thought about joining and talked to Pinrage about joining, i thought that it would be a good idea, thinking that they might be against RASP and would be another front to fight, letting me get more villages. I checked the diplomacy and saw they were *Allies*, so i’ve decided to think about asking for an invite and concentrate on making my account better and sorting out my incomings. Later today I heared that HCTP decided he wanted to form a tribe of hard ass fighters with some mates so he did

Klouwe: I heared an incident happened in RASP-T so a new tribe was established: TSPU. Now in the main forum there was a discussion about this new tribe. What is your opinion about them? Are they a part of RASP (=under RASPs command), neutral or RASPs enemy?

Elmo: Like i mentioned earlier, i have logged on today for the first time in 3/4 days. They are not on our ally list, nor NAP or Enimies list, they are going to be free food when we turn our attention to them, making them a good target, they might be thinking that they will be able to join W.C, but meh, i don’t know.

Klouwe: Since RASPs declaration on the world RASPs side dropped from 525 mil to 467 mil (still including the points of not4u and W.C.). I can understand that leaving dead weight behind is a good job but losing 58 mil (which is +/- 12% of the current size of the RASP F.) is not very good… Do you think RASP made a good call to kick all those inactives? In the end they’ll have to spend 5800 nobles to regain that 58mil…

Elmo: We have lost points, all tribes would lose points at the beginning of a war with the whole world, many tribes would fall in the first week against the world, especially if it was at this stage of the world. The players who have left don’t deserve to be in RASP, so there dead weight! W.C are still our points, so there still in the rasp, even if there in W.C.

Klouwe: Suppose you would have the power of the admins for 1 day, then what would you do? Also suppose nobody would ever know that you performed those actions…

Elmo: I would ban AJ and Headvoid so we could take on attero without those monsters there!

Klouwe: haha, well, I wish you and whole RASP big fun in the war! Thanks for the interview!


Challenge of the Week

For the first time the jury were disagreeing with each other about the winner of the challenge of last week (best free online flash game). Each juror had his/her prefered entries. In the end we could agree that the winner of challenge is omfsmthefsm!

Other entries were from pinrage, makeles, gareth newton, perfect misfit, elmo and reenche

This week the challenge is…


Send me a link via In-game pm. I will choose the best one and it will be featured in next week’s blog.


Thank you all for reading, and I hope you are excited for next week’s edition!

Suggestions or extra information is very appreciated and always welcome in my in game mailbox or forum mailbox.