World 11: Weekly W11 News

December 2, 2009 in World 011 News

Moehahahahaha W11! This is Klouwe with the  Weekly W11 News – The World’s Only Reliable News! A lot happened this week. After the declaration of RASP on all tribes of W11, -THB- merged into Legend. This week we also have a special interview with PolarSeal (n°1 player of the world), who is also probably the biggest frontline player in the world war. We also have the fancy graphs with the results of the Power Rankings of november. Be sure to check the challenge. The winner of next week will be granted an interview in one of the upcoming blogs. Have a nice read!


War Stats

I totally agree with HTCP:

You really cant judge how a war is going in the first month. One side gets the jump on the other. Both sides need to organize and get in to a rhythm. Other points, front lines need to be created it just goes with any war. After all that gets taken care of then the stats will really show how both sides are doing. This war will be long. And the victor will not be seen for some time.

Therefore I won’t post stats in this blog. The Power Rankings can be a good indication of who is doing well in the beginning of the war.


Power Rankings

Changes since last update:

  • Legend becomes a Mid-sized Power! Well done!
  • -THB- is not in the rankings anymore
  • good week (+ 1 mil) for Legend (+69.2 mil), ATTERO (+ 17.6 mil) and LoD (+ 3.1 mil)
  • bad week (- 1 mil) for RASP (- 21.0 mil), jotad (- 18.9 mil) and ZIP (- 6.0 mil)

Major Powers: (+10%)

RASP 504.136.148 30,70 % -20.990.094 -1,28 %
ATTERO 361.445.594 22,01 % 17.612.498 1,07 %
LoD 287.872.683 17,53 % 3.067.798 0,19 %

Mid-sized Powers: (3-10%)

ZIP 130.360.943 7,94 % -5.973.761 -0,36 %
OZ 101.602.172 6,19 % 188.463 0,01 %
jotad 91.134.962 5,55 % -18.989.814 -1,16 %
Legend 91.246.758 5,56 % 69.193.096 4,21 %
}DF{ 50.357.954 3,07 % -415.544 -0,03 %

Minor Powers: (-3% and +5mil)

Aten 9.316.159 0,57 % -75.877 0,00 %
WW|E 7.769.222 0,47 % 56.269 0,00 %
RT? 6.629.811 0,40 % 18.376 0,00 %


Results of November

I made some fancy graphs of the results of November. All tribes who were a major or/and mid-sized power during november are included in the graph. In the first one you can see the difference between the points of begin and end november. In the second graph you can see how tribes evoluated in growth during november. It appears that all tribes had some troubles during november to keep their points.




Nickjers Map


Player of the Week: PolarSeal

This week we have arranged a nice interview with PolarSeal, n°1 of the world.

Klouwe: You are n°1 point player in the world. Congratulations! What are the best hints for other players who want to achieve that spot in newer worlds?

PolarSeal: Thank you. It would seem that the most important thing to doing well is to put the time in. (about four months into this world, I was unable to put in any time during the next 3 months because my best friend of 3 and a half years and wife of two and a half days past away The player that was sitting my account at that time worked his way up to number 1, but he did nothing with my account except put me in Plague. I was actually surprised the account was still there. It had however dropped almost a 1000 places in the ranking.) However, staying respectful of neighboring villages is beneficial. I have noticed that those that bully their neighbors early in the game may run players off, but they soon find themselves spread thin and fighting everyone else.

During the beginning of the protected time focusing on building up resources, without any non-production time gives a boost. If the account is watched constantly, the warehouse does not need to be built up until it is too small to handle the resources needed to build a needed building. Either way, if it remains below the 2000 resource level, then all the resources can be hidden from the “bullies.” Enough time should be left before the protected time expires to build up the hiding place to a sufficient level to hide all resources being produced. If your irritating neighbors get nothing when they attack, they will loose interest, and if they don’t that is fine too because they are wasting time attacking you instead of your other neighbor, and since they are getting nothing they will grow slower. Once the hiding place is maxed out, and the resources are as high as possible with the largest warehouse that can have all resources hidden, then the headquarters should be raised to the highest level for that warehouse, then after all of this a level one barracks and level one smithy make sense. The last two being built so that the wall can then be built up the highest level the warehouse allows—this will allow you to kill enemy troops before you have built a single troop. Build up to the point where you can build a single scout, or 15 in worlds where less scouts would die, then send that scout out to find an abandon village that will provide refugee travel time. After finding villages that will provide varying amounts of refuge time, then finally non-scout troops can be trained safely. Build up the troops while you are around, and then sand them to farm a village as far away as half the time you need to be away from your computer. When your army is lager enough to adequately defend itself or wipe out the enemy with minimal loses then put them into play. Doing this you are quite large before you lose a single resource or troop.

I know there are those that disagree with this approach, which is great because that makes it work better.

Klouwe: At the end of June MCD fell apart. The ex-MCD-players were taken in by the other tribes. Why did you choose to join ATTERO? Or was it in a certain way decided who had to join which tribe?

PolarSeal: I was most interested in joining RT?, because I had learned to respect dlgirl in our previous dealings, and she seemed to had many of the same views toward the in tribe forum and game as I. However, I thought that the size of my tribe might make her tribe an unfair target, so I deferred. Many of those that I had worked with for over a year had quit MCD and joined Attero, so I figured if Attero wanted me then they would be willing the invite me before I quit MCD—I was not willing to quit my tribe and gravel for an invitation—pride, I guess. I worked diligently to get where I was, and if they wanted my membership, then we could both make sacrifices. They were willing to invite me without my quitting MCD and waiting the three days, so after the invite was sent, I sadly left MCD, and became a dedicated Attero member.

Klouwe: Your profile says that you are Personal Ally of both players of minor power RT?. Why are those players (dlgirl and JesusZback) not in ATTERO?

PolarSeal: I do not believe dlgirl has never asked to be a member, and I like that she just wants to enjoy playing in this world without all the politics. I believe JesusZback was not ranked highly enough when he was interested in Attero, and he followed my suggestion to join RT?. He likes the tribe, and I have no doubt that I would have enjoyed RT? As well.

Klouwe: Very recently RASP declared on all tribes of W11. Hereby they’ve made a clear point about going for world domination without further diplomacy with other tribes. Do you think they’ll make it until the end and win this world?

PolarSeal: I have many game and world friends in {RASP} and thus I do not like this new development. MCD found that this approach was unwise, and though {RASP} is larger and in a better location than MCD, they may find the same. Also, it puts a lot of pressure on their players to be on-line all the time. Even the Roman Empire in all their glory found that fighting on too many fronts is, at best, difficult. I think {RASP} been successful thus far because they have some excellent and dedicated players, and because they have had the support of many excellent players in other tribes, they will now be without that invaluable support. In fact, they apparently want to confront that support. In the end, only time will tell if they will make it, but I have no doubt that they have been preparing for this for quite some time. I would wish them well but they have chosen to be on the opposite side of the fence.

Klouwe: You are mainly located in K64, which makes you a very big frontline player. Do you think (with the new war) that you’ll be able to keep your n°1-spot in this world?

PolarSeal: I have not become number one because I desired to be number one, but because I put in an immense amount of time and effort to do my best. I believe it unwise to take what I cannot hope to hold without a respectable struggle. Therefore if I get attacked, I will put up the best fight possible. Not to keep my rank, but because I worked hard to build up, and cannot see reason in letting an aggressor getting it without significantly more effort. Beside it is the obligation of the members of any tribe to do their best to keep an aggressor from decreasing the value of the tribe.

Klouwe: If you die and rebirth gives you the chance to return to earth as an animal. Which animal would you choose?

PolarSeal: Though my beliefs do not provide for this possibility, my pet bird is amazing. She can and does talk a lot, so being her friend would be cool.

Klouwe: I wish you much luck on the frontline PolarSeal!


Challenge of the Week

The challenge of last week (funniest sport blooper) is won by Elmo! Other notable entries were from Chanman and Gareth Newton

This week the challenge is…


Send me a link of the game via In-game pm. I will choose the best one and it will be featured in next week’s blog. I’ll also grant the winner of this challenge an interview in one of the upcoming blogs (if he/she wants to have an interview…)!


Thank you all for reading, and I hope you are excited for next week’s edition!

Suggestions or extra information is very appreciated and always welcome in my in game mailbox or forum mailbox.