World 11: Weekly W11 News

January 16, 2011 in World 011 News

Hallowkes! This is the Weekly W11 News with a sweet new banner (thank you Wallam!). There are the ususal updates (Power Rankings & War Stats), but above all this blog contains a long interview with Lone wolf 19. So grab your favorite drink, sit back and relax for a nice read. Finally there is the blog challenge which is this week won by dreadeagle. Congratz dreadie! I was very glad with the increased amount of entries, so I hope the new challenge (which is similar to the previous one) has equal (or more) response.


Power Rankings

The last update was 1 week ago. 7 tribes own +5 mil:

  • good week (+1 mil) for ZIP (+4.6 mil), jotad (+1.6 mil) and ATTERO (+1.4 mil)
  • bad week (-1 mil) for LoD (-2.2 mil)
  • ZIP-side (+5.1 mil) grew more than ATTERO-side (+1.4 mil)

ZIP 784.841.701 46,27 % 4.626.173 0,27 %
ATTERO 566.758.893 33,41 % 1.384.361 0,08 %
jotad 120.110.879 7,08 % 1.576.962 0,09 %
}D~A{ 107.150.633 6,32 % 671.315 0,04 %
Legend 87.151.822 5,14 % 452.693 0,03 %
LoD 23.837.968 1,41 % -2.234.485 -0,13 %
WW|E 6.488.115 0,38 % 31.055 0,00 %

ZIP-side 871.993.523 51,40 % 5.078.866 0,30 %
ATTERO-side 817.858.373 48,21 % 1.398.153 0,08 %


War Stats

The results of last week: ZIP-side (332) vs ATTERO-side (219), difference: 113

The performance of the tribes individually:

  • ZIP: 113
  • jotad: 89
  • }D~A{: 1
  • Legend: 0
  • LoD: -18
  • ATTERO: -185


Blog Interview: Lone wolf 19

Klouwe: Welcome readers to this blog interview with one of the most special personalities of W11: lone wolf 11!


Lone Wolf walks up to Klouwe’s desk, wondering if he should’ve worn a tie. I should’ve worn a tie. Then he spots Klouwe, sitting in casual clothing. Is he even wearing pants? Wait, what does he mean by special?

Lone wolf 19: Hello Klouwe, thank you for this opportunity. I’ve been looking forward to this, which is why I went for that challenge in the first place

Klouwe (reading lone wolfs mind): pajamas :) i feel comfortable in them :)

Lone wolf 19: me too :O Well, I think I get the picture there. I would like to add that this is my very first interview, so have mercy ^^.

Klouwe: You indeed won the challenge. Were you surprised to see that nobody managed to noble faster an enemy village than 4 seconds?

Lone wolf 19: Actually, yes, I was. Perhaps it’s due to the general disinterest in W11. I don’t think it’s because of lack of skill. My train could’ve been improved for sure. But I’m glad nobody did or could, or I wouldn’t be here. In that light, it seems to be good that Carlini got sick around New Year as he was out to improve my cap time after Christmas (sorry Carlini)

Klouwe: He indeed hoped to win this interview. Let’s start with the beginning. How did you get involved in tribalwars? Was W11 your first world?

Lone wolf 19: Oh, yes, how did it begin. A real life friend of mine called me and enticed me to start TW, which I foolishly did. O woe 5/6-year-ago me. That was W5. I was so nooby that I joined a silly family tribe, but so active that I made baron after 3 weeks. I added W6 to that, wich went splendig, and then W8 briefly, but I quit. It was timeconsuming and I had no PP. A few months, or a year, after I started again, and waiting for a new world to begin, I started W11. Then W12, but I still continued W11 which took up most of my time. I somehow ended up being the duke of Wolves, because the duke sorta left without much notice. It was a nooby tribe, only in K84, but it was so much fun. Untill a real tribe attacked, and, tired of spending hours on this game everyday, I disbanded the tribe and quit the game. I did manage, as a last act of defiance, to get most players into Plague. My account was passed to a friend, who kept it alive and I got it back on my third return. As for other worlds, W21 and 32 are the most notable, and W23, but mostly on the forum there.

Klouwe: But after PLAGUE, you still joined CQB, =TITE=, LoD and now ATTERO. What was the difference between those quite famous tribes?

Lone wolf 19: Hmm, well, I myself did not join CQB. I was there for a brief moment, but shortly after we moved on to =TITE= (me and renegade23 coplaying). To be completely honest, I didn’t really want to join =TITE=, cause I still kinda held a grudge against them from back in the Wolves days. But it helped secure K84, which was my goal back then, in memory of ye old tribe. Joining LoD was a risky step at the time, but I don’t regret that. =TITE= was on its retreat. That’s just how it goes, rise and fall, just how it went down with LoD. I think I continued to move upward in tribe class, ATTERO being the best so far. Probably just due to the gathering of the crème de la crème there, in the long run. But all stages of tribes, be it noob or elite have their merrits.

Klouwe: How do you think to get out of tribalwars one day? Btw, what’s your age? Is it 22?

Lone wolf 19: I once read this amusing guide, which had a five-step plan to get out. It involved changing and deleting skype, email accounts, blocking the website etc. I found it funny then, but right now it might be the only way. I have wasted too much of my time so far on this game, but I keep coming back. Luckily, I’m over the “join-new-or-old-worlds fase”, so all I have now is W11. I hope to beat my addiction by seeing it through to the end (be it winning or going down in a blaze of glory) and then never look back on this game.

Lone wolf 19: And my age is 22 Klouwe, yes. Are you hitting on me? I’m not saying no to that … yet ;)

Klouwe: I’m not saying that I’m not hitting on you

Lone wolf 19: Excellent 8-)

Klouwe: Tribalwars also has his benefits. It’s not all a waste of time. Personally as a non-native English speaker, I improved my knowledge about the language very much. I also had lots of good laughs, which is healthy. Plus I think the game also improved my organisation/managment skills. And so on… What are for you the best benefits of this game?

Lone wolf 19: You’re spot on with the English improvement analysis for sure. I myself am not a native English speaker as well. The management skills and other are neglectable in my opinion. What interests me most are 2 things. First is the challenge to compete against other people, be it in a game, and best them in whatever way (I think outlasting is what I do most though, pathetic as that may be). Second is meeting people from all over the world. Granted, Africans are underrepresented, but I’ve gathered a nice amount of contacts over the years, on skype, and have even visited one such contact. She was a very interesting person and I really enjoyed taking that trip, even though it held certain risks. For all I knew, she was a he called Igor who could’ve locked me up in his basement full of kinky “ultilities”.

Klouwe: lol, my next question was going to be “ Have you already met W11 players in real life?”. Personally I already met 2 folks from tw ( and gioco141) in real life :) it was very cool to see buddies that you know so well ingame, in real life :D

Lone wolf 19: Indeed it is. This summer, 2 people will be visiting me. One is from Scotland, the other from Norway. But they found each other through TW and have been a couple for over a year now. Thank you TW for that :)

Lone wolf 19: Before we continue Klouwe, I must ask. Are you wearing pants? Or did you anticipate me being “happy” to see you?

Klouwe: I am currently wearing red pants :) Not long ones, until my knees :)

Lone wolf 19: :O How DID you know red was my favourite colour? This interview is becoming more interesting along the way indeed.

Klouwe: i don’t believe in coïncidences :) we are made for each other <3

Klouwe: Who would you still like to see in RL?

Lone wolf 19: Well well, where do I begin. There are those 2 that are coming over already, so that’s in the making. Aside from that, there are 2 Canadian women, both the Queen and the Princess of W21, at least to me. Both are intelligent, stunningly beautiful and very fun to talk to. I wouldn’t mind combining that with travelling through Canada. Alas, both of them are taken, of course. But still. There are a few American people too, a friend from the East coasts in specific. And then there’s an Australian buddy, on who’s farm I would love to go horseback riding. From W11, well, it’s not very hard. I wouldn’t mind visiting renegade23, even though he’s been out of W11 for quite some time already. And the member I would prefer visiting the most, who’s still in W11 right now, would be nibormas88. He lives in a beautiful location I think, and he’s just a really nice guy. Maybe I can combine New Zealand with Australia, Klouwe, it’s not that far

Klouwe: Well, I don’t live in New Zeeland. That’s only on my profile from the early days to prevent others to get my online times. Still my party town is always open for all W11 players. I provide food, drinks, a bed, …

Lone wolf 19: How convienient 8-)

Klouwe: but no girls…. You have to pick up those by your own :P What’s your favorite line to approach a girl?

Lone wolf 19: Hmm. Shocking as this may be, I am … not that much of a ladies man who walks up to girls in bars. I generally get to know them through friends, or become friends with them. So I’m afraid I can’t answer this question properly, unless simply introducing yourself counts. Perhaps you can fill the void with your own experiences here?

[censured part]

Klouwe: Okay, let’s get back into W11 bussiness! How are things in ATTERO now after the merger with LoD?

Lone wolf 19: Hmm. Tough one. There was a certain friction at first because it wasn’t really a formal merge and the ATTERO decision making process is “different”, but that has been dealt with properly. Personally, I do not feel like I’m part of an LoD faction within ATTERO. I feel part of the tribe, and respected by my fellow tribemates. Unfortunately, several former LoD members have quit, as is known. I don’t think the merge has anything to do with this. It’s more of a process that continued throughout the merge. The atmosphere is great though, very amiable. Nobody takes the game too seriously. I think it’s remarkable how few younglings are in the tribe, and remain in this world for that matter (as in younger than 16). Is this also the case in ZIP?

Klouwe: We also have some young players in ZIP. Shortly after the foundation of ZIP, felipeorelha (and some others) called them his pets :D Only for fun though. It’s great to have a big variety of players.

Klouwe: You say the situation has been dealt properly… Still I quote from a little ATTERO bird while talking about LB4: “he complains so much about not having any power in the tribe”. Are you sure there are still no hard feelings anymore? It might look like it wasn’t a fair merger (with also privs for LoD leaders) but more a takeover of the LoD-players by ATTERO…

Lone wolf 19: And another tough one. I can speak only for myself when it comes to this subject, how I feel that it is. I can imagine it can be difficult for some, in a way, but things always change in TW. As for privileges, well, being a duke and baron in ATTERO is more of a “medal” you receive (and there is a former LoD member that holds this “medal already, so your info is … old”). It doesn’t make you any different from other people on the council. It took me some time to fully comprehend this myself, because before I joined, it seemed to be as you describe to me as well. The council’s decission is final, and there are plenty of former LoD people in the council to voice their opinion.

Klouwe: Which other W11 account do you envy most? Would you prefer to be first in total ranking, or first in ODA, or would you like to be leader of a tribe or would you like to have someones reputation….

Lone wolf 19: Gods, that question has many angles to it. I would prefer total ranking over ODA, because I personally believe that someone who fights smart is able to avoid killing tons of troops. This is rather difficult at this stage of the world, of course, but there is still a difference in hitting stack and avoiding them, going for the weaker links. This doesn’t explain my low ODA compared to my rank, though. That’s easily explained by me being a pointwhore :). But I must add to this that I think the number of villages is what should determine the ranking of players. To me, The-ram has been the number 1 player of this world for quite some time. I’m glad I can take this chance to credit him. He definitely deserves it. As for another account, I wouldn’t mind one closer to the front line at times, regardless of the extra time investment. Perhaps in time, this will come to pass :). I care not for reputation. That is something you build up yourself, after all, thus something determine yourself for the most part. As for leading a tribe … well my experience on this world and others has shown me that I am not fit to lead a tribe properly. I am good at being part of a leadership team, but being the überduke that rules the tribe would definitely not suit me.

Klouwe: Imagine there is a world outside of tribalwars, how would you fill in your spare time?

Lone wolf 19: I would fill it with quality time with close friends (travels, movies, games, dinners, the works…), a decent amount of alcohol (cause I like to see people drunk) and an enjoyable occupation (job if you will) to make me appreciate those good times even more.

Klouwe: nice :) do you have a question for me?

Lone wolf 19: Blast, I knew I should’ve thought this over. Hmm, how about this. Considering the place you live, with the sheep and all, what is the most “fun” thing you have ever done Klouwe, aside from agreeing to have “dinner” with me tomorrow evening.

Klouwe: Last summer there was a very fun thing that I did. I’m leader in a youth club (boy scouts) and every summer we go on a camp. But in our youth club, there is a tradition that on every camp, there is a fake situation. I also remember this from the times that I was a little boy. Cause it is a tradition the children almost always know it when it happens. So the leaders in the club really try to make it realistic. For the young kids, it is mostly something innocent like finding an old treasure and pretending that it is real and that old professors would come to investigate it. For the older kids more exciting stuff happens like fake kidnappings. All the kids always felt it was fake while it happened until last summer… In summer of 2010 the oldest group of kids (15-16 year old boys) went on holiday to Hungary (Budapest). As a leader of the group, I organized that camp. But from tribalwars I knew that lived over there. Through tribalwars I convinced him to help me with a fake situation for the kids. The plan was perfect! On D-day, we went biking with the kids towards a small city Maglod. Because that city was too far away from our rented house, we would try to find a place to sleep over there (in reality: already arranged that we could sleep in the gym of the local school). We arrived very late in the town and it was already dark. Some of the leaders pretended to have found the sleeping place and once everyone was installed, we went to a pub for a pizza and a beer. In the pub and 5 friends were hanging around. They only talked hungarian, pretended to be a bit drunk and were quite aggressive towards us. We decided as responsable leaders for the group to go to the gym to sleep (which was appreciated by the kids who felt intimitated by the hungarians). While walking back to the gym, it was arranged that the hungarians would have enough time to run on a different route to wait on us in front of the gym. Then the big fun started. The hungarians approached our group and our group (except me) started to run away from them. The 15-16 year old boys, who were otherwise always very brave, were now very silent and none of them was thinking that this could be a fake situation. Cause they never expected that one of us, knew hungarian people. I didn’t run away with my group and was “kid-napped”. While running a big circle our group ended up in the gym anyway and then realized I wasn’t there. They locked the doors. But after a while they unlocked them again and all leaders of the group went outside cause they “needed to call the cops”. At that point the hungarians and me (who were all the time waiting just a little bit further) entered the gym. The boys were trying to hide (which was extremely funny to see) and then we told them it was a fake situation. It was a big relief for them to know that it all was real. Some of the kids are now also leader and are now still talking about that extremely realistic fake situation. That was probably one of the most crazy fun things that I did in my life.

Klouwe: Last question: Where are we having dinner tommorow evening?

Lone wolf 19: It’s a surprise. Nothing too fancy, so we have our privacy, but nothing cheap and crappy either. I’m sure you’ll love it … and reward me properly for it after. But let’s keep that kind of talk for tomorrow :)

Klouwe: Very well :) Thank you very much for this entertaining chat and see you tomorrow baby! You pick me up at 8?

Lone wolf 19: It was my pleasure and I enjoyed it a lot as well. I’ll try to make it darling. Depends if my flight is delayed. Wait for me…

Nickjers Map


Challenge of the Week

The previous challenge (Build the best defense against the standard nuke in this world) had this result:

6) Wallam: 47.000 sp, 30.000 sw, 25.500 arch => 12,0496 nukes
5) nibormas88: 34166 sp, 34167 sw, 34167 arch => 12,4114 nukes
4) ghanghis: 30.000 sp, 18.000 sw, 54.500 arch => 12,7067 nukes
3) xTARTANx: 10.000 sp, 30.000 sw, 62.500 arch => 12,9671 nukes
2) killerbeebart: 10.000 sp, 27.500 sw, 65.000 arch => 12,9688 nukes
1) dreadeagle: 11.500 sp, 28.000 sw, 63.000 arch => 12,9702 nukes

Every entry could kill 12 nukes, but congratulations dreadeagle! You were most close to beat 13 nukes! Personally I still found a build that could kill 12,9705 nukes (11.875 sp, 28.125 sw, 62.500 arch). Cause we all prefer offense above defense, the new challenge is:


Because of the high rate of entries (which pleases me a lot!), I challenge now W11 to find the best build for a nuke against 5 farms of the standard defense farm (based on the statistics of this world): 25k spears, 24k swords, 19k archers, 5750 hcav. You can build your nuke up to 20.500 farm space. Luck 0%, moral 100%, wall starts at level 20 (and isn’t rebuilded), cats can ALSO demolish the wall. The player who loses the smallest amount of nukes (for the last one, count the lost farm space), wins the challenge!


Thank you all for reading, and I hope you are excited for the next edition! Suggestions or extra information is very appreciated and always welcome in my in game mailbox or forum mailbox.