World 11: Weekly W11 News

January 10, 2011 in World 011 News

Happy New Year Readers! I wish you all lots of luck in W11 for 2011! I wish you plenty new sexy villages! Much easy OD! And of course tons of fun! The holidays were for all tribes great! Every tribe could raise in points. We have an interview with momoney444, the ZIP-er who managed to be 3 months in a row on top of the net enemy nobler ranking. Speaking of that ranking, we got the results for December: Hurray (3x) for winner mtm2007! The blog challenge was won by Lone Wolf 19. He was first to noble an enemy village after the break. Don’t forget to join the new challenge!


Power Rankings

The last update was 2 weeks ago. All the 7 remaining tribes (+5 mil) had good holidays!

  • good week (+1 mil) for everyone! Hurray! ATTERO (+11.5 mil), ZIP (+8.9 mil), }D~A{ (+2.0 mil), Legend (+1.3 mil), jotad (+1.2 mil)
  • bad week (-1 mil) for Santa Claus
  • ATTERO-side (+15.1 mil) received more gifts than ZIP-side (+10.2 mil)

ZIP 780.215.528 46,17 % 8.902.445 0,53 %
ATTERO 565.374.532 33,46 % 11.482.093 0,68 %
jotad 118.533.917 7,01 %
1.196.239 0,07 %
}D~A{ 106.479.318 6,30 % 2.011.869 0,12 %
Legend 86.699.129 5,13 % 1.315.855 0,08 %
LoD 26.072.453 1,54 % 452.746 0,03 %
WW|E 6.457.060 0,38 % 69.713 0,00 %

ZIP-side 866.914.657 51,30 % 10.218.300 0,60 %
ATTERO-side 816.460.220 48,32 % 15.142.947 0,90 %


War Stats

The results of last week: ZIP-side (558) vs ATTERO-side (215), difference: 343

The performance of the tribes individually:

  • ZIP: 342
  • Legend: 1
  • }D~A{: -1
  • jotad: -4
  • LoD: -91
  • ATTERO: -247


Blog Interview: Momoney444

Klouwe: Hello momoney444! You were 3 months in a row the top enemy nobler in the total ranking! How do you explain that achievement?

momoney444: Hello Klouwe and readers! Indeed, those were good times. During summer vacations came and I had more free time for tw. For quitting other games I had more time to play this. I had some lucky (still have) that I weren’t under atack by enemy. Also few barbarian pop out and we had some sucessfull campagins with south team. I love expanditure.

Klouwe: If you check the total “net noblings vs enemy” ranking then you can see that the top-5 players of ZIP-side are all southies. Is it easier to take villages in the south? Or can this be explained because that area was not stacked like the other fronts (which were already fronts during the RASP war)

momoney444: Situation on south is a little bit different than on north or east. If we take a look few months or maybe a little bit more, when we decided to attack LoD. They didn’t expect it and we had some advantage. Lots of LoD players weren’t prepared for massive attack and lots of them quit. When RASP joined us we had another front, but that was old one already and situation there was not new. Players on north and side are much more active, if you take a look on attero for example.

Klouwe: ATTERO is an old W11-tribe while ZIP is in TW-terms quite young. Do you think that the fresh start to build up a new major power tribe, is a key of the success of ZIP?

momoney444: ZIP was created to increase activity and unite all players that want to take part in war and have some fun and excitement. I think when we created ZIP we made a positive situation in W11 as we began to create new goals and campaigns, as many players enjoyed playing TW again.

Klouwe: What do you consider to be your biggest achievement this far in W11? And what is your goal that you want to achieve before W11 ends?

momoney444: When I took over this account I slowly started to grow up. My goal back then was to reach 10 million points. After I reached around 8 million points, situation in W11 had changed quite a bit. We began war with LoD. My biggest achievement this far was nobling Glothman. We had same amount of points and approximately same amount of near team players. With my team mates we nobled him out and I grew up a lot and conquered a continent. My goal is to destroy the enemy and win the war.

Klouwe: Very nice. What will still happen in W11 before it ends?

momoney444: Nothing special. I think unactivity will finish this world quite soon. And ZIP will conquer the W11!

momoney444: Do you feel same excitement and some strange and good feeling at the same time while you destroying ATTERO as I am feeling?

Klouwe: First of all, this far I only have taken some }D~A{ villages and 1 jotad village… No ATTERO villages (yet?) for me. Personally I have no strange feeling while nobling enemies. If the player defended bad, then conquering him was needed. If the player was good, then he’ll surely use his nobles elsewhere to grow again. But it does make me a bit proud to noble enemies.

Klouwe: What is the strangest thing that you’ve ever eaten in RL?

momoney444: That would be some sushi in china restaurant, which name I forgot

Klouwe: Thank you very much for the interview and good luck on the fronts!

Top Net Enemy Nobler

Oh yeah! After december we have of course a new enemy nobler rankings!


17 players managed to have minimum 30 noblings difference compared to their enemies during December. Congratulations for mtm2007 for winning in December!

1 ) mtm2007 [ZIP] 168 net noblings
2 ) MzFk [ZIP] 126 net noblings
3 ) Aeneas Juilus [ATTERO] 85 net noblings
4 ) SIMONJIMB [ZIP] 76 net noblings
5 ) kasepats [ZIP] 71 net noblings
6 ) felipeorelha [ZIP] 70 net noblings
7 ) saad2 [jotad] 62 net noblings
8 ) GREEK ATTACK [ZIP] 61 net noblings
9 ) killerbeebart [ZIP] 52 net noblings
10 ) Klouwe [ZIP] 52 net noblings
11 ) Raideen [ZIP] 50 net noblings
12 ) azaacton [ZIP] 43 net noblings
13 ) kyrtgr [ZIP] 41 net noblings
14 ) Sir cornhusk [ATTERO] 33 net noblings
15 ) scrappss [ATTERO] 32 net noblings
16 ) studentas [ZIP] 31 net noblings
17 ) HCTP [ZIP] 30 net noblings


In the total ranking only players with averagly +30 net enemy noblings (per month) are listed. So after 6 months of war, you need 180 net noblings to get in this ranking. The ranking lost (temporary?) 3 players (TollxBooth, Toraland, Lone Wolf 19), but also got 2 new enemyhunters (mtm2007 and saad2): congratz for those 2! There were lots of changes in the ranking. The top-3 looks now different. Interviewee Momoney444 dropped out of it and made place for #2 MzFk and #3 0biss. And of course congratz feli! Almost 100 noblings more than n°2 in the ranking. You are a worthy n°1.

1 ) felipeorelha [ZIP] 564 net noblings same
2 ) MzFk [ZIP] 476 net noblings 1 rank up
3 ) 0biss [ATTERO] 360 net noblings 1 rank up
4 ) momoney444 [ZIP] 354 net noblings 2 ranks down
5 ) SIMONJIMB [ZIP] 350 net noblings 1 rank up
6 ) Aeneas Juilus [ATTERO] 338 net noblings 2 ranks up
7 ) Carlini [ZIP] 335 net noblings 2 ranks down
8 ) xxgies [ZIP] 280 net noblings 1 rank down
9 ) PWAV [ATTERO] 239 net noblings same
10 ) mtm2007 [ZIP] 223 net noblings *new*
11 ) Raideen [ZIP] 215 net noblings 5 ranks up
12 ) CHIMERAA [ATTERO] 203 net noblings 2 ranks down
13 ) saad2 [jotad] 203 net noblings
14 ) rwerk [ZIP] 193 net noblings 1 rank up
15 ) xXslingbladeXx [ZIP] 192 net noblings 3 ranks down
16 ) 12321s [ZIP] 189 net noblings 3 ranks down
17 ) gareth newton [ZIP] 181 net noblings 3 ranks down


Nickjers Map


Challenge of the Week

The previous challenge (first enemy noblement after the attack breaks) was won by Lone Wolf 19. He will be awarded with a blog interview in one of the upcoming blogs. The new challenge is


Earlier today during a chat I looked up the average build-up of a nuke in W11 (based on the statistics). Apparently a nuke in W11 contains averagly (assuming only axes, lcav, ma, rams and cats): 7000 axes, 2310 lcav, 330 ma, 290 rams, 140 cats. Now the challenge is to give me the best defense against this standard nuke. Assumptions:* moral 100%, luck 0%, wall starts at level 20 (and isn’t rebuilded), cats attack a different building and don’t eat from the wall* you can stack a village for 102.500 farm space troops and have to kill as many of those standard nukes before your defense is wiped outThe player who can last longest wins! Note: resources or time to build the troops don’t matter. For the last nuke that you face, before your troops are dead, you can count the farm space of the nuke that you killed to get the correct number :)


Thank you all for reading, and I hope you are excited for the next edition! Suggestions or extra information is very appreciated and always welcome in my in game mailbox or forum mailbox.