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December 19, 2010 in World 011 News

Hello lovely readers of the W11-blog! I’m very proud to present you my 30th blog of W11. The Power Rankings and War Stats show a good week for the ZIP-side. I also investigated the total results of the war since the end of summer: fancy maps and a table (hopefully HCTP is not mad that I didn’t made a pie chart…). We also have a sweet interview with the top enemy nobler of October: 0biss! Check it out and don’t forget to prepare your attacks for the blog challenge ;)


Power Rankings

The last update was one week ago. These are the results for the 7 remaining tribes (+5 mil):

  • good week (+1 mil) for Legend (+4.7 mil), jotad (+1.7 mil) and ATTERO (+1.6 mil)
  • bad week (-1 mil) for LoD (-15.8 mil), }D~A{ (-8.1 mil) and ZIP (-4.3 mil)
  • almost no change for ZIP-side (+0.4 mil), but big losses for the ATTERO-side (-20.5 mil)

ZIP 771.313.083 46,34 % -4.303.001 -0,26 %
ATTERO 553.892.439 33,28 % 1.635.797 0,10 %
jotad 117.337.678 7,05 % 1.714.733 0,10 %
}D~A{ 104.467.449 6,28 % -8.130.744 -0,49 %
Legend 85.383.274 5,13 % 4.694.378 0,28 %
LoD 25.619.707 1,54 % -15.766.569 -0,95 %
WW|E 6.387.347 0,38 % -23.987 0,00 %

ZIP-side 856.696.357 51,47 % 391.377 0,02 %
ATTERO-side 801.317.273 48,14 % -20.546.783 -1,23 %


War Stats

The results of last week: ZIP-side (437) vs ATTERO-side (112), difference: 325

The performance of the tribes individually:

  • ZIP: 325
  • jotad: 12
  • Legend: 0
  • }D~A{: -17
  • LoD: -21
  • ATTERO: -299


Continent Results

It has been a while since I investigated the results of the war in change of continents. So here are the results! First the maps of the situation now compared to 1st of September. Since the end of summer ZIP conquered 2 extra continents from the ATTERO-side: K63 and K90. You can check the change for your frontline area in the maps below:

We can check for each continent how much each side gained or lost. The results of these calculations can be found in the table below. In 5 continents ATTERO was the winner. While ZIP won in 11 continents (ignoring minor fronts like K16, K44, K62, K71).

And finally the masterpiece of this blog is the figure below. On which you can see the conquers on each side (ZIP is blue, ATTERO is pink). And the continents are filled with a color. For the frontline continents the color is more intense in case the dominance of that side got bigger in that continent. This can give strange results like in K91 where ZIP side had more conquers on ATTERO-side, but the continent gets the pink color because the dominance of ATTERO got bigger. So it’s not instantly true that more conquers on the opposing side lead to a bigger dominance.


Blog Interview: 0biss

Klouwe: Welcome ATTERO-warrior 0biss! I granted you this blog interview because you took in October most enemy villages. Can you tell me a bit more about your W11 history?

0biss: I found TW in 07 (I think) my first world was 11. I started in k69, 5 spots from the rim, i was lucky and was able to get into Raven the #1 tribe in the K. a K war broke out about 1 week after i joined i think I wasn’t able to do much as i only had 1 village at the time but i did take 2 villages before the war was over :P then from Raven we became Acr(?) then SFV then Attero kinda just stayed long for the ride going with the tribe. when we got started in the MCD war I got some village in k57 and did my best to grow there (was #1 in k69 at that time :P which dropped when i left there to get to the front) then Ive just been warring MCD then RASP and now Zip. I think i coverd most of it :P

Klouwe: On ATTERO-side you are the player with most net noblings against ZIP-side. Can you explain how you got that achievement?

0biss: Be active :P there hasnt really been much resistance from Zip in k47/k46 (hopefuly this will change with this new xxgies person and Ga coming back), people seem to quit after about 3 weeks of me attacking them then its just a simple mater of taking there villages.

Klouwe: ATTERO is indeed performing very well in the K46/47 area. But on most other fronts ATTERO is losing. Why are other fronts not so successful like your front?

0biss: I believe most of the aggressive players move to the k56/k55 area when the MCD war was going on. As a consequence k46 has 10 or so players moving in while the other fronts only have 5 or so

Klouwe: Suppose you would join a speed round and you can (together with 5 other W11 players) from a tribe. Who would you pick? (minimum one ZIP-player)

0biss: TollxBooth, original Ga, original AJ, Atra and Scrap. Those are the only 2 Zip players i would want to be in a tribe with and AJ Atra & Scrap are the first 3 players in Attero that come to mind

Klouwe: Are you playing other worlds? Or will you when W11 ends?

0biss: I co a W45 account atm. I’m not sure if ill play TW after W11 is over might co or just quit

Klouwe: What would you still like to achieve in W11 before it ends?

0biss: #1 oda would be nice

Klouwe: What will (according to you) happen in W11 before it ends?

0biss: 1/2 the people are going the quit and the other half will merge. Other then that just more attacking. How do you think the Zip-Attero war will end?

Klouwe: My idea is pretty similar. In the near future I think all tribes (except for ATTERO and ZIP) will disappear or have 1-2 players in it to keep the name a bit longer alive. Both sides have each maximum 50 active players so a merger between them would perfectly work, then all other players gets nobled out, the tribe owns 100% of the world and everyone is a winner of W11! Whieh! I don’t see it happening that the winning tribe splits up again. Because of the strong ties between close active players, the winning tribe could only split up in the old ATTERO/ZIP area or into an active tribe and an inactive tribe who stands no chance against the active tribe. Another possibility is the fact that the leaders of both sides don’t agree for a merger… In that case the war will just go on until one side crumbles. Then the players of the losing side will just start joining the winning side and the leaders of the losing side will be nobled out… Besides the political games about which tribe will win this world, I hope to see still lots of good fights and fun flames before this world ends.

Klouwe: Thank you very much for the interview :) good luck in the war and in RL!

0biss: Thank you


Nickjers Map


Challenge of the Week

Besides Carlini challenging everyone in the world for the daily plunderer award (just mail him to pick a date and then race him to get most plunders on that day), there is no new challenge. But don’t forget the challenge:


The winner will be interviewed in the blog. The purpose of the game is to noble as quickly as possible an enemy village right after one of the attack breaks. So you have 2 shots. One time after 27th Dec 00:00 and time after 2nd Jan 00:00. Only enemy villages (+8k) count. So for ZIP-side only ATTERO-side villages count and vice versa. The player with the shortest gap between his noblement and the end of an attack break, wins the challenge! The results will be checked from data in twstats (so you don’t need to forward the reports)

Thank you all for reading, and I hope you are excited for the next edition! Suggestions or extra information is very appreciated and always welcome in my in game mailbox or forum mailbox.