World 11: Weekly W11 News

November 27, 2009 in World 011 News

World War! That mad game the world so loves to play! This special edition is dedicated to the war declaration of RASP on all W11-tribes:

playerhater11234 (27th November 2009, 03:37)


We want your villages, we want your continents, and we want THE WORLD. It belongs to {RASP} and just like with GLORY, ROS, TLC, ~KOO~, the CQB Family, the Raven Family, MCD, }DF{, and Jotad, we will not stop until we’ve taken everything from you.

playerhater11234 and GREEK ATTACK
Dukes of {RASP}

In this edition we will take this declaration to the letter and investigate the world war “RASP vs All Others”  (we won’t take note of other current wars). Only +5 mil tribes are included. And especially for HCTP, there are some pie charts!


Map of RASP versus All Others

Map of RASP vs All Others


Size and Experience of RASP versus All Others

RASP are currently already owning 1/3rd of the points (516 mil versus 1.139 mil) and of the villages (50.909 versus 117.788) of the world. They will have a lot more opponents than tribe mates (142 versus 537), but this also means (with the knowledge of their amount of points) that their average player is a lot bigger… In the OD-rankings, the OD-history RASP really stands out! Especially in ODA: 781 mil verus 1139 mil. They have tons of experience to face the whole world. RASP is truly a well-oiled war machine. Will RASP manage it to win W11? Whatever happens, one thing is certain: RASP will not be soon forgotten in W11!