World 11: Weekly W11 News

December 9, 2010 in World 011 News

Hi noobs! Only 300 players left in W11! And if you are reading this, then you are probably one of these proud Spartans! We have the usual updates on the Power Rankings & War Stats. There is a fun double-interview with 2 RL-friends Stefan (=Ghanghis, baron in ATTERO) and Daan (=new player of the Aeneas Juilus account). And finally there is the blog challenge: first enemy noblement after the attack breaks! The winner will be granted an interview in the blog.


Power Rankings

From now on, I’ll also include the numbers for ZIP-side (ZIP + Legend) and for ATTERO-side (ATTERO + jotad + }D~A{ + LoD). Like that we can see the total result of each side (without possible interference due to tribe hopping). The last update was one week ago. These are the results for the 7 remaining tribes (+5 mil):

  • good week (+1 mil) for ZIP (+5.3 mil), ATTERO (+4.8 mil)
  • bad week (-1 mil) for LoD (-5.1 mil), jotad (-1.2 mil)
  • ZIP-side (+5.3 mil) had a better week than ATTERO-side (-1.4 mil)

ZIP 775.616.084 46,04 % 5.257.031 0,31 %
ATTERO 552.256.642 32,78 % 4.826.974 0,29 %
jotad 115.622.945 6,86 % -1.208.283 -0,07 %
}D~A{ 112.598.193 6,68 % 128.516 0,01 %
Legend 80.688.896 4,79 % 6.429 0,00 %
LoD 41.386.276 2,46 % -5.122.228 -0,30 %
WW|E 6.411.334 0,38 % 14.690 0,00 %

ZIP-side 856.304.980 50,83 % 5.263.460 0,31 %
ATTERO-side 821.864.056 48,79 % -1.375.021 -0,08 %


War Stats

The results of last week: ZIP-side (339) vs ATTERO-side (163), difference: 177

The performance of the tribes individually:

  • ZIP: 186
  • jotad: 28
  • Legend: -9
  • LoD: -37
  • }D~A{: -46
  • ATTERO: -122


Blog Interview: Stefan (Ghanghis) & Daan (new AJ)

Klouwe: Welcome Daan (new owner of AJ) and Stefan (Ghanghis) for this blog interview. We start with a warming-up question: Tell me more about your W11 history

Daan: Well i try to keep it simple just like i am, I started with a low account in the tribe AOD in the faar southern corner of W11, Blahstu it was called, i have played on this account for about 2 months and then i moved over to an account which was closer to enemies, so i would learn more to attack and defend, After sharkyDJ some problems came up and I had to switch account again, which was a shame. Then i moved over to the Ghosttoy account and i really enjoyed playing this account but still i didnt have enough to do. Then 2 or 3 months ago i dont really remember I took over the AJ account because he had to leave w11, now i have enough frontlines to fill up my time :) You could call me an account skipper but its the same like in real live, you move on from one house to another till you found your perfect spot! So I have been in the following tribes: LOD -> MCD -> Attero :) and in all those times my mate Stefan supported me :)Wars i fought: The war against RASP and the war against TITE, and now the war against ZIP

Stefan: Well, I joined this world as a rookie. some experience from other worlds, but never build a full nuke before.. and never been bigger then 20 villages. I joined in ABS were I meat KAITZ, and I learned the game when fighting OSMNLI. Really enjoyed my first war. Later on we moved to MCD, a tribe we all know very well. I made my way up to general, (which was the leader position of a squad who fought attero). Fighting attero with my team (Kaitz, Twoex, Johnabruzzi… and some other k65 members) was the thing I liked most in TW-history (and ofcourse CLUB MACEDONS). In the end when Charles the Bald left, and Uldor was inactiv, Warrantwow was leading our tribe, (MCD) and I was his right hand. We didn’t see our future ending very well, and therefor I decided to go on the diplomatic road. After 2 months of negotiating, we merged into ATTERO, but with sadness, some players chose to join {RASP}. I worked my ass up again, and here I am today, baron of ATTERO, and bartender of Club Attero

Klouwe: What do you consider your biggest achievement in W11?

Daan: I have already achieved my goals, RASP defeated and now im just wanna make fun with my maties in the tribe just more and more fun is my biggest achievement. also i became 1st in k46 which i liked and was a surpriseStefan: Well, if I’ll have to think about the most unexpected, hardest thing I accomplished, it would have been to get MCD into ATTERO. After 2 months of negotiating with trauber and aristice. Trauber and his will to win the war, and Aristice with his amazing writing skills that did always made me feel like my mails were nothing after my hard work. And then suddenly it all happenned. I think this would have been my biggest achievement: Diplomaticly disbanding MCD to join a new tribe which most of the world wouldn’t expect.

Klouwe: Daan hasn’t got any future goal in W11 anymore besides having fun. Do you, Stefan, still have an achievement that you want to make before W11 ends?

Stefan: Yes, I do still have 1 future goal. It has been a long time ago since I really nobled a enemy. Well, I still have nobled some enemy villages. But here I mean gathering a team, and strike a talented player, who will fight back…. Somthing compared to my k65 squad (mentioned before) V.S Aeneas Juilus (the origional one), Cydrych, Trauber and Sir cornhusk. (who never lost much ground to us, and won in the end) Those kind of operations really enjoyed me, lately I’ve been coordinating nukes and defences, but it is time to really noble someone’s ass of.

Klouwe:Daan, you are now only playing a few months on AJs account, but have already nice numbers against your enemies, while Stefan hasn’t got impressive stats. Do you consider yourself a more better player than him? Or are you just more aggressive.

Stefan: Good question my dear blogmaster

Daan: Well, i have never been a talker, i would not say that im better than him but he has different skills than i have, he is also playing longer than me and he brought me into this game. His skills are more diplomatic stuff which i don’t even wanna know how to do that, im more kind of a fighter, he has also very unique fighting skills but he is not using them now at the moment. if we were a 2 mans squad we are standing back to back and he is leading me, that’s one thing i know for sure. A good friend and tribemate

Klouwe: You know each other in real life. From where/what do you know each other?

Daan: Good questions Klouwe i feel naked…

Stefan: well, primary school.. 2nd year at first and later on we seemed to go to the same Church. Our mothers were friends (still are). and he lived 2 blocks away from me.. I think I’ve been at his house arround 3 times a week when I was young (6 up to 10 years) then it stopped when he did had to repeat a year at school, but the last few years I consider us good friends again

Daan: Yes, Church we started to know eachother at the sunday school, and from there he started to come to my house 2 or 3 times a week and i also visited his place, there was a time when he did go to the higher grades and i was left behind. i was to stupid maybe, but after a few years he brought me into tribal wars and i think it reunited us also (a bit)

Klouwe: Since you know each other in real life, we’ll try to find out some interesting stuff about you two? What’s the most stupid thing that the other interviewee has done in RL

Daan: Stupid thing Stefan has done ? Bringing me into tribal wars and gave me fun in it, that’s stupid it costs me money and time, but i don’t really matter, the really stupid thing is that he had ping pong balls and i had to stick one in my mouth and lighten it up, well maybe you know the avatar but i was fire bending out of my mouth

Stefan: another great question :P well, after thinking about it for 15 minutes I have really nothing to say. Ofcourse he has his funny times after a couple of beers.. (like beerpong firetending… erm… Pingpong firebending), but I can’t come up with 1 specific event.

Klouwe: Back to tw-related stuff: Why is ATTERO a better tribe than ZIP? (answer in 1 sentence)

Stefan: Attero has been there from the ancient times of w11, and Attero has the CLUB (containing dutch, philipinese and some other folks)

Daan: Attero is better because it got players that don’t care about points but handles and attacks with a much bigger power: FUN

Klouwe: Who is the worst active player in ATTERO and who is the best player in ZIP?

Stefan: The worst activ player in attero. Dear blogreaders: I”M NOT GOINT TO SAY MULE ;) he’s doing great lately…. HAHA. Can’t come up with a answer, but going purely on OD, points and history i say: blackjack02231983 But worst doesn’t make someone bad ;) just states he is less good then the others.

Daan: Ghanghis is the worst active player he attacks a member of ZIP who is totally stacked but he is a good teamplayer (joking dear G) I think the best player in ZIP, is Tolxbooth because he is full offencive and a really good atacker but i wonder if he is a good teamplayer also, he barely has any defences i think.

Stefan: The best ZIP player: hard to say, since there were so many account switches. I must say, Klouwe You are high on my list. and so is tolxbooth, and felipeorelha.

Klouwe: thanks :) Last question: What did you get as present from Saint Nicholas (The tradition of Saint Nicholas Day, on 6 December, is a festival for children in many countries in Europe related to surviving legends of the saint, and particularly his reputation as a bringer of gifts)? You can lie if your real present is too embarrasing…

Daan: Saint Nicholas gave me this year, another year of fun in tribal wars (i did not die yet) :P and they gave me something to eat Chocolate :) and a good meal :) and beer that i drink with my mates :) right stefan :)

Stefan: well, I’m not gonna lie to w11. I did get a 2 gig SD card, for my boat (radio) to put some better music on. and 4 donaldduck pockets (yup, I’m a collecter, almost got 200 of them, and the normal pocket series is almost completed)

Klouwe: Thank you very much for this fun interview you crazy dutch people

Stefan: Klouwe, a question to you, to make a difference: What do you like the most about writing the blogs.

Klouwe: Tough to decide what I like most… While I was duke in Legend, I also investigated lots of stuff, I was collecting data, editing it, made maps and compared them, maked rankings and such. Later during my short time in -=WE=- I noticed the blog which was just the sum of all those things that I was doing anyway. So I applied for the job. I just really like to search data and edit it and make graphs and tasty pie charts. First because I like maths and second because it gives you a good idea about what is going on in the world. Cause I knew pretty well what was going on, it was easy for me to make decisions for operations for my tribes. Since the foundation of ZIP, I also loved to use the blog a bit to show the world how good ZIP was performing although I always aim to stay neutral. I think you can’t find an example in my blogs where I hide the reality. If my enemies performed better during a period, then this successful period for them will also be published. It’s also quite logical for a blogger to stay unbiased cause otherwise you lose readers. And something that I maybe like most about blogs are the interviews in which I can ask controversial questions to my interviewees. I loved to confront leaders of tribes with bad war stats while they are claiming in the externals to perform well. I really like it to have a specific status as blogger which gives you the possibility to ask these hard questions, knowing that interviewee preferably wouldn’t like to answer the question :D Something that I also like a lot about blogging, is the response on my blogs. Simple replies like “good blog klouwe”, sometimes make my day! And in the end, I’m writing for my readers. So if you wouldn’t like it, then it doesn’t matter if I like to write the blogs, then I better quit. Now reviewing my lengthy answer, I must also say that I like to write stuff…

Nickjers Map


Challenge of the Week

The challenge of last week (best movie with yourself in it) is won by Wallam: Wallams Blog Challenge Entry!!! Congratulations Mr Sing Star!

Another notable entry was from Daan (AJ) with bonus points for the pingpongballs. This was his entry: AJs Blog Challenge Entry

The winner of the new challenge gets a blog interview!


As you all know there is an attack break on 24-26 and on 31-01 (more information can be found here: The purpose of the game is to noble as quickly as possible an enemy village right after one of the attack breaks. So you have 2 shots. One time after 27th Dec 00:00 and time after 2nd Jan 00:00. Only enemy villages (+8k) count. So for ZIP-side only ATTERO-side villages count and vice versa. The player with the shortest gap between his noblement and the end of an attack break, wins the challenge! The results will be checked from data in twstats (so you don’t need to forward the reports)

Thank you all for reading, and I hope you are excited for the next edition!

Suggestions or extra information is very appreciated and always welcome in my in game mailbox or forum mailbox.

ZIP 770.359.053 45,84 % 5.554.793 0,33 % ATTERO 547.429.668 32,57 % 6.138.417 0,37 % jotad 116.831.228 6,95 % -171.346 -0,01 % }D~A{ 112.469.677 6,69 % 7.315 0,00 % Legend 80.682.467 4,80 % 1.862.914 0,11 % LoD 46.508.504 2,77 % -4.399.269 -0,26 % WW|E 6.396.644 0,38 % -325.267 -0,02 %