World 11: Weekly W11 News

December 2, 2010 in World 011 News

Hi folks! November ended so I made the top net enemy nobler ranking again. Congratz to Raideen to win November! In total ranking felipeorelha is doing amazing. Find out more about this zipper in the blog interview. I really hope to get some entries of the blog challenge in my mailbox. And there has been a request for everyone to change your settings so that your awards are visible for others. So please change it (it will be fun with the upcoming 11 new awards).


Power Rankings

Last update was one week ago. So what happened in this short timeframe with the 7 remaining tribes (+5 mil):

  • good week (+1 mil) for ATTERO (+6.2 mil), ZIP (+5.6 mil), Legend (+1.8 mil)
  • bad week (-1 mil) for LoD (-4.4 mil)

ZIP 770.359.053 45,84 % 5.554.793 0,33 %
ATTERO 547.429.668 32,57 % 6.138.417 0,37 %
jotad 116.831.228 6,95 % -171.346 -0,01 %
}D~A{ 112.469.677 6,69 % 7.315 0,00 %
Legend 80.682.467 4,80 % 1.862.914 0,11 %
LoD 46.508.504 2,77 % -4.399.269 -0,26 %
WW|E 6.396.644 0,38 % -325.267 -0,02 %

Top Net Nobler: November

This month another new dude won the Ranking. We already had momoney444, felipeorelha, PWAV and 0biss. Now Raideen won the ranking. Great Job!

Top Net Nobler during November

1 ) Raideen [ZIP] 120 net noblings
2 ) killerbeebart [ZIP] 117 net noblings
3 ) felipeorelha [ZIP] 112 net noblings
4 ) Aeneas Juilus [ATTERO] 91 net noblings
5 ) rwerk [ZIP] 89 net noblings
6 ) 0biss [ATTERO] 88 net noblings
7 ) Bl@d3 [ATTERO] 86 net noblings
8 ) von Haamer [jotad] 86 net noblings
9 ) saad2 [jotad] 81 net noblings
10 ) The-Ram [ZIP] 77 net noblings
11 ) Carlini [ZIP] 70 net noblings
12 ) mapc [ZIP] 62 net noblings
13 ) Rale011 [ATTERO] 49 net noblings
14 ) DOMINICOS [ATTERO] 44 net noblings
15 ) scrappss [ATTERO] 40 net noblings
16 ) Lone Wolf 19 [ATTERO] 39 net noblings
17 ) DavidF1970 [jotad] 34 net noblings
18 ) SIMONJIMB [ZIP] 34 net noblings
19 ) Mule KIcker [ATTERO] 32 net noblings
20 ) HCTP [ZIP] 31 net noblings
21 ) Tavka [jotad] 30 net noblings
22 ) Toraland [ZIP] 30 net noblings

Top Net Enemy Nobler: Since declaration-End November

Felipeorelha took a big lead! He is now 140 net noblings in front of #2. We also welcome 2 new players in this ranking: rwerk and Raideen. Also congratulations to AJ, who managed to raise 7 ranks.

1 ) felipeorelha [ZIP] 494 net noblings same
2 ) momoney444 [ZIP] 354 net noblings same
3 ) MzFk [ZIP] 350 net noblings same
4 ) 0biss [ATTERO] 343 net noblings 1 rank up
5 ) Carlini [ZIP] 318 net noblings 1 rank up
6 ) SIMONJIMB [ZIP] 274 net noblings 1 rank up
7 ) xxgies [ZIP] 271 net noblings 3 ranks down
8 ) Aeneas Juilus [ATTERO] 253 net noblings 7 ranks up
9 ) PWAV [ATTERO] 239 net noblings 1 rank down
10 ) CHIMERAA [ATTERO] 213 net noblings 1 rank down
11 ) TollxBooth [ZIP] 192 net noblings 1 rank up
12 ) xXslingbladeXx [ZIP] 190 net noblings 2 ranks up
13 ) 12321s [ZIP] 189 net noblings 2 ranks down
14 ) gareth newton [ZIP] 183 net noblings 1 rank down
15 ) rwerk [ZIP] 179 net noblings *new*
16 ) Raideen [ZIP] 165 net noblings *new*
17 ) Toraland [ZIP] 163 net noblings same
18 ) Lone Wolf 19 [ATTERO] 160 net noblings same

Blog Interview: Felipeorelha

Klouwe: Hello felipeorelha! You are n°1 of the world in net nobling enemy villages, right now with 487 net noblings. Who was your favorite target?

felipeorelha: Anyone around me is a target but the people I enjoy nobling the most are the ones that have a go at me. Even if it takes some time I will get them, just ask homegear about his villages in K82. I also enjoy mailing the people I fight, even if we are at enemy sides some guys can be fun to talk to.

Klouwe: With 500 extra villages (and already a quite large amount of frontline villages before the start of the war), you are getting quite big on the fronts. Don’t you think you will become too vulnerable?

felipeorelha: I don’t care! I will keep attacking everyone I can before they have the chance of attacking me. The only reason I got so big is because enemies around me are so lazy… I am planning on have a go at a enemy higher ranked who is not very far away after New Year and see how good he is.

Klouwe: W11 only has 306 players left at the moment… Are there remaining players overrated? Who should according to you be nobled out of this world?

felipeorelha: Some probably are overrated but we still have some people that are good players. I guess that out of those 306 we should have 10-20 very good players, 80-100 average (including me!) and the rest are just sat for too long or crap! Adam Tucker should be nobled out, no better, banned from TW! If you read it it is not personal Adam it is only that you are too annoying!

Klouwe: You are since the foundation of ZIP in it and have been through the whole process of ZIP slowly enlarging to #1 tribe of the world. What was ZIPs key to success?

felipeorelha: I think I was the 4th to join! :P I think the main point was how it started. Carlini and Klouwe recruited only active people who were willing to fight not caring much about becoming vulnerable. So with a bunch of kamikazes they put their evil brains to plan some nice OPs that worked well on our benefit and to get we all closer to each other. I really only still play TW because of the people I meet on W11. I love you guys!

Klouwe: After 3 months ZIP already had a 1500 noblings lead (equals about 30 mil difference with the other side). Now this lead is still 1500 and so hasn’t expanded. BUT (see last blog) the difference in points between both sides has grown to 111 mil since declaration. How did this happen?

felipeorelha: I guess the number or inactives going barb and the ban incident of some LoD players. So the active enemies are doing well in keeping the noblings difference with all those lost accounts.

Klouwe: There are indeed some good players on both sides. What’s your top-3 of best ATTERO-side players?

felipeorelha: I did not have that much contact with many Attero players but by what I hear and the trouble they can give I would say trauber, Aeneas Juilus and Robbie1970. There are others that are probably worth mentioning but those are the ones that came to my mind now.

Klouwe: What do you think of the ATTERO-LoD merger? will it give your enemies more chance to win this war?

felipeorelha: No! It will only improve our stats against Attero and I bet some of them agree with me! The war is still open but you don’t need to be a genius to see that most of the invited accounts are not supposed to be on a elite tribe, it will just give them extra work.

Klouwe: What will you ask for Sinterklaas or Santa Claus?

felipeorelha: Oh… They call him Father Christmas here in the UK. I sent my letter last month asking for another coin price reduction so I can double my nobling against the enemy. This way W11 can finish quicker and I can be a normal person again.

Klouwe: Thanks for this nice interview felipe

felipeorelha: welcome! You can donate my payment to charity. Please, please let’s speed up to finish it soon guys!!!

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Challenge of the Week

The challenge is (cause there are no entries yet…) proposed by Ghanghis:


So find an old movie with yourself in it or make a new one. All entries will be published and the best one will win the challenge. There is a bonus-point if your movie contains a ping-pong ball.

Hoping to get many funny entries in my mailbox!

Thank you all for reading, and I hope you are excited for the next edition!

Suggestions or extra information is very appreciated and always welcome in my in game mailbox or forum mailbox.

ZIP 770.359.053 45,84 % 5.554.793 0,33 % ATTERO 547.429.668 32,57 % 6.138.417 0,37 % jotad 116.831.228 6,95 % -171.346 -0,01 % }D~A{ 112.469.677 6,69 % 7.315 0,00 % Legend 80.682.467 4,80 % 1.862.914 0,11 % LoD 46.508.504 2,77 % -4.399.269 -0,26 % WW|E 6.396.644 0,38 % -325.267 -0,02 %