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November 25, 2010 in World 011 News

Ciao Mondo Undici! I’m deeply sorry for my absence and for the lack of W11-blogs. My life is pretty hectic now, but I still could find some time to make you a fancy blog. My conclusions will be based on maps, statistics and rankings, so I hope you like it! And congratulations to ATTERO for the recruitment of LoD! I hope the merger will be successful.


Power Rankings

The last update was 2.5 months ago, -sigh- Because there are only 7 tribes left +5mil, I got rid of the titles Major, Mid-sized and Minor Power. So what’s the global change?

  • ATTERO has grown a lot lately (+ 203.8 mil), mostly with recruiting LoD, which falls down (- 231.6 mil)
  • also ZIP (+ 85.4 mil) had a good growth, partly of Legend (- 58.3 mil)
  • ZIP and ATTERO together now own 79% of the world…
  • although the timeframe is very big, }D~A{ (- 5.0 mil) and jotad (- 0.4 mil) don’t succeed in growing

ZIP 764.804.260 45,74 % +85.445.720 5,11 %
ATTERO 541.291.251 32,37 % +203.777.136 12,19 %
jotad 117.002.574 7,00 % -417.660 -0,02 %
}D~A{ 112.462.362 6,73 % -4.957.872 -0,30 %
Legend 78.819.553 4,71 % -58.292.066 -3,49 %
LoD 50.907.773 3,04 % -231.553.344 -13,85 %
WW|E 6.721.911 0,40 % +582.129 0,03 %


ZIP side vs ATTERO side – Since Declaration

Cause it has been a while, I’ll do another update on all kinds of stuff over the last 5 months (~since the new war). First you can see the global growth of all tribes. To avoid insane growths after the RASP joining ZIP, I’ve only picked the data a few weeks after the start of the new war. As you can see ZIP has a solid growth, Legend loses some points and lately you can see the effect of the ATTERO-LoD merger.

Okay, now see more of the graph, I took the relative growth. So all points are compared to the beginning of the data. Logically you can see the same results. I also added a line for the sum of ZIP+Legend and one for the sum of ATTERO+LoD+jotad+}D~A{. ZIP side has been doing very well, now almost gaining 150 mil since the start of the new war. ATTERO side hasn’t grown significant yet since the declaration. Now let’s see results of the War Stats! First we check the stats for each individual tribe. I’ve done the War Stats for 5 different periods (the months). The axis of all upcoming graphs are equal (from -1500 to +2250), so you can easily compare the graphs. For each tribe there are 4 lines: the blue one stands for the gains; the red one for the losses; the green line is the net noblings (so above 0 is positive). And the purple line sums up all net noblings since the beginning.

As you can see only ZIP, LoD and ATTERO have worth-talking numbers. Legend, jotad and }D~A{ appear to be not involved in this war, they only lose from time to time some villages. LoD lost plenty villages in the beginning of the war but stood up and fought well during summer time. In November they didn’t perform well anymore, maybe the upcoming merger had something to do with that. ATTERO started well, then lost again, then won again and is now break-even in the War Stats. ZIP had a great start and only lost in October. I’m sorry for the small pictures… If you want to see the graphs in HQ, then right click on them and open them in a new tab blad. They will be bigger ;-)

We can also check the results of the sides. The start was definitally won by ZIP, but in the last months there wasn’t a distinct winner of the War Stats. Therefore ZIP is now for 4 months stuck just beneath the 1500 net noblings mark. With these latest results and with the LoD-ATTERO merger (which might make their organisation easier), it is not sure yet which side can win this war.


Multi-Interview with Retired W11 Players

Klouwe: ‘ello partypeople! For this blog I have another nice multi-interview with some retired players. In tha house we have:

  • playerhater11234: duke of {RASP}… In the middle of everything…
  • ExcaliburRS: duke of THB
  • korrix: ATTERO-warrior since it was founded
  • chanman20: {RASP} and ATTERO player, but more known from spamming the external forums…
  • francis10583: =TITE= (baron, retired diplomat and a war general)

Klouwe: You’ve retired from W11… How did you fill in the new available time?
playerhater11234: Umm… a lot of sleeping and a lot of TV. Oh, and my job…
ExcaliburRS: I haven’t because I don’t have any available time at all and if I have it (which is very rare), then I play COD:UO with my friends for an hour or two per week
korrix: I retired for 2 reasons, first work had picked up quite a bit and time to play the way I liked no longer existed. Second I remarried, and though my wife is a wonderful person she would have smashed the PC on top of my head and it would be hard to hide under my hard hat.
chanman20: playing another game and my girlfriend lol shes the main reason i quit anyway
francis10583: well i have my hands full since retiring from tite, my work mostly takes a huge portion of it, I’m a concept artist for a game development company now

Klouwe: Are you nowadays still in touch with some (ex-) W11 players?
playerhater11234: I talk to people once in a while (GA was the last), but with me not using skype much anymore, my communication with old tribemates has lessened quite a bit.
ExcaliburRS: Yes, I still am and in fact some are good friends of mine. Like: bschroyen, ripja, abronco and I was also with ahiahifi who passed away on 19th of June this year:(
korrix: I am not in touch with my ex tribes mates out of game, every so often tho there is a exchange in game forum which is always good.
chanman20: yeah i added a few on facebook who i still talk to
francis10583: from time to time i visit the forums, ferdevil is a real life friend as well so yes, i’m in touch. playing the game is very different from visiting and keeping intouch, tribalwars not only requires time, it requires your life lol

Klouwe: Do you sometimes still check W11 (forums, Tw Stats, blog,…)?
playerhater11234: I check the forums maybe once every month or so.
ExcaliburRS: Nope
korrix: I do check in to world 11 and have followed “Attero” and its wars, many players I knew at least by accts are still involved, it was a great tribe to be a part of and a great time to have been there as it was formed.
chanman20: i try to pop in every now and then
francis10583: yeah!

Klouwe: Which side in the current World War do you favour and why?
playerhater11234: Whichever side the ex-{RASP} players are on, and I’m under the impression that they are mostly, if not completely on ZIP’s side…
ExcaliburRS: I favour the side where people who deserve my respect are
korrix: I am biased so I will pick “Attero Jotad et all” to give a reason other than my personal feelings toward my ex mates…. I know how much, and how constant, pressure Attero was able to withstand and apply. it was formed, and had to right in its inception withstand attacks from what was then by far the greatest war machine on world 11 MCD. Attero held grew and then pushed back and has been expanding ever since. Jotad I knew very well as I was bordered with there largest players who in time were good friends and personal allies. Very close knit and loyal, so they are a great ally and a tremendous opponent.
I dont know much of LoD crew, just from reading, and at wars outset they seem to have been taken by suprise at how fast and well Carlini and his mates can work. They cover a huge area of ucontested map so the resources to fight are there I am sure they have players to do the job time will tell.
chanman20: ZIP all the way
francis10583: Some of the remaining =TITE= warriors are now playing for LOD so i root for LOD (remark: this interview was held before the merger of LoD into ATTERO)

Klouwe: What was your best achievement in W11?
playerhater11234: I don’t really know. Being that what I did on w11 is pretty well documented, I guess I’ll leave that up to other people to decide…
ExcaliburRS: To be a leader of very loyal players.
korrix: My doings were mostly all Attero related at the time we were broken into pods with different functions, on offence, Me and my group in k58 were to attack to the east rim eliminate anything other than Jotad in the way, esp anything with MCD ties or MCD “hot spots” that poped up. When we got to the rim I started a cluster on the MCD front opposite their players Niralem, Ganghis, and RA6666 most of my battles were vrs Niralem who I found to be a great opponent, and stingy about giving up a village to say the least ;) I left just as I was warming up ops with Ganghis and regret not having the chance to play vrs him on a larger scale he and RA666 were very good.
On defence we had areas/ players we were respnsible to support MCD did know how to chew up troops ;)
chanman20: hmmm i guess joining {RA} it was a big step up and the MCD war back when the world was still fun i love being the under dog and showing everyone there wrong
francis10583: =TITE=! when a bunch of noobs stood up against the 3rd top tribe PLAGUE! and did well! in addition to that we are having a war at that same time with a family trible from the west of world 11! that’s =TITE= for you on it’s active days, also during our quest to dominate our continent, we were warring the top tribe of our continent called WAB, while warring wab, we were constantly being attacked by WOLVES which are 3 to 4 times larger of =TITE=’s size, they did not declare war and preferred hitting us while we war wab , we finished wab and survived wolves, wolves crumbled without a fight when PLAGUE came to their gates, this is all from a tribe who attached with 400 spearmen as a nuke lol , this is a statement that being a noob is not what matters, it will be how you played the game that will matter in the end

Klouwe: Thank you all very much for your time!
ExcaliburRS: Regards to everyone who remember me :)
korrix: like to say hi to Trauber A J Ganghis and the rest of the Attero gang hope to see you guys take on this new challenge (by far the most problematic yet) and do well
chanman20: Shout out (if you want to…): Klouwe,winny,lewder, triplm errr and the rest of world 11 theres to many to name lol


Nickjers Map


Challenge of the Week

There wer TONS of entries for the challenge (best subtitle movie)! Thanks for that! I will post a few of them below. Most of them are related to W11-stuff of a few months ago. For next blog we will use the same challenge (proposed by gareth newton):


Go to this site: Here you can pick a movie and add subtitles on it. You can make whatever you want, but using it for PnP with recent W11-stuff always cool.

This is a selection of the entries of last months (the others will be published in another upcoming blog):

  • Carlini:
  • Cloey123:
  • Carlini:
  • Klouwe:
  • HCTP:
  • Klouwe:
  • lone wolf 19:
  • 12321s:
  • Klouwe:
  • Carlini:

Hoping to get many funny entries in my mailbox!

Thank you all for reading, and I hope you are excited for the next edition!

Suggestions or extra information is very appreciated and always welcome in my in game mailbox or forum mailbox.