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September 6, 2010 in World 011 News

Hi Folks! I’m very happy that after 25 editions of the Weekly W11 News, you are still reading this blog! This edition we have some new things. First a fancy new banner. Next some illustrative results from the war. Then there is also a sweet multi-interview with 6 retired W11-players (hope you still remember a few of them). And finally there is an awesome challenge by Gareth Newton. Check it out and send me your entry! Have fun reading!


Power Rankings

The last update was a small week ago

  • good week (+ 1 mil)  for ZIP (+ 2.7 mil), LoD (+ 1.6 mil) and Legend (+ 1.1 mil)
  • bad week (- 1 mil) for Bladecrash and Bmbc88

Major Powers: (+10%)
ZIP 679.358.540 40,17 % 2.670.774 0,16 %
ATTERO 337.514.115 19,96 %
381.984 0,02 %
LoD 282.461.117 16,70 %
1.628.439 0,10 %

Mid-sized Powers: (3-10%)
Legend 137.111.619 8,11 % 1.065.967 0,06 %
jotad 117.420.234 6,94 % 374.619 0,02 %
}D~A{ 116.844.507 6,91 % -46.026 0,00 %

Minor Powers: (-3%, +5 mil)
LoD-GL 7.780.056 0,46 % -366.067 -0,02 %
BOhaha 6.558.343 0,39 % -564.718 -0,03 %
WW|E 6.139.782 0,36 % 35.290 0,00 %


ZIP vs ROW – Changes of continents

North-Eastern Corner

Although it looks like there were many changes short after RASP joined ZIP due to all the changes of colors, in fact not much changed… Also in the last month not much happened. Jotad strengthened its position in K27 (+8%), while ZIP continued its growth in K17 (+14%). No switches of continents yet and none expected soon…

Middle of the World

In the beginning of this new war, ZIP lost ground: 8% in K45 and 23% in K54. More recently the losses for ZIP in K45 stopped, but in K54 ROW stole an extra 4%. No switches of continents yet and none expected soon.

South-Western Corner

Most activity of the World War happened here. In the first month K63 was taken by ZIP from LoD. There was also lots of progress in K72, K81 and K91. This resulted “recently” into ZIP taking K72 and K91 from LoD, and K82 from ATTERO. K90 dropped during last month also 20%, so it can be expected that K90 also gets conquered soon. Besides K90 (which is tactically an advantage for ZIP), they will most likely now first try to get more presence in the taken continents before they aim to conquer more continents.


Conquer Map

The map below shows all conquers from ZIPs side (blue) versus ROWs side (red) since declaration. The North-Eastern Corner appears to be equal in conquers. The Middle of the World is a winning area for ROW. The South-Western area has been very successful for ZIP.


Multi-Interview with Retired W11 Players

Klouwe: Yupla! This week we have a special multi-interview with some ex-W11 players. Let’s find out if life without W11 is possible! Which players do we have here in the house:

  • faaaaark, duke of Raven
  • monkey-boy1980, baron of =M=
  • atra14, baroness in the ATTERO Family
  • Re-Enforcement, MCD, =NN=, SFV
  • ISE, playing as Phantom Revenge, RASP
  • eLMO, playing as Goldcorp most recent, RASP

Klouwe: You’ve retired from W11… How did you fill in the new available time?

faaaaark: My father had died while I was running Raven in W11 and I needed to step away from the game for a while. I chose to leave W11 and concentrate on W12. I also had a reasonable break from W12 at the time as it was a stressful point in my life. Family issues came first at this time.

monkey-boy1980: I joined W28 with AifoS to form DRINK! with a whole bunch of W11 players such as Cam Neely, vroda, The-Ram, p0lt, koss etc etc. I have quit TW all together now though but DRINK! are still #1 over at W28. I recently joined SHEEPS on W51 led by Charles the Bold.. I was coplaying with Scary Poppins on the “The Woolly Bully” account but with a baby on the way I have had to quit. Kingdesofmuff is now co-playing Scary there. I have also played some early world on UK2 and W50. Also played alot of MW2 on the PS3 and been out mountain biking alot.

atra14: I study for my exams. I took an engineering course and it requires examinations before getting a license. I join mountaineering.

Re-Enforcement: World 25 sort of took over my life, w11 was to slow for me its only a x1 speed world where as 25 is a 2x speed world.

ISE: Became a blogger. I’ve also started looking out for players willing to learn and trying to go over the concepts of TW with them. Sniping, nobling etc is easily learn-able, its the knowledge and what to do with it I’ve been trying to pass on. Along with that, I start college in a few weeks, so I’ve just been enjoying my summer.

eLMO: I take part in volunteer work with children, seeing my girlfriend and playing W24, where im currently ranked 6/7th, but im taking a break from there, and will return soonish

Klouwe: Are you nowadays still in touch with some (ex-) W11 players?

faaaaark: I am currently playing with a few W11 friends in a new world – W51.

monkey-boy1980: Yes plenty, with skype/MSN its hard to get away from people. Most players from SHEEPS (W51) were ex W11ers.

atra14: Of course. I have lots of friends and enemies. But we only get to talk like once every 2-3 months. If you quit I might get in touch with you too.

Re-Enforcement: Not really only Klouwe through blogs

ISE: I’ve bumped into a few W11’ers on W51, and on the blog chat. However, I don’t feel I was a prominent player on W11 for many to actually remember me and keep in touch.

eLMO: I speak to channy occasionally on Facebook, but nope, i never speak to people

Klouwe: Do you sometimes still check W11 (forums, Tw Stats, blog,…)?

faaaaark: I rarely check the W11 forums these days.

monkey-boy1980: At least on a weekly basis

atra14: You see me here. I even get the chance to play an account for awhile just to spam the forums. I am a fan of the W11 blog.

Re-Enforcement: I dont check the forums but I do try and catch the Blog as Klouwe was the one who got me into Blogging and I used his Blogs as a base for my own

ISE: Recently I went back to the W11 forums to see how ZIP has been doing. Every so often I check the updating maps also.

eLMO: Yep, i usually pop bye, quick check, then back to facebook and the xbox

Klouwe: Which side in the current World War do you favour and why?

faaaaark: I am not up to speed with the latest events in W11, so I would not even know which tribes exist these days… lol.

monkey-boy1980: I would favour ZIP because of the people I know there, also SW K63 was my old stomping ground where LOD/ATTERO currently occupy so would like to see that area of the map change colour.

atra14: Well, I love my own tribe so I go for Attero. But… I sense some twist by the end of 2010.

Re-Enforcement: Its going to have to be my old tribe Attero, sorry Klouwe but going to have to stick to my old tribe

ISE: ATTERO have some very good players and cool guys, but again due to me not actually being in contact with many players on W11, I can only go by on what I did do. As a result, I want ZIP to win as Carlini was actually one of the more active people I’ve talked to, and he seemed a very nice guy. Obviously I follow ZIP as well due to RASP guys merging into them.

eLMO: The zip side due to the Zip boys being Zip and containing ex Rasp

Klouwe: What was your best achievement in W11?

faaaaark: I had a lot of fun when I ran the Raven family, building a group of friends to play together on a daily basis. W12 was my dominant world where the best players were playing in DNY, but I probably had more fun with the Raven guys in W11.

monkey-boy1980: Organising the first op against MCD which was (at the time) deemed the best co-ordinated op on W11. (Ill see if I can dig through the forums for some stats/info on it)

atra14: My best achievement: In game: To reach the 1M mark. Im not really that good with Twars but I manage to reach that on my own terms. Before I left (of which i did not intend to) I was on the 3M mark. Get to fight ra666999 was also a good achievement. My best train was: Nuke[10 seconds]Noble[second gap](x4) —[2seconds]2Village Support. The rest of my trains were somewhat awful to worst. Miscellaneous: Making friends with the best people. Its an achievement.

Re-Enforcement: MCD was an awesome tribe i was proud to be a apart of.

ISE: Hmm.. Technically being the top nobler by RASP’s internal declaration. I lost a couple of conquers externally due to the time-frames used and so xillin passed me, but I know with our internal competition I was leading.

eLMO: Having the most % of their points in 1 K while on the top 20 K dominance, i had like 86% at the end, was well proud

Klouwe: Thank you all for this interview and good luck in RL or other worlds!

monkey-boy1980: Hi AifoS, kyrtgr, CamNeely, vroda, jbak, Scary Poppins, p0lt, Philster, jbfromsc80, koss, brokenshoulder, Mr Purple, ripja, aazra, ChrisIIHoppy, DarkLobito, tomislavmark, Wolves Apha, kingdesofmuff, Alex and Er, Charles the Bold, AJ, Ghangis, Sharky DJ, GREEKATTACK, Master Zack, Carlini, bloodhawk, and of course yourself (Sorry for those ive missed)

atra14: Uhmmmm… Hello to ghanghis. Hugs and Flying kisses. Holland —- RAISE the bottle of Grolsch. Name everyone in Attero! I have friends in RASP too. Dollariino! Miss you.

ISE: Shout out to Toll, Carlini and Klouwe. Made the world more enjoyable for me for the short time I was on it.

eLMO: I shout out to Channy, Anna, Pinny, Anubis and Winny, hey you guys <3


Nickjers Map


Challenge of the Week

All entries of the challenge of last week (best interview question for Klouwe) will be used in one of next editions. If you still got a good (funny/serious/…) question then you can still mail it.

This week the challenge is proposed by GARETH NEWTON:


Go to this site: Here you can pick a movie and add subtitles on it. Very cool. Here are some examples by gareth newton and felipeorelha (they are tw-related): example 1, example 2, example 3.

edit:  some told me the links didn’t work so just copy paste this:

Hoping to get many funny entries in my mailbox!

Thank you all for reading, and I hope you are excited for next week’s edition!

Suggestions or extra information is very appreciated and always welcome in my in game mailbox or forum mailbox.