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July 1, 2010 in World 011 News

Oh My Gosh! Hallelujah! School’s Out For Summer!  We Don’t Need No Education now, we only need Ice Ice Baby! Cause there is some Hot Stuff going on.  Check out the Girls Girls Girls and the Boys of Summer. If you are a Working Class Hero, then I still hope you can Enjoy the Silence now In the Summertime. In this blog you can see the total Changes after RASP merging into ZIP/Legend. But not only RASP went down, in total 2 times Two Tribes disappeared from the power rankings. I investigated the odds of the new war in W11 of this Wicked Game. You can also find an article on the demise of RASP by HCTP. Finally don’t forget to join the Fool’s Game: the challenge!


Power Rankings

Since last update lots of stuff happened. Now finally things are stabilized, so now you got a good overview of what exactly happened after RASP disbanded:

  • ZIP and Legend grew a lot by merging {RASP}, Rogue and a part of WW|E in them.
  • Jotad also had a good period by accepting BLITZ in them
  • OZ is also off these Power Rankings
  • In exchange for 4 disappeared tribes ({RASP}, BLITZ, Rogue and OZ), we get one new tribe in these rankings: M.C.D.

Major Powers: (+10%)
ZIP 543.977.734 33,57 % 243.719.498 15,04 %
ATTERO 330.612.660 20,40 % 6.061.557 0,37 %
LoD 274.925.801 16,97 % -667.004 -0,04 %

Mid-sized Powers: (3-10%)
Legend 154.499.916 9,53 % 85.737.421 5,29 %
jotad 120.704.796 7,45 % 10.183.270 0,63 %
}D~A{ 105.891.057 6,53 % 1.470.028 0,09 %
W.C. 61.596.690 3,80 % -1.695.172 -0,10 %

Minor Powers: (-3%, +5 mil)
LoD-GL 15.458.473 0,95 % -3.980.437 -0,25 %
M.C.D. 6.736.821 0,42 % *new*
WW|E 6.125.256 0,38 % -29.303.724 -1,81 %


The New World War: The Odds

Side 1: ZIP, Legend, W.C.

Side 2: ATTERO, LoD, Jotad, }D~A{, LoD-GL

In points both sides are almost equal. Side 2  has a small lead: 760 mil vs 848 mil. But Side 2 does have a larger amount of players: 124 vs 234. Time will tell if this is an advantage or not, cause this also involves that the players in Side 1 are average larger: 6.1 mil vs 3.6 mil.

If all tribes of 1 side would merge into 1 tribe, then the top-40 of Side 1 would have 439 mil (33 ZIPs, 4 W.C.s, 3 Legends) and top-40 of Side 2 would have 410 mil (21 ATTEROs, 13 LoDs, 4 Jotads, 2 DAs). Adding up all the ODA and ODD points of all players of each side, can give us an idea of the experience in battles. In ODA side 1 has a bit more experience: 1,669 mil vs 1,398 mil. In ODD both sides are equal: 1,328 mil vs 1,335 mil.


The Demise of {RASP}, a Great Tribe (by HCTP)

I would like to take the time to inform the world. Many players believe that {RASP} was not worth it weight. That {RASP} players were not that good. But I am Hear to explain to the general public what cause the down fall of a great tribe.

Whether or not MCD players want to admit {RASP} played a large part in their down fall. MY guess is the hatred from both tribe towards each other. The history off this world would be much different had {RASP} stayed out of this battle and MCD some MCD and {RASP} actions had not happened. ATTERO would be no longer and MCD would be the tribe to be reckoned with if they stayed around.

The death of {RASP} was no one action nor was it a couple actions, it was the perfect storm per say. Here is why it fell and some of my opinions on the matter. I am doing this to allow the world some insight in to this and to show respect to players of the past and the current. I am not here to disrespect any players nor point any fingers. Just giving an explanation.

PH was as great leader a man who stayed in front of the ball with strategies that were new and success full that many tribes are using today. As we all know as the game moves forward old strategies of 100,000 points no longer work at 1 mil and those do not work at 10 mil (this is player points) He was always on top of these and was at the top of the curve. He was a Zhuge Liang of tribalwars. So what was PH’s part in the down fall? Without getting in to his personal life to much, his real life be came very demanding which caused is inability to see the future and partake as much as a leadership role would require. I am very happy his real life is going forward and wish him the best of luck in it because that is way more important then this game. Thank you for all you have taught me I will always remember you as a great leader and I would not be the player I am today with out you.

GA, was player who was great at rallying players. His mails gave passion to this game and kept players motivated and moving forward. There are a few action that cause part of this tragedy but nothing that is a killer blow or a tribe finisher. The pull in of ???? caused some internal issues that caused demoralizing words and actions of players in {RASP}. The part that he played was his RL. With some terrible things that happened in his life and a one of the best thing that can ever happen in your life. This caused him to have to put Tribalwars on the back burner. With his disappearances it caused many players of {RASP} to lose faith in there leadership. This is none of his wanting to do since real life is very uncontrollable and there is no crystal ball to see the future of what an action might do but yet in still it played its part. I would like to send out my condolences to GA and my congratulations and wish him the best in his life. He became a good friend of mine and he did a great job trying to keep this tribe alive. He did a ton of work at the end but it is to bad it was not enough. I would also like to thank him for having faith and putting his trust in me to look out for what is best for the {RASP} players. I will miss talking with you.

Tollbooth, is a player of strong words and a man who does not care about how he delivers the info. It has a tendency to sound like he is an ass but he is not. I agreed with 90% of the things he said but he can work on his delivery. The ???? merge was his part in this. His strong words and vocalization of how he felt caused much demoralization of the tribe. He was correct but there are some things that should be kept in the leadership. I know he just wanted what is best for the tribe and I believe he was trying to motivate those players to improve. He had the best interest of {RASP} at heart. Tollbooth you and I have always seen eye to eye and you are a great player. I hope you stay around and we can have more of our chats. Thank you for all of your moral boosting mails. Without you this tribe would not have lasted as long as it did.

IT is now my turn to take responsibility for my actions. During my leadership days in {RASP} I started losing faith in players and instead of taking the time and effort to keep the players motivated I just stopped running ops and slipped in to the shadows. I also believe my leaving of {RASP} hurt the moral of {RASP} even if I was doing it to keep me playing. Players seeing a leader leave their tribe is not easy and does not help a tribe move forward. I stopped being a vocal in the forum and stopped sending mails out to boost moral. I allowed players to slip in to the shadows and did not try to pull them back. I am guilty of not being the leader I am capable of.

The players of {RASP}. A lot of players stayed when the going was good but when things got hard the decided to quit. It is easy to continue to play when you should have quit or would have quit a while ago when you are ridding the wave of success. The tribe being in a constant state of war does not allow the tribe to cleanse it self of the players who need to move on or RL has taken over and left them with less time to play this game. This is not meant to beat on these players. Like I have said before RL is way more important but the tribe never gave time for those players to step out of the door before their account was to time consuming.

The new world war was the final blow, the knock out punch. We as leaders did not take many of these thing in to consideration when we declared and assumed {RASP} had not taken blows that would disable us from fighting at our true potential. Location also played a part in this. Surrounded is never a good thing.

I give credit to the world for being great fighters and being able to utilize our mistake to there advantage. You have been true adversaries.

I would just like to once again say that none of this is out of malice or contempt. I am just giving an explanation. All of those mentioned by name and not, you have all done your part and will always be remember as great players in my book. To those who have left I was sad to see you go but I understand and wish you all the best of luck.


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Challenge of the Week

The challenge of last week (best summer picture) is won by RYAN1998745. This was his entry.

We also received lots of entries from Felipeorelha. Here is a selection of his pics, which didn’t make it to win the challenge:


This week the challenge is…


Cause it’s easier to talk about both sides with one name (cfr RASP vs Union), I would like to hear some names. Then the best names can be used when we talk about a side in the war. So mail me your names via ingame or forum mail!

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