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June 20, 2010 in World 011 News



I kindly invite all blog readers to click “more reading”… This is a milestone in the history of W11 and I’ve made some very nice visualisations of what exactly happened during the 200 days war.

Hola Mundo 11! On 18th June the RASP vs Union war ended by the defeat of RASP. Shortly after the new #1 tribe ZIP declared and started a new world war. So first I start with a quote of this declaration. Next there are the usual Power Rankings and the FINAL War Stats (the total numbers are impressive…). I also made a brief summary of what happened during this war: which tribes lost/gained points & continents (both things are visualized nicely). Finally there are also the personal rankings of net noblings versus enemies. 3 players managed to have +400 noblings on their enemies during this war. This blog is (as usual) ended with a map of our world + the blog challenge. Happy Reading!


End of an Era / Start of a new Era

The RASP vs Union war ended, but instantly a new war pops up. I quote Carlini (co-duke of ZIP, new #1 tribe) from the externals (2010, June 18th, 19:28)

Firstly ZIP would like to congratulate {RASP} and W.C. for a fun war. It was hard fought and against the odds both tribes did extremely well. To be surrounded as they were, under fire from all angles can get very tiring over a long period of time and after half a year that was showing. ZIP would also like to thank all tribes of the ‘Union’. We banded together and made the #1 tribe in the world slowly crumble. Well done guys!With the disbanding of {RASP} and the moving of many of it’s members to ZIP, we look to the horizons for new wars to keep us interested in this world. We now border nearly every respectable tribe left in the world. All tribes left in the world helped us fight against {RASP} and were in the so called “Union” with us.*With this move we were obviously going to have to turn on other tribes in the Union….ZIPs aggression is not going to end with this move. No doubt the tribes attacking the {RASP} players we have taken in are not going to stop. It is a move that creates the next world war as clearly this one has shifted.

With {RASP} gone, ZIP now declares war on LoD, ATTERO, jotad and }D~A{ with immediate effect.

Welcome to the new look of World 11.


Power Rankings

Many players moved from tribe in the last days, but because {RASP} is not gone yet (so there will still be plenty changes in the next days),  I have updated the Power Rankings untill 18th June (just before the change). In the next blog I’ll make (once all RASP-players have chosen a new home) the odds for this new world war.So now you can only see what happened in the last 10 days before the change. In the next blog the numbers will reflect on the total (more precise) numbers of what changed due to this move.

  • SFV is gone
  • Good week (+1 mil) for WW|E (+ 11.3 mil), W.C. (+ 8.7 mil), ZIP (+ 6.2 mil), LoD (+ 5.1 mil), }D~A{ (+ 3.8 mil), ATTERO (+ 1.4 mil)
  • Bad week (-1 mil) for {RASP} (- 39.4 mil), Legend (- 5.6 mil), LoD-GL (- 2.5 mil)

Major Powers: (+10%)

{RASP} 327.008.576 19,71 % -39.382.106 -2,37 %

ATTERO 324.551.103 19,56 % 1.409.456 0,08 %

ZIP 300.258.236 18,09 % 6.159.798 0,37 %

LoD 275.592.805 16,61 % 5.131.124 0,31 %

Mid-sized Powers: (3-10%)

jotad 110.521.526 6,66 % -112.377 -0,01 %

}D~A{ 104.421.029 6,29 % 3.780.753 0,23 %

Legend 68.762.495 4,14 % -5.609.942 -0,34 %

W.C. 63.291.862 3,81 % 8.696.758 0,52 %

Minor Powers: (-3%, +5 mil)

WW|E 35.428.980 2,14 % 11.324.151 0,68 %

LoD-GL 19.438.910 1,17 % -2.481.200 -0,15 %

BLITZ 14.264.288 0,86 % 154.467 0,01 %

Rogue 10.703.120 0,64 % 34.805 0,00 %

OZ 5.169.770 0,31 % -368.129 -0,02 %


Final War Stats: {RASP}/W.C. vs The Union

This war was fought for 6 months and 23 days. In total that’s over 200 days. The amount of total noblings was very high: 10.290 vs 6.370 noblings. Average there were 81.667 noblings/day.

Not all tribes were successful. RASP lost with 3.920 net losses. While being outnumbered they still could beat half of the tribes in 1vs1 stats, especially Legend and SFV suffered a lot. The 4 other tribes ZIP, ATTERO, jotad, LoD made the difference and forced the downfall of RASP, the #1 of W11 for more than a year.

  • ZIP: 1898 (2648 vs 750)
  • ATTERO: 1895 (3056 vs 1161)
  • jotad: 1432 (2283 vs 851)
  • LoD: 548 (792 vs 244)
  • OZ: -35 (487 vs 522)
  • }D~A{: -183 (389 vs 572)
  • Legend: -766 (387 vs 1153)
  • SFV: -869 (248 vs 1117)

The performance of all tribes are also visualized below. It’s all pretty obvious.


What changed during a half year of war?

This chart doesn’t include any recent moves (of the last 48 hours) yet. An overview:

  • 27/11/09: playerhater (co-duke of RASP) declares on the whole world
  • about a week later: RASP kicks inactives and also loses some players who form W.C. (who will fight on their side)
  • 2 months: most tribes have a steady growth while RASP keeps suffering losses
  • 4 months: RASP does pretty well and stabilizes, LoD loses some members, also Legend keeps going down
  • 5 months: OZ merges into ZIP/Legend
  • 6 months: SFV disbands and ATTERO/}D~A{ recruit some of them
  • 18/06/10: RASP is defeated. Almost all RASP players move to ZIP/Legend

In the picture below you can compare the situation at the start and at the end of the war (unfortunally the colors of tribes are a bit mixed). An overview of what changed:

  • RASP lost 6 continents during the  war and could take 1. For the calculation dominance by ex-RASPians (W.C., WW|E and Blitz) was still counted as RASP-dominance.
  • ATTERO nobled K55 from RASP, but }D~A{ and LoD grew stronger than them in 2 continents, so totally minus 1 continent for ATTERO.
  • ZIP/Legend recruited right after the declaration THB (3 continents) and nobled 3 continents (K22, K52 and K62) during the war. Total: +6 continents.
  • LoD lost one continent to Rogue, switched some with ATTERO and took one from ATTERO. Over the whole period LoD won 1 continent, K63 which they stole from RASP.
  • jotad had 5 continents before the war and could raise this to 6 by nobling K37 from RASP
  • }D~A{ was the only tribe who lost a continent to RASP (K06), but with recruitement they took one continent back from ATTERO


Top Noblers of the {RASP}/W.C. vs Union War

Total Ranking of the War (27th November – 18th June)

In this ranking the results since declaration are counted. Only players with +200 noblings difference are listed. Congratulations to the 13 awesome players who made it!

1 ) Klouwe [ZIP] 502 noblings
2 ) Aeneas Juilus [ATTERO] 483 noblings
3 ) Tavka [jotad] 420 noblings
4 ) von Haamer [jotad] 319 noblings
5 ) gioco141 [ZIP] 274 noblings
6 ) cydrych [ATTERO] 274 noblings
7 ) CHIMERAA [LoD] 264 noblings
8 ) xxgies [ZIP] 260 noblings
9 ) The-Ram [{RASP}] 256 noblings
10 ) bl@d3 [ATTERO] 246 noblings
11 ) HCTP [W.C.] 239 noblings
12 ) saad2 [jotad] 229
13 ) MzFk [ZIP] 202 noblings

Ranking of Last Period (3th May – 18th June)

This is the ranking since last update untill 18th June. All players with +30 net noblings versus their enemy are listed.

1 ) Klouwe [ZIP] 166 noblings
2 ) Aeneas Juilus [ATTERO] 154 noblings
3 ) cydrych [ATTERO] 148 noblings
4 ) Tavka [jotad] 135 noblings
5 ) totedati [ATTERO] 92 noblings
6 ) xxgies [ZIP] 90 noblings
7 ) von Haamer [jotad] 88 noblings
8 ) trauber [ATTERO] 85 noblings
9 ) saad2 [jotad] 82 noblings
10 ) momoney444 [ZIP] 71 noblings
11 ) omi969 [ATTERO] 68 noblings
12 ) Bl@d3 [ATTERO] 68 noblings
13 ) gioco141 [ZIP] 66 noblings
14 ) Rale011 [ATTERO] 58 noblings
15 ) mapc [{RASP}] 58 noblings
16 ) The-Ram [{RASP}] 57 noblings
17 ) ste99 [ZIP] 55 noblings
18 ) rwerk [ZIP] 55 noblings
19 ) 0biss [ATTERO] 55 noblings
20 ) yepikayee [jotad] 49 noblings
21 ) Unclebill30 [LoD] 48 noblings
22 ) CHIMERAA [LoD] 48 noblings
23 ) charlesglenben [Legend] 44 noblings
24 ) Lukas 21 [{RASP}] 44 noblings
25 ) HCTP [W.C.] 42 noblings
26 ) Eric Miklad [jotad] 35 noblings
27 ) azaacton [W.C.] 35 noblings
28 ) Ferdevil [LoD] 31 noblings
29 ) kingofwar2007 [ATTERO] 31 noblings
30 ) studentas [{RASP}] 30 noblings

Nickjers Map


Challenge of the Week

The challenge of last week (best explanation of time) is won by LONE WOLF 19. His sentimental poem was the winner!

There is a time for everything
A time to play
A time to cry
A time that makes you want to die
A time to feast a time to drink
A time when all you do is thinkTime is real and in your head
You sometimes wish you could go back
And do it all different instead
Of the way things turned out to be
Would be way better than just thinking “Silly me”.Oh, Time is all and time is nothing
A moment passes and it’s forgotten
Untill there is this time that comes
Where past in time becomes the presentYes, time is like a pretty rose
It’s scent is nice for every nose
Like every rose it has its thorns
That sting you when the time is wrongAnd what to do when time stings?
Just wait till the pendulum swings?
Back towards a time of fun
A time when all enjoy some time in sun

This week the challenge is…


Oh yeah! Summer holiday is there! Hot weather, hot girls, hot sauna. I expect some nice pictures in my mailbox this week. Funny ones will get bonus points!


Thank you all for reading, and I hope you are excited for next week’s edition! Suggestions or extra information is very appreciated and always welcome in my in game mailbox or forum mailbox.