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June 7, 2010 in World 011 News

During the last 2 weeks, SFV merged into ATTERO and }D~A{. In the WorldWar, RASP can’t show decent numbers for last weeks against any of the other tribes. I also made a fancy map on which you can see the hottest spots in our war. CHIMERAA won the blog challenge and so I interviewed LoDs top enemy nobler. Don’t forget to send me your entry of this weeks challenge…


Power Rankings

  • *TMA* is gone
  • SFV merged into ATTERO/}D~A{ causing that SFV demotes to a Minor Power

Unfortunally my pc crashed and it’s impossible for me to give the numbers like usually untill my pc works again smoothly. Therefore this time only the “growth” compared to 2 weeks ago.

Major Powers:

{RASP}: -7.8 mil

ATTERO: +33.4 mil

ZIP: +5.2 mil

Lod: +0.7 mil

Mid-sized Powers:

jotad: +1.4 mil

}D~A{: +38.5 mil

Legend: +3.6 mil

W.C.: +1.5 mil

Minor Powers:

WW|E: +17.9 mil

LoD-GL: -7.3 mil

SFV: -69.4 mil

BLITZ: +0.0 mil

Rogue: -5.3 mil

OZ: -0.5 mil


War Stats

Remark: OZ is now not calculated anymore in these War Stats. Their statistics versus RASP were pretty equal: 486-491

RASP vs The Union

RASP vs The Union

Side 1: RASP ({RASP} and W.C.)
Side 2: The Union (ZIP Legend LoD ATTERO SFV jotad }D~A{)

Timeframe: Since the declaration

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 5,754
Side 2: 9,294
Difference: 3,540

RASP vs The Union

Side 1: RASP ({RASP} and W.C.)
Side 2: The Union (ZIP Legend LoD ATTERO SFV jotad }D~A{)

Timeframe: Last 10 days

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 571
Side 2: 2,648
Difference: 2,077

A loss of 2k net noblings for RASP…

Now the stats of the individual tribes:


No changes in the overall ranking.

  • ZIP: 1,824
  • ATTERO: 1,681
  • jotad: 1,332
  • LoD: 518
  • }D~A{: -195
  • Legend: -751
  • SFV: -869

Last week:

RASP can’t show against any tribe confident numbers anymore.

  • ATTERO: 277
  • ZIP: 156
  • jotad: 94
  • Legend: 30
  • LoD: 9
  • SFV: 0
  • }D~A{: -3


War Hot Spots

The conquer map tool on twstats finally works again so I HAD to make a map. This pic below shows you all the noblings from RASP on the UNION (and vice versa) during the last month. It speaks for itself and it’s pretty easy to see where fronts are moving.


Player of the Week: CHIMERAA

This week I catched CHIMERAA (winner of the challenge) for an interview.

Klouwe:Your tribal history shows plenty changes between LoD-tribes and INF. Can you tell me a bit more about your tw-career in W11 and your position now in Lod?

CHIMERAA: Well, I was the founder of INF in the early days. I formed INF in the K87/97 area and in general it was just made up of a bunch of rookies. INF stood for InFernO. I chose that name because I am a Volunteer Fireman which takes up a lot of my time. We ended up merging with 2 other Gilead tribes and formed LoD-G1 which took its orders from LoD-NW.I was 1 of the 3 Dukes. As some mayl know LoD-G1 ended up becoming the more active branch of LoD. Later they all meged to become loD….There was a time when i left LoD to form a small attack tribe, this we called INF again. That didn’t last long though as it was proven at the time to have no benefits.

Klouwe: since the merger with TITE, LoD became one of the Major Powers in the world. Some claim LoD grants this due to mass-recruitment and much internal noblements (instead of fighting). Do you think LoD deserves a Major Power spot in W11?

CHIMERAA: Interesting Question…. Some people may say they don’t, some people wouldn’t really care either way. Fact is….LoD IS a Major Power. How it got there is academic. If you look at every tribe that has been around a while on w11,you will see that they all have had there share of Recruitment. LoD in my opinion doesnt stand out in this. As regards to nobling inactives…… I personally dont, unless its in a area on the map that has stategic benefits. If you look at W1 you will see large areas of grey and if the remaining active players on w1 were to attempt to noble them all they would die of boredom very quickly. This is my personal opinion on this matter, I know there are some in LoD that see more benefit than I do in keeping the backyard clean. But in short. YES i do believe loD deserves to be a Major Power.

Klouwe: what do you think about the war RASP against the world? Is it still interesting? Or is RASP already defeated?

CHIMERAA: Well ,when the war started i was very happy…. A decent war against the top tribe.  I must admit it was short lived. RASP suffered quickly from inactivity, and also ,what very much suprised me, the staying power of many of its members in the heat of battle. LoD was much critisized for not moving north to engage RASP, but everytime they did, the closest RASP members deleted etc. Several months prior to the RASP war i decided to move to K55 as I felt that the most “fun” would be there.I wasnt disspointed. RASP now is in a lot of trouble. Its Leadership has moved on, and only a few RASP members are forming any kind of resistance. Dont get me wrong, RASP was made up of some very good members…. but most have left. I do think RASP as we know it don’t last much longer

Klouwe: what would be a good change of W11s settings to make it again more interesting? New players? Barbs can not be nobled? Make coins more cheaper?

CHIMERAA: hmmmmm. New Players? Unless you talk to the TW team that will never be an option. Barbs cannot be nobled?= I dont think that will have any impact. You are either a fighter or account builder simcity player etc etc etc and that will always determine how interesting you are as a player, and in turn affects how interesting the world is. How can we make w11 interesting with the tools we have. In my opinion disband every tribe, then form smal tribes with 10 players and less then we fight it out

Klouwe: so a tribelimit of 10 players? that would be fun!

CHIMERAA: exactly! whats the alternative? answer= Death by Boredom. We have huge tribes, its boring. Reduce those numbers and w11 will feel like w50

Klouwe: About W50… congratulations with winning the blog challenge! (although you are now waaaaay behind me). You are in W50 part of a premade tribe DIY which is now n°1 of the world! They appear to contain famous players from all worls? A small explanation?

CHIMERAA: ya im way behind , but that was strategic , I didnt want to win the contest… I’ve know many DIY players from many worlds ranging right back to my time on w1. Faaark is the Duke. We have also several from w11. Who they are you need to find out for yourself . They appear to wish to keep it that way. DIY is a serious team. They are at the top not by chance. But hey….its early days….very early days. So lets see if we Walk the Talk. w50 has many top players and the standard is higher there than in any world ive been on to date so nothing is a given

Klouwe: your profile pic (kitty with the lemon hat) is a well-known pic and somehow it always reminds me of the whole LoD tribe. Why you’ve picked this as your profile pic?

CHIMERAA: well when I first found the cat nobody had it. Then Jschwan and i think Lb3 stole it. Ah well, ive noticed another chap on w50 having it in the forums, so its not that unique anymore. I may have to find a new one. Maybe a Sheep in a Melon hat?

Klouwe: suppose someone offers you to PAY you to play an account in tribalwars; meaning: playing that account is your job. At which salary (dollar or euro per month) would you accept to do that job)?

CHIMERAA: omg….  i would decline the job. It wouldnt be worth it. My Wife would kill me

Klouwe: but it would be your job… you would earn money. There has to be a prize at which she would also agree with that job

CHIMERAA: she wouldnt see it that way… and she is strong and could hurt me.  nope…i would decline

Klouwe: thank you very much for your time chimeraa

CHIMERAA: no problem

Klouwe: Good luck here in W11 and in w50!


Nickjers Map


Challenge of the Week

The challenge of last week (most points in W50) is won by CHIMERAA. This is the total ranking (at the end of the challenge).

  1. TOOLMAKER (alias CHIMERAA) 3.526
  2. Lu Boo (alias Aeneas Juilus) 3.150
  3. Klouwe 2.646
  4. *7100* 2.332
  5. ghanghis 2.269
  6. Kaitz  2.254
  7. HOT sheep (alias coplay Cloey123 and 12321s) 1.573
  8. Bl@d3  1.540
  9. hunter555 1.501
  10. von Haamer 1.440
  11. xxgies 1.385
  12. GMSB (alias coplay HCTP and Allipam) 1.285
  13. MzFk  1.285
  14. Ferdevil  1.281
  15. klavio 1.176
  16. ghosttoy 1.169
  17. bloodhawk91 1.008
  18. felipeorelha 952
  19. lucky the kralj 892
  20. reenche 790
  21. headvoid 764
  22. omfsmthefsm  716
  23. kingofwar2007 553
  24. kolom565 (alias Ste99) 549
  25. Mule KIcker 447
  26. .UnKnOwN. 393
  27. Connect. (alias Jesse885) 320

Pitty that the challenge didn’t last a bit longer…  The current top-3 (of W11 players in W50): 1) Klouwe (7860 points) 2) Kaitz (7088 points) 3) AJ (7070 points)

This week the challenge is…


Mail me your explanation of time via ingame or forum mail!

Thank you all for reading, and I hope you are excited for next week’s edition!

Suggestions or extra information is very appreciated and always welcome in my in game mailbox or forum mailbox.