World 11: Weekly W11 News

November 25, 2009 in World 011 News

Aloha W11! This is Klouwe with the  Weekly W11 News – The World’s Only Reliable News! Amanda (W11 mod) doesn’t like maths, so I’ll bully her a bit more this week with another mathematical article. Besides maths, this edition also provides the updates of the war stats, power rankings and world map. Also don’t forget to send me your entry for the challenge… Have fun!


War Stats

RASP won again the stats in their tense fight against jotad. But the difference between noblings was very small.

RASP vs jotad

RASP vs jotad

Side 1: {RASP} RASP-T
Side 2: jotad
Timeframe: Last week

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 73
Side 2: 66
Difference: 7

ZIP declined the funny “surrender” offer of -THB- and showed with a demonstrable victory in their war stats of this week that this war isn’t over yet.


Side 1: ZIP
Side 2: ~THB~
Timeframe: Last week

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 50
Side 2: 2
Difference: 48


Power Rankings

Changes since last update:

  • +KN+ is out of the Power Rankings
  • }DF{ becomes a Mid-sized Power! Congratulations!
  • good week (+ 1 mil) for ATTERO (+ 10.8 mil), RASP (+ 8.8 mil), }DF{ (+ 7.3 mil), ATTERO (+ 3.6 mil) and ZIP (+ 1.2 mil)
  • bad week (- 1 mil) for Aten (- 7.9 mil), OZ (- 5.8 mil) and jotad (- 5.0 mil)

Major Powers: (+10%)
RASP 525.126.242 31,58 % 8.756.410 0,53 %
ATTERO 343.833.096 20,68 % 3.644.847 0,22 %
LoD 284.804.885 17,13 % 10.842.175 0,65 %

Mid-sized Powers: (3-10%)
ZIP 136.334.704 8,20 % 1.221.012 0,07 %
jotad 110.124.776 6,62 % -4.952.502 -0,30 %
OZ 101.413.709 6,10 % -5.761.036 -0,35 %
~THB~ 64.675.810 3,89 % -64.811 0,00 %
}DF{ 50.773.498 3,05 % 7.335.771 0,44 %

Minor Powers: (-3% and +5mil)
Legend 22.053.662 1,33 % 76.252 0,00 %
Aten 9.392.036 0,56 % -7.879.200 -0,47 %
WW|E 7.712.953 0,46 % 93.718 0,01 %
RT? 6.611.435 0,40 % 34.667 0,00 %


Nickjers Map


End of the World II

Last week we made an exponential extrapolation of the results of the Countdown topic to predict the End of the World. We came to the result that W11 will end in October 2011. This week we will investigated the technical possibility of the minimal time before we have the end of W11 with the hypothesis that the settings of this world don’t change.

We will assume that it requires to have maximum 50 players left in the world to get it closed. The fastest way to get the end of the world, is that the top 50-players eat the others. Currently the top 50-players of the world are owning 40.301 villages. In total there are 333.024 villages in W11. So the top 50-players should still noble 292.723 villages. Let’s also consider that a player uses all his resources to mint coins. Coins require most clay and you receive 57.600 clay per day. Assuming that players keep working with the same amount of spare nobles, this gives 57.600/30.000 = 1.92 additional nobles per player each day. So the top 50-players will receive together 96 extra nobles each day. Now the amount of villages to be nobled (292.723) divided by the amount of extra nobles each day (96) gives 3049; the theoretical minimal amount of days before W11 can end.

So unless the settings of W11 change, this game will technically go on untill minimum April 2018. So let’s all secretly hope we get half-priced nobles one day…


Challenge of the Week

The challenge of last week (best optical illusion picture) is won by felipeorelha! Other notable entries were from gareth newton, Chanman and I also did an entry… Klouwe

This week the challenge is…


Send me a link of the video via In-game pm. I will choose the best one and it will be featured in next week’s blog.


Thank you all for reading, and I hope you are excited for next week’s edition!

Suggestions or extra information is very appreciated and always welcome in my in game mailbox or forum mailbox.