World 11: Weekly W11 News

May 3, 2010 in World 011 News

Plenty changes during last period! LoD “lost” some players causing ZIP moving up to n°3. More changes can been seen in the Power Rankings. In the War Stats you can see that the Union has hit 2k net noblings versus RASP. The updates of the rankings of top noblers in this war are also provided (there is a new n°1…). We also got an interview with ex-W11 player Wallam! Don’t forget to send an entry for his challenge!


Power Rankings

  • GONE:D renames itself to Rogue
  • 2 Minor Power tribes MAGNE and *TMA* enter the Power Rankings
  • Legend drops in points and becomes again a Minor Power
  • W.C. does very well and becomes a Mid-sized Power: Congratulations!
  • good week (+ 1 mil) for ZIP (+ 20.8 mil), W.C. (+ 9.7 mil), ATTERO (+ 4.2 mil), jotad (+ 2.1 mil), }D~A{ (+ 1.9 mil) and OZ (+ 1.0 mil)
  • bad week (- 1 mil) for LoD (- 42.1 mil), {RASP} (- 19.7 mil), Legend (- 9.2 mil), SFV (- 5.4 mil), LoD-GL (- 1.6 mil) and WW|E (- 1.1 mil)

Major Powers: (+10%)

{RASP} 362.584.752 21,33 % -19.718.446 -1,16 %
ATTERO 279.830.846 16,46 % 4.187.747 0,25 %
ZIP 218.162.655 12,83 % 20.840.412 1,23 %
LoD 239.211.235 14,07 % -42.129.445 -2,48 %

Mid-sized Powers: (3-10%)

jotad 107.608.194 6,33 % 2.092.151 0,12 %
OZ 100.971.483 5,94 % 1.044.312 0,06 %
SFV 99.291.050 5,84 % -5.357.262 -0,32 %
}D~A{ 61.430.559 3,61 % 1.894.504 0,11 %
W.C. 59.511.434 3,50 % 9.683.816 0,57 %

Minor Powers: (-3% and +5mil)

Legend 48.967.958 2,88 % -9.163.081 -0,54 %
MAGNE 39.311.590 2,31 % *new*
LoD-GL 25.328.178 1,49 % -1.646.859 -0,10 %
*TMA* 15.460.432 0,91 % *new*
Rogue 15.049.373 0,89 % -706.687 -0,04
BLITZ 13.817.453 0,81 % -710.687 -0,04 %
RH@D* 7.112.231 0,42 % 708.176 0,04 %
WW|E 6.164.714 0,36 % -1.094.884 -0,06 %


War Stats

RASP vs The Union

RASP vs The Union

Side 1: RASP ({RASP} and W.C.)
Side 2: The Union (ZIP OZ Legend LoD ATTERO SFV jotad }D~A{)

Timeframe: Since the declaration

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 5,633
Side 2: 7,644
Difference: 2,011

RASP vs The Union

Side 1: RASP ({RASP} and W.C.)
Side 2: The Union (ZIP OZ Legend LoD ATTERO SFV jotad }D~A{)

Timeframe: Last 20 days

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 714
Side 2: 1,240
Difference: 526

Last period must have been a big fight with almost 2000 noblings! Since declaration the Union managed to achieve 2k net noblings versus RASP/W.C.

Now the stats of the individual tribes:


Congratz for jotad for taking again #2 and reaching 1000 net noblings. ATTERO comes one nobling short. SFV takes the last spot in the ranking…

  • ZIP: 1,371
  • jotad: 1,035
  • ATTERO: 999
  • LoD: 336
  • OZ: 9
  • }D~A{: -165
  • Legend: -757
  • SFV: -817

Last week:

Another superb week by ZIP! And again also very sweet numbers for jotad, ATTERO and }D~A{. RASP loves the taste of SFV-blood in the morning.

  • ZIP: 369
  • jotad: 177
  • ATTERO: 112
  • }D~A{: 55
  • LoD: 21
  • OZ: -9
  • Legend: -18
  • SFV: -181


Player of the Week: Wallam

Klouwe: Hello Wallam! You are an ex-W11 player. Can you share the readers a bit about your W11-history?

Wallam: Sure, W11 was the first major world I ever played. Well that’s not strictly true but it was the first that I ever survived in at any rate. I started off this game on the right foot being active and whilst I was not very experienced I had time and enthusiasm. I was in Continent 77 and by being coherent and talking to the recruiter of the tribe WoF, who I later nobled, I managed to get myself an invite. I quickly learned a few things, playing multiple worlds and trying different tactics, I soled against a tribe on w15 and learnt a lot which I took back to w11 although world 11 was my main world.I became a baron of my tribe soon after, and then joined the external forums. I have to admit I am not famous in world 11 because of my gameplay, rather an insane activity level on the world 11 external forums and rarely the odd decent post. Anyway back to w11, WoF soon merged with the #2 tribe in K77 LDM and we became known as LDM. From that moment on we dominated the continent and even won a war against a tribe considerably better than us that was running away from the MCD threat.A while later, we got approached by wl6adams, the past leader of ~AC~ and asked whether we wanted to merge into them, it was the best option for us at the time as the attero family was strong as a tribe and MCD was coming, fast. The best players among us went to ~AC~, whilst the worse went to SFV ~AC~’s academy. From then on the MCD war started and I was away from the frontlines, so I sent support and tried to long range noble. In the end I got a frontline village by sending over 3000 fakes and support fakes to disguise 1 noble train, many thanks to cydrych who sat me through that night and sent out a monster amount of attacks without premium.After that, I became hyper active, joined ATTERO as the branches of the family slowly merged into one but TW was taking a huge toll on my time, I was due to go on holiday and decided it would be the best time to quit, I never set a sitter and quitely I went barb in w11. I have been back since, playing an account near adam tucker for a while but I left that as well. I also have been around the forum sporadically since then.As for the players in W11 they are some of the most skilled and deicated I have ever seen. Even though i was a total newb, I still talked to amazing players such as koss, rayearth, charles the bald and other legends that were super helpful. Cydrych was also an absolute lynchpin in w11 for me as a sitter, a damn good player and a friend.

Klouwe: You are indeed more famous on the externals than because of ingame account. How you became so famous?

Wallam: Activity, Coherence and being able not only to spam but to engage in decent posts as well. Those were the key points in my opinion. Coherence is obviously important, if nobody can understand what you are saying on the external forums then it is obviously a problem. Whilst it is a cliche, spelling and grammar are also very important. It can be very annoying to try to decipher some of the posts that are on the forums for other players, which automatically will make them dislike you and even if they do not dislike you, by having bad spelling and grammar you certainly do not endear yourself to anyone.I also had a large amount of activity, for a 6 month period there were only a few people posting on w11 forums regularly and most of them were spammers. I got on well with them so I formed a group called driven to distraction, which dominated the post count in the world for around a 6-8 month period. That certainly put my name out there especially as I was leader of that group. I also have an ability to write sensible posts as well, so not only did I spam which made me friendly with one type of tribalwars player but I also posted some decent topics, long arguments, very long and agressive flames against people that I did not like and because of my ability to be chameleon like in a way to adapt to anything I became friendly with most people.I would also add the fact that I contacted a lot of people in game and on the externals to talk to them and get to know them better certainly helped and the fact that I have been posting in the world 11 forums for around 2.5 years has certainly put my name around as one of the players connected with the world even though i lack the ingame achievements to match.Finally I think my ability and willingness to try my hand at anything on the forums. Map making, PnP publications, getting involved in all the worlds topics and other factors also helped. Enthusiasm is the basis for being active and a good tribalwars player in game but it also applies on the external forums as well.

Klouwe: A little bird told me that you are active in other worlds. How are you doing over there?

Wallam: I started playing again around 9 months after I finished W21 which was my last world for a while. I was talking to Weiya on skype and he wanted me to join his w33 tribe. The outcome was pretty poor and i quit the world pretty soon after that but it gave me the tribalwars bug back. After that I messed around for a while, I joined w40 in Iban under the name Cookie.Monster coplaying the account with triplm. We became rank 1 for a while in w40 but we both quit as it was taking up too much of a drain on our time and we got bored.Again I took a 9 month break from Tribalwars and returned a couple of weeks ago just as w49 was opening up. I joined in Continent 75 and started playing again. I joined a local tribe and helped the leadership to make it good, giving advice and recruting good players such as ChrisIIHoppy. I rose to rank 1 in the continent but then Chris pointwhored his way up to the top of the continent by noble rushing. Currently I am in the process of building the last smithy levels for an academy and nobling my second village. Triplm as joined me on my quest to retake the top spot in Continent 75 by agreeing to co-play with me again and we are on the way to glory…

Interestingly there are quite a few faces from w11 in w49. ChrisIIhoppy, myself, triplm, Uldor, Mattcurr, Cerberus and probably others. It will be interesting to see how the world pans out

Klouwe: Do you think you’ll ever play a W11-account again?

Wallam: Hmm, that is a difficult question. I doubt I will ever return to playing w11 to be honest. I not only have little ingame skill but also a lack of experience handling the size of account that now exists on world 11. My real life has become very time consuming at the present time with important exams coming up. After I finish those exams I plan to take a year out between high school and university to work for part of that year but to travel the world for the rest offering me little access to the internet at that time. I believe if I wanted to try very hard, and had the patience to wait I would be able to aquire an account again, however it is certainly not in my current plans.

Klouwe: Which W11-tribe is your most favourite one?

Wallam: If I did rejoin the world I would have to say I would love to rejoin Attero. Not only are they my old tribe, but they have some players in there such as Cydrych who I played with from the start of w11. They also took in a number of MCD members after the war who I greatly admired and I would love to play with those people in that tribe. Saying that. I would not really mind what account I was offered if I wanted to come back. It would be a great new experience to play with new people in w11 and in a different area of the map. Many people may see this as a threat to the tribe that I would have returned to, as I may pass information back to my old tribe ATTERO, however I would hope that people would believe that I would have more integrity than that and that I would remain 100% committed to the tribe that I am in as long as I played the world.

Klouwe: Although W11 is getting an old world, there are still plenty changes from time to time. For instance last weeks we saw the foundation of 3 new tribes *TMA*, Rogue and MAGNE. Can you make a prediction of how W11 will look like in 6 months?

Wallam: W11 is certainly an old world coming up to its 3 year existance I believe however it is still as difficult to predict the future as ever. I think its great for the world to have new tribes being formed to shake things up a little bit. Certainly it makes for a more exciting time for those in the world. In 6 months time, I believe that the world will look pretty similar to how it does now, in terms of an overall scale unless the leaders of these new tribes have great powers of persuasion and manage to recruit some of the players in other tribes.

I think that RASP will lose this war, but it will take them a very long time just as it took a long time to break down MCD and credit to them to declare on the whole world, just like MCD did. Ultimately tribalwars is a game that people are in for the long haul and so 6 months, is only around 20% of the worlds current life as such. When you consider that the MCD war took around 60% of the worlds life to be completed it puts it into perspective how slow change is in w11. As for these new tribes, it remains to be seen what there greater purpose will be. Are they simply for players that want to quit the world? Will they form a third alliance with each other and the war become a struggle between 3 powers? Will they ally with one group and then actually betray their allies at a crucial moment? Only time can tell, but my predictions are that ATTERO will win this world. Got to stick with my old tribe

Klouwe: Give a good challenge for the blog

Wallam: A while ago, I posted a tribalwars related cartoon, about an attacking troop getting hit with an arrow when he expected pure spear defence. I thought that it was pretty good although I never really got a big response. So my challenge is this, make a 6 panel cartoon relating to tribalwars and post it. The best cartoon wins the challenge.

Klouwe: Thank you very much for the interview and good luck in other worlds and RL!

Top Net Enemy Nobler

Last month:

In this ranking the personal noblings on the enemy are counted (since last update 8th March 12h00 untill 3rd April 12h00). So for RASP players all noblings against The Union count. For The Union players all noblings against RASP counts. Only players with +30 noblings difference are listed. Congratulations to the 18 players who managed to get in this ranking!

1 ) Klouwe [ZIP] 96 noblings
2 ) momoney444 [ZIP] 81 noblings
3 ) xxgies [ZIP] 77 noblings
4 ) von Haamer [jotad] 70 noblings
5 ) MzFk [ZIP] 67 noblings
6 ) Aeneas Juilus [ATTERO] 65 noblings
7 ) gioco141 [ZIP] 64 noblings
8 ) Luxemburger [{RASP}] 64 noblings
9 ) Tavka [jotad] 62 noblings
10 ) CHIMERAA [LoD] 56 noblings
11 ) SIMONJIMB [ZIP] 56 noblings
12 ) Carlini [ZIP] 55 noblings
13 ) abronco [ZIP] 50 noblings
14 ) Gunnar Stensen [}D~A{] 48 noblings
15 ) Outback1 [}D~A{] 43 noblings
16 ) yepikayee [jotad] 37 noblings
17 ) playerhater11234 [{RASP}] 31 noblings
18 ) saad2 [jotad] 30 noblings

Since Declaration:

In this ranking the results since declaration are counted. Only players with +150 noblings difference are listed. There is again a new #1! (schizophrenic personality 1) Well done, Klouwe! (schizophrenic personality 2) Thank you, Klouwe!

1 ) Klouwe [ZIP] 336 noblings
2 ) Aeneas Juilus [ATTERO] 315 noblings
3 ) Tavka [jotad] 268 noblings
4 ) von Haamer [jotad] 221 noblings
5 ) The-Ram [{RASP}] 210 noblings
6 ) CHIMERAA [LoD] 207 noblings
7 ) gioco141 [ZIP] 201 noblings
8 ) HCTP [W.C.] 195 noblings
9 ) bl@d3 [ATTERO] 178 noblings
10 ) kasepats [{RASP}] 173 noblings
11 ) abronco [ZIP] 173 noblings
12 ) Druiglas Chalain [W.C.] 167 noblings
13 ) MzFk [ZIP] 166 noblings
14 ) xxgies [ZIP] 160 noblings


Nickjers Map


Challenge of the Week

The challenge of last week (cutest animal picture) is won by Cloey123!!! Very lovely RL picture!

Other notable entries were from Mtm2007 and Klouwe

This week the challenge is…


If you have no clue what to do, then check Wallams entry.

Send me the link of the picture via In-game pm or via forum mail. The best ones will be published in the first upcoming blog.

Thank you all for reading, and I hope you are excited for next week’s edition!

Suggestions or extra information is very appreciated and always welcome in my in game mailbox or forum mailbox.