World 11: Weekly W11 News

April 14, 2010 in World 011 News

Bonjour Monde 11! This week ZIP achieved to have 1000 net noblings from {RASP} since declaration, more updates on this can be found in the War Stats. We also have a new tribe: GONE:D. It contains of 3 players who left LoD. We could ask the founder of the tribe (Mitchybruh) some questions in the interview. There is also a special article this week which contains the players who lost most villages since the start of the war. And off course there is a new challenge. Don’t forget to send your entry…


Power Rankings

  • ELITE joined W.C. again
  • 3 players leave LoD and form GONE:D
  • good week (+ 1 mil) for W.C. (+ 12.6 mil), ZIP (+ 3.3 mil) and {RASP} (+ 1.3 mil)
  • bad week (- 1 mil) for LoD (- 13.6 mil) and SFV (- 1.2 mil)

Major Powers: (+10%)

{RASP} 382.303.198 22,69 % 1.268.928 0,08 %
ATTERO 275.643.099 16,36 % 736.466 0,04 %
LoD 281.340.680 16,70 % -13.624.266 -0,81 %
ZIP 197.322.243 11,71 % 3.251.887 0,19 %

Mid-sized Powers: (3-10%)

jotad 105.516.043 6,26 % 677.411 0,04 %
SFV 104.648.312 6,21 % -1.188.967 -0,07 %
OZ 99.927.171 5,93 % -592.798 -0,04 %
}D~A{ 59.536.055 3,53 % 153.314 0,01 %
Legend 58.131.039 3,45 % -875.467 -0,05 %

Minor Powers: (-3% and +5mil)

W.C. 49.827.618 2,96 % 12.559.495 0,75 %
LoD-GL 26.975.037 1,60 % -834.953 -0,05 %
GONE:D 15.756.060 0,94 % *new*
BLITZ 14.528.140 0,86 % 0 0,00 %
WW|E 7.259.598 0,43 % 2.176 0,00 %
RH@D* 6.404.055 0,38 % 261.471 0,02 %


War Stats

RASP vs The Union

RASP vs The Union

Side 1: RASP ({RASP} and W.C.)
Side 2: The Union (ZIP OZ Legend LoD ATTERO SFV jotad }D~A{)

Timeframe: Since the declaration

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 4,963
Side 2: 6,525
Difference: 1,562

RASP vs The Union

Side 1: RASP ({RASP} and W.C.)
Side 2: The Union (ZIP OZ Legend LoD ATTERO SFV jotad }D~A{)

Timeframe: Last week

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 135
Side 2: 492
Difference: 357

Last was very successful for the Union!

Now the stats of the individual tribes:


ZIP reaches 1000 net noblings!

  • ZIP: 1,039
  • ATTERO: 904
  • jotad: 886
  • LoD: 318
  • OZ: 20
  • }D~A{: -216
  • SFV: -651
  • Legend: -738

Last week:

Superweek for ZIP! Also nice numbers for ATTERO, jotad and }D~A{. And for the first time since declaration Legend is green.

  • ZIP: 203
  • ATTERO: 96
  • jotad: 49
  • }D~A{: 27
  • Legend: 6
  • LoD: 2
  • OZ: -12
  • SFV: -23


Player of the Week: Mitchybruh

Klouwe: Recently you left LoD and made the 3-men tribe GONE . Why you left?

Mitchybruh: I’ve left LoD because I’ve actually decided to leave W11 for good, possibly TW for good. My reason for wanting to leave is because I find that the world is related a lot to WW1, except dragging on a lot longer. Being stuck in the south-western corner as I am, is boring, I’m sure that I can speak for the rest of the players 5 million points or less down here in the South-West, when I say that It’s now become more exciting. I left LoD and created my own tribe, to create some final excitement, I brought selous and baxter along because both of them have discussed leaving W11 before with me. I figured the time was right.

Klouwe: So you are definitally quiting this world. Do you have a personal goal that you want to achieve before quiting the game?

Mitchybruh: If this were the perfect world, I’ve always wanted to control K93 rankwise. In saying that however, I feel that I’ve controlled K93 for a fair while. I believe this, because pretty well ever since CQB was around, I’ve been a baron or a duke, and my tribe has had total control of it. With no other dukes or barons as a major player within the K. Adding onto this, within my home K of K93, I’ve completely wiped out players within a week. On multiple occasions, mostly by myself. I’m also sure that with my sheer attacking power within K93 could do a lot of damage to most players in this world, so I’m sure, if I tried hard enough, that I could easily dominate K93 if I wanted too. So I think I practically deserve the title anyways XD. *not to blow my own trumpet. XD

Klouwe: “Coïncidentally” the LoD-forums were deleted less than a day before you left. Any comment? (*)

Mitchybruh: Haha. I’ll tell you what I told many players from LoD as I left. I’ve been thinking of leaving for months now, I can see how it looks, but i’d decided to leave this week about a week ago. When the forum was deleted, i was pretty shocked, and i figured that i’d get the blame for it. But, as i told many people. You can blame me if you like, I really don’t care. Because it’ll put some aggression into this little rebellion i’m having. But if you do blame me, your never going to find that spy. I was thinking of delaying a week, but i figured that might be worse. However, being in LoD pre-forum deletion. I’d say it was needed anyways. The forums were so messy, I admit, I rarely checked them. XD.

Klouwe: You’ve entered an LoD academy in August 2009 and joined the main tribe in December 2009. So that’s quite a while. Please compare LoDs style with the other toptribes in the world?

Mitchybruh: Defensive…very…very…defensive. I’m an aggressive player, I have a majority of offensive villages. And I know for a fact that there’s many players like myself. However, I’m not sure if my offensive game-play is due to a lack of experience, in which both =TITE= and LoD had, which is why they were so defensive. Or if i’m simply a different style of player. To me, it seems as though RASP, ATTERO and ZIP all have quite offensive tactics, they mostly seem to be Northern tribes. Whereas LoD, being the major southern tribe, i would say has inherited a combined =TITE=, LoD, and CQB, defensive strategy. I can’t really understand why LoD seems to be so defensive to me. It might be how all tribes are, or just how LoD has learned to survive and dominate down here. But they seem extremely conservative..

Klouwe: This affirms the flames in the forums that LoDs duke Lord Bight 4 is too defensive. What’s your opinion on him? Is he a good leader for the tribe?

Mitchybruh: Lord Bight 4 is a very defensive duke. However, i believe that he realises this. I also think that he’s trying to push to become more offensive. Towards the end of my time in LoD, he became more active in leading the tribe in more offensive operations towards the north, he encouraged people more using different things. He is certainly a good leader. He holds that tribe together extremely well, in fact, I’m sure if he was to leave TW, LoD would fall apart within a week. And if LoD merged with ATTERO, then ATTERO would suddenly become defensive as well. XD LB4 has that much of an impact as a leader.

Klouwe: Describe your favourite clothing to go to a costumed party

Mitchybruh: If the parties pimps and hos, I would go as a drag-queen to be different. But probably dress up as a Scottish bloke with a kilt. Due to my scottish heritage, and the sheer randomness of it. + I have planned to go to my formal in a kilt. XD

Klouwe: Haha, thanks for the interview Mitchybruh! Good luck into achieving your last goal before quiting this world!

(*) After the interview playerhater11234 posted this in the forum (which makes it pretty obvious who deleted the LoD forums): “By the way, LB4, after reading your forums, there was really nothing in there that made me think any differently of you as a leader. Most of the stuff you posted just made me laugh considering how archaic it was. I mean, this world is 3 years old and you’re posting things that most leaders figure out does not work before the end of year 1. Some things you posted on war/troop strategy were even funnier. I don’t understand how someone who never attacks anything can know what the best strategies are. Eh, I probably did you a favor by having it all deleted…”


Top Net Loser

kingofwar2007 requested a ranking with the players who lost most villages since declaration. Although plenty of those players already quit the game and deleted accounts are not included in this list, it’s still interesting. The list contains all players who

  • were in {RASP}, ATTERO, LoD, ZIP, jotad, SFV, OZ, }D~A{, Legend at the time of the declaration
  • have +100 net losses versus the opposite side (the counting continues when they were kicked from their tribe!)

1 ) bratsch [{RASP}] 838 net losses
2 ) Trapko [{RASP}] 649 net losses
3 ) renegade recon [{RASP}] 473 net losses
4 ) The FI [{RASP}] 458 net losses
5 ) DJohnny [{RASP}] 345 net losses
6 ) Al_Capone [{RASP}] 343 net losses
7 ) doarmarius [Legend] 318 net losses
8 ) PolarSeal [ATTERO] 288 net losses
9 ) ThereseT [{RASP}] 257 net losses
10 ) Fovur [{RASP}] 247 net losses
11 ) Cheese889 [{RASP}] 208 net losses
12 ) hvnt [{RASP}] 197 net losses
13 ) killlred [SFV] 195 net losses
14 ) jhondoe399 [{RASP}] 184 net losses
15 ) Kalladin [{RASP}] 175 net losses
16 ) badhuman [}D~A{] 172 net losses
17 ) namphotaj [Legend] 148 net losses
18 ) Gdanard [{RASP}] 136 net losses
19 ) frankyboy89 [ATTERO] 133 net losses
20 ) sakattack [{RASP}] 118 net losses
21 ) Night Wizard [SFV] 115 net losses
22 ) XxXShortyXxX [{RASP}] 114 net losses
23 ) tavio [OZ] 111 net losses
24 ) Eore [OZ] 107 net losses
25 ) koss [{RASP}] 105 net losses
26 ) KADUX [OZ] 104 net losses


Nickjers Map


Challenge of the Week

The challenge of last week (best “Bert is Evil” picture) is won by Charles the Bald (1), (2), (3)! Hurray!

Other notable entries were (4), (5), (6) and (7)

This week the challenge is…


Send me the link of the picture via In-game pm or via forum mail. The best ones will be published in the first upcoming blog.

Thank you all for reading, and I hope you are excited for next week’s edition!

Suggestions or extra information is very appreciated and always welcome in my in game mailbox or forum mailbox.