World 11: Weekly W11 News

March 29, 2010 in World 011 News

Hola W11! The war is now on for 4 months so I checked some maps to compare the situation now versus 4 months ago. Logically I’ve also updated the Power Ranking and War Stats. And all the players who joined the challenge last week, are interviewed!


Power Rankings

  • good week (+ 1 mil) for ZIP (+ 3.4 mil), LoD (+ 2.9 mil), RASP (+ 1.8 mil), ATTERO (+ 1.1 mil)
  • bad week (- 1 mil) for Legend (- 2.3 mil)

Major Powers: (+10%)

RASP 387.859.325 23,09 % 1.851.636 0,11 %
ATTERO 376.317.526 22,40 % 1.088.564 0,06 %
LoD 318.464.814 18,96 % 2.895.214 0,17 %
ZIP 188.825.559 11,24 % 3.415.878 0,20 %

Mid-sized Powers: (3-10%)

jotad 104.015.672 6,19 % 585.571 0,03 %
OZ 99.082.500 5,90 % 677.569 0,04 %
Legend 63.772.813 3,80 % -2.289.832 -0,14 %
}D~A{ 57.997.291 3,45 % -181.224 -0,01 %

Minor Powers: (-3% and +5mil)

W.C. 49.470.547 2,94 % 534.912 0,03 %
BLITZ 15.710.517 0,94 % -80.839 0,00 %
WW|E 7.238.336 0,43 % 19.378 0,00 %
RH@D* 5.927.295 0,35 % 141.772 0,01 %
BEN 5.315.011 0,32 % -836.116 -0,05 %


War Stats

RASP vs The Union

RASP vs The Union

Side 1: RASP ({RASP} and W.C.)
Side 2: The Union (ZIP OZ Legend LoD ATTERO SFV jotad }D~A{)

Timeframe: Since the declaration

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 4,563
Side 2: 5,511
Difference: 948

RASP vs The Union

Side 1: RASP ({RASP} and W.C.)
Side 2: The Union (ZIP OZ Legend LoD ATTERO SFV jotad }D~A{)

Timeframe: Last week

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 274
Side 2: 338

Difference: 64

A small win for the Union this week. Now the stats of the individual tribes:


No changes in the overall ranking.

  • jotad: 795
  • ZIP: 749
  • ATTERO: 675
  • LoD: 315
  • OZ: 63
  • }D~A{: -296
  • SFV: -620
  • Legend: -733

Last week:

Only the top-3 in the nobling ranking could show green numbers this week. So RASP won again versus 5/8 tribes.

  • jotad: 78
  • ATTERO: 59
  • ZIP: 35
  • LoD: -1
  • }D~A{: -9
  • Legend: -26
  • OZ: 32
  • SFV: -41


4 months after declaration

It’s been a while (27th Nov 2009) since RASP declared on the world. Let’s compare the situation 4 months ago (map on the left) with the situation now (map on the right).

  • RASP became dominant in K06 (}D~A{ lost)
  • The Union became dominant in K37 (jotad won)
  • The Union became dominant in K55 (ATTERO won)
  • The Union became dominant in K63 (Lod won)
  • The Union became dominant in K62 (ZIP won)
  • The Union became dominant in K22 (ZIP won)

So in stealing continents, the Union is definitally doing better than RASP!


Players of the Week:

Everyone who joined the challenge got some short questions. All answers were combined into this multi-interview.

Klouwe: Hello W11-player! What’s your playing style?

Elmo: I prefer to be frontline, and heavily offensive. “My motto is Attack them before they attack you”..UnKnOwN.: well im a little of both, i like defending because it will just get my experience up on defending, learning about enemies strategies, etc. Offensive, because i like killing troops, half the time i dont take a village i nuke, as long as i kill our enemies troops then its a win for me. I like getting on frontlines, not more of a backyard, i think just sitting back away from the frontlines will get a tribe no where and is extremely boring for me.

Gareth Newton: A few weeks back i would have said i was very offensive, but after getting destroyed by W.C i had to change my whole tactics and be able defend myself.

Bloodhawk91: Definately frontline, however i combine the two of them ofcourse, only noobs play fully offensive or fully defensive IMO, it wouldn`t make sense… I love attacking, especially in a 1v1 situation because that`s where i can test my skills against the right opponent.

Klouwe: What’s your biggest achievement in the war since the declaration of RASP on the world?

.UnKnOwN.: probaly just getting on the frontlines. As you can see LoD has very limited frontlines with RASP. So as far as i can see im farely a large LoD player on the frontlines, which makes this game so much more fun for me because i love attacking/defending attacks/etc.

Bloodhawk91: I don`t know really, organizing a lot of OP`s and participating in a lot of attacks i guess, like making Hvnt, sakattack, acwf, and al_capone (chanman) leave rasp or go abandoned. I take pride in those OP`s but i am far from done organizing further OP`s

Elmo: Having the first 5 nobles against OZ on the day of declaration, because im hard you see

Gareth Newton: My biggest achievement since declaration is attacking and nobleing W.C and making them do a massive catting operation on me and surviving it.

Klouwe: What’s the first thing that you do on your account after you logged in?

Bloodhawk91: First incomings, then mails, then reports, then forums.

Gareth Newton: It’s quite random when i log on, it all depends if I’m having a lazy day, then i just read forums to see whats happening in tribe, if not it has to be the reports.

Elmo: I check my last logins, to check that my account hasnt been logged onto by someone else

.UnKnOwN.: Depends, if i got alot of incomings, i will normally see who it is, where they are attacking,etc. If i have no incomings, then normally my mail, and then send nobles/attacks wherever they are needed.

Klouwe: Who are (according to you) the best players of W11?

Gareth Newton: Well in order I would say that I am the best (biased) no but seriously this is a hard choice, i would have to say just by looking at players styles i would say tavka, playerhater and klouwe

.UnKnOwN.: Well from my experiences in TW, the current best players that i have came across are kyrtgr. He is very active, knows how the game is played, and just all around is very good. He is way better than me, thats for sure.

Bloodhawk91: I don`t really know at the moment, i think most of the players today who have proven themselves in the war so far are somewhat equal, some are better than others, but there is no “WoW!” players any more who really does anything exceptionally impressive.

Elmo: The best players on W11 now, in my eyes, are; Headvoid, AJ, PH and (that guy in RASP who keeps nobling people, on the Jotad border. Forgot his name.)

Klouwe: If you could change something about TW, what would it be and why?

Elmo: I would let RASP have the top 100 players, so that they are great

.UnKnOwN.: Hmm thats a toughy, but uhm probaly the number of troops a village could have. I think it would be really fun if maybe each village could have lets say 30,000+ farmspace. Would make the game more fun in my opinion.

Bloodhawk91: The way cheaters are treated, imo it should be a one strike policy, once discovered for multiaccounting or using 3rd party software on TW there should be a permanent ban of the account. I don`t mind the v6 changes either, i want the army camps, although i understand what changes it could create, it would be the same for everyone so i don`t see the problem.

Nickjers Map


Challenge of the Week

The challenge of last week (funniest home video) was won by .UnKnOwN.! Congratulations!

Other notable entries were from Gareth Newton, Bloodhawk91, Elmo and Chanman20

This week the challenge is…


Find that sick action video or those awesome Chuck Norris moves and send me the link via In-game pm or via forum mail.

Thank you all for reading, and I hope you are excited for next week’s edition!

Suggestions or extra information is very appreciated and always welcome in my in game mailbox or forum mailbox.