World 11: Weekly W11 News

February 10, 2010 in World 011 News

Hola! This is Klouwe with the  Weekly W11 News – The World’s Only Reliable News! Have a good read! This week we have an extra big edition. Check the usual updates and see that for the first time RASP is beating The Union. A new update of the Top Netto Nobler is calculated; congrats xillin to be still n°1 in this ranking! We also have an interview with the lovely W11 moderator Amanda. Next there are the sexy graphs which represent the results of January. And finally, don’t forget the challenge!


Power Rankings

  • }D~A{ upgrades and becomes a Mid-Sized Power! Congratulations!
  • another new tribe enters as a Minor Power: Adios
  • good week (+ 1 mil) for LoD (+ 2.9 mil), RASP (+ 2.9 mil), W.C. (+ 2.3 mil), ZIP (+ 1.7 mil) and jotad (+ 1.2 mil)
  • bad week (- 1 mil) for Cr*kUp (-8.9 mil), ATTERO (- 5.5 mil) and TSPU (-1.5 mil)

Major Powers: (+10%)

RASP 380.043.406 22,96 % 2.863.775 0,17 %
ATTERO 369.921.166 22,34 % -5.481.366 -0,33 %
LoD 304.906.062 18,42 % 2.867.923 0,17 %

Mid-sized Powers: (3-10%)

ZIP 155.451.695 9,39 % 1.726.890 0,10 %
OZ 108.081.925 6,52 % 805.411 0,05 %
jotad 98.424.730 5,94 % 1.216.075 0,07 %
Legend 86.023.452 5,19 % -355.766 -0,02 %
}D~A{ 50.048.328 3,02 % 697.111 0,04 %

Minor Powers: (-3% and +5mil)

W.C. 45.361.042 2,74 % 2.321.263 0,14 %
WW|E 12.426.070 0,75 % 447.508 0,03 %
Cr*kUp 9.994.989 0,60 % -8.947.884 -0,54 %
TSPU 8.595.667 0,52 % -1.467.652 -0,09 %
Adios 6.968.078 0,42 % *new*
RT? 6.789.721 0,41 % -30.375 -0,00 %
Aten 6.270.085 0,38 % 283.646 0,02 %
RH@D* 6.222.689 0,38 % -149.992 -0,01 %


War Stats

RASP vs The Union

RASP vs The Union

Side 1: RASP ({RASP} and W.C.)
Side 2: The Union (ZIP OZ Legend LoD ATTERO SFV jotad }D~A{)

Timeframe: Since the declaration

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 2,640
Side 2: 3,015
Difference: 375

RASP vs The Union

Side 1: RASP  ({RASP} and W.C.)
Side 2: The Union (ZIP OZ Legend LoD ATTERO SFV jotad }D~A{)

Timeframe: Last week

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 190
Side 2: 163
Difference: 27

For the first time since declaration RASP can show positive stats. Well done!

Now the stats of the individual tribes:


No changes in the overall ranking.

  • ATTERO: 485
  • ZIP: 439
  • jotad: 375
  • LoD: 216
  • OZ: 26
  • }D~A{: -264
  • SFV: -423
  • Legend: -479

Last week:

Although jotad only has 20 noblings against RASP, they performed again best last week. RASP is doing great against SFV and Legend. Resulting in RASPs small victory for last week.

  • jotad: 20
  • ATTERO: 19
  • OZ: 17
  • LoD: 7
  • ZIP: 2
  • }D~A{: -11
  • SFV: -35
  • Legend: -46


Top Netto Nobler

Last month:

In this ranking the personal noblings on the enemy are counted (since last update 7th Jan 18h00 untill 8th Feb 00h00). So for RASP players all noblings against The Union count. For The Union players all noblings against RASP counts. Only the players with 30 noblings against his opposite side are listed. Congrats juveleo with the best results of last month!

1 ) juveleo [W.C.] 64 noblings
2 ) Aquanaut79 [{RASP}] 63 noblings
3 ) Klouwe [ZIP] 57 noblings
4 ) Aeneas Juilus [ATTERO] 53 noblings
5 ) dollariino [jotad] 51 noblings
6 ) xXslingbladeXx [{RASP}] 50 noblings
7 ) kyrtgr [{RASP}] 49 noblings
8 ) Tavka [jotad] 48 noblings
9 ) azaacton [W.C.] 47 noblings
10 ) xillin [{RASP}] 47 noblings
11 ) cydrych [ATTERO] 39 noblings
12 ) Druiglas Chalain [W.C.] 38 noblings
13 ) CHIMERAA [LoD] 37 noblings
14 ) mtm2007 [ZIP] 34 noblings
15 ) mapc [{RASP}] 34 noblings
16 ) makeles [ZIP] 33 noblings
17 ) Kaitz [ATTERO] 30 noblings

Since Declaration:

In this ranking the results since declaration are counted. Only players with 60 noblings against the opposite side are listed. Big hurray for the 15 players who managed to get on this list! Xillin defended his n°1 spot very well and is still leading the charts.

1 ) xillin [{RASP}] 148 noblings
2 ) dollariino [jotad] 129 noblings
3 ) Aeneas Juilus [ATTERO] 119 noblings
4 ) azaacton [W.C.] 99 noblings
5 ) HCTP [W.C.] 99 noblings
6 ) juveleo [W.C.] 90 noblings
7 ) xXslingbladeXx [{RASP}] 89 noblings
8 ) Aquanaut79 [{RASP}] 87 noblings
9 ) Klouwe [ZIP] 78 noblings
10 ) kyrtgr [{RASP}] 73 noblings
11 ) mtm2007 [ZIP] 71 noblings
12 ) Tavka [jotad] 71 noblings
13 ) rwerk [OZ] 65 noblings
14 ) cydrych [ATTERO] 65 noblings
15 ) Bl@d3 [ATTERO] 65 noblings


Player of the week: Casus Belli

Klouwe: Hello Amanda! Have you actually played the game and do you like it?

Amanda: O.O Played the game? THERE’S A GAME?!?! >.< Do you mean by hugging everyone? I thought that’s how we played… Yes, I’ve played ^_^ I started on W6 about… 3 years ago I think. It was before the start of W7. I love this game, although since I’m me, not so much for the actual game play, but because of the social networking you can do. I have friends all around the world now, and I really love the aspect of TW that lets people from all different communities come together. I should point out that playing the game for this long is much, much different from being any good at it >.>

Klouwe: But someday you decided to apply for a moderator job. Why? Do you still like it to be a moderator?

Amanda: Well, like I said, I’m in this game for the social aspects for the most part. Since about W8 I’ve been a lurker on the TW IRC channel (y’all should go, it’s awesome), and so I got to know a lot of the mods, both in game and forum. I’ve been here for 3 or 4 CM’s (can’t exactly remember who it was before Gar…) and known them through IRC, and I was generally pretty cool with them. Then I was also in some skype chats with a lot of mods, so the more I heard from them about it, the more it became something I wanted to do. Not that I’d ever been on the forums or anything… I think I had less than 20 posts before becoming a mod >.>Do I still like it? I dunno. I love my forums (No, I will not pick favorites). Both W11 and W15 have some awesome members that I really adore. But y’all are both so gosh darned repetitive. Some days it’s like banging my head against a wall… But overall it’s pretty cool and generally something I enjoy doing… so I guess that means yes, huh?

Klouwe: Who is your favorite poster in the W11 Forums?

Amanda: Well… consistently, I’d have to go with Charles the Bald. He has awesome posts in general that don’t make me wanna bash my head against a wall for reading the same thing for the 10th time (now if only he could make them shorter at points… >.>). Forever? I’d have to go with MasterFireFX. He’s posted on there somewhere (totally biased there though)

Klouwe: Although a moderator should be neutral, who do you favour: RASP or The Union?

Amanda: I actually really like RASP, for all the crap I get from some of it’s members. I really like their duke there, unlike some other tribes (they know who they are >.>) and it has some awesome members. For the record though, Jbak is not for the win (shake). Who’s gonna win tho? I dunno, hard to say. Union is currently kicking butt (way to go y’all) but RASP looks like it might be turning things aroung. Besides, RASP may soon be getting (or have recently gotten) a new player >.> Won’t name names or anything, but he’s a friend of mine and is pretty epic.

Klouwe: Most likely W11 will soon have half prized coins. How will it effect the world?

Amanda: Half-priced coins? Well… there will probably be some whining on the forums about it (my main concern here). But I honestly don’t know. I’m sure it’ll up barb enoblement, especially w/ PR’s recent delete. It might really hurt RASP if the Union (Seriously, who named this group?) can pull together and do some sort of epic op. I’m hoping it means since RASP looks like they’re getting their crap together that their ennoblements will go up and whatnot though.

Klouwe: What’s your favorite day of the week and why?

Amanda: Tuesday without a doubt. I’m gonna guess no one here knows it, but I play a lot of pool (billiards, w/e you wanna call it) and I’m even a member of my universities pool club. We meet on Tuesdays. I stay at the campus pool hall generally around 6 hours then (yes, I have no life, I understand) and it’s epic

Klouwe: Thank you very much for the interveiw! It was nice talking to you!

Amanda: Nice to talk to you as well. Shout-out: Channy, I’m gonna kick your butt on W46.  You too Trip


Results of January

In the graphs below you can see the results of all tribes during January. In the first graph you can see the total points. The 2nd graph shows relative growth during January. You can see that RASP lost about 50 mil. Also ATTERO and Legend suffered losses. Lod, ZIP, OZ and jotad have a good steady growth. Finally also the pie charts. On the left you see the points at the beginning of January, on the right at the end of January. It’s easy to see that RASP lost some pie.


Nickjers Map


Challenge of the Week

The challenge of last week (cutest baby pic) is won by KHAN65!

Other notable entries were from

This week the challenge is…


Send me the joke via In-game pm or via forum mail. I will choose the best one and it will be featured in next week’s blog.

Thank you all for reading, and I hope you are excited for next week’s edition!

Suggestions or extra information is very appreciated and always welcome in my in game mailbox or forum mailbox.