Word 9: Conflict Brewing~ Part 2

March 21, 2009 in World 009 News

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Tribe Status Department

Who’s Who: A guide to the world

Take a peek at this map:

This map represents the tribe cores of the following:



DNS- Pink

Duke and Duchess:


Does Not Stop

Our territory is where we stand,
where we fight,
and where they die!

Dark Night SiouX is a tribe that is based in K65 and has evolved out of the proud SiouX and the Dark Night Assassins.
Both tribes merged on the 3rd of January 2008 with the intention to rule the South of World 9.

The Dark Night SiouX nation
currently consists of four tribes,

We function as one and attacking one of the players in any of those tribes means that, of course, you would like to fight our entire nation.


RAW- Orange

Questions: smokefield
Diplomacy: hibakusha
Invitations: auntbeannie

…close your eyes and just breathe easy
remain relaxed and inhale then exhale deeply
I want to find what you keep hidden
don’t blush when I reveal what was once forbidden
I’ll kiss your thoughts and romance your mind
don’t get it twisted this is sex of another kind…

~Member of raw/soft/edge family which includes: RAW / SOFT / EDGE~

=D-N=- Green


۞ For Recruitment Contact: Luishth ۞
۞ For Diplomacy Contact: sarcasm- ۞

۞ Any Other Queries Contact ۞
OTDDeathAwaits or Dream Hunter


It is the savage beast of war that drives Mankind on his course and pursues him to his destination. It feeds upon his terror. It grows more hungry with each passing year and soon it shall consume him whole.The Age of Battle has begun. The fires of war burn brightly from star to star. Everywhere the fortresses of Man are steeped in blood and ancient enemies appear from the darkness. Sensing weakness they gather for the kill. They know as we know that as night approaches all mortal life shall be extinguished. We know, as they cannot, that there shall be a new dawn and a new day when we will rise anew and they shall be driven into the darkness forever.The call to arms rings out across the dark void that is the galaxy. Its toll is answered by the iron willed devotees who themselves are but humble servants of a greater power. Who among the teeming billions of mankind has the strength to answer the call and march to war? Come forth you mighty warriors, gather under the bloodstained banners and grisly trophies of conquest! Join now the massed throng whose aim is to rid Humanity of its blighted fate. To win famous victory on hellish otherworlds.     

F:M- Light Blue





was formed with the alliance between F-U-N and A:M. The tribes merged on the 13th of January 2009.

~Member of SETO Family which includes: F:M, F:M2, [IB], Invite, [IB]NX~
DA- Dark Blue
»Head Duchess«

»Head Duke«


~Member of this family: DAHF, HA~

Weekly Interview with: OTD Death Awaits, Duke of =D-N=

1. Do you like playing the game?
- Yes I love playing tribal wars, all aspects of it. Although what i really enjoy is the IGM’s, i have met some amazing people through this game, the type of people a most would not usually meet in a lifetime and thats true for friend and foe.

2. Are you currently involved in any wars? Which ones?
Well =D-N=’s current war is the RAW one, we had a sprightly start and made a lot of progress against RAW but it has become very much trench warfare now.

3. Which tribe in the top 5 do you like best?
Can I say =D-N=? I do love my tribe, they are a fantastic selfless group who support and rely on eachother, but we have fun in the progress and that is the most important factor.
If i have to exclude =D-N= then…it would have to be OB, OB have astonished me personally and really upped their gameplay and took the battle to DNS. Also OB appear to have the same kind of approach as =D-N= and thats to have fun together as a team.

4. Is there one thing in this world that you dislike?
Yes, i dislike the betrayal and the distrust which occurs right across the world. People you think you know or think you can trust in, if given an opportunity to stick the knife in they seize it and forget the fact that it is a real person at the other end of the computer monitor.

5. If you could account sit one player for a day and assume their powers, who would it be?
This is the question i spent the most time thinking about. I have decided that if i could, i would sit hibakusha for a day. Not just because we are at war with RAW but because RAW is a good tribe and hiba a good player.
I would of course act in the account owners best interests as outlined in the rules ;)

Tactics and Treaties: The World Diplomacy Exchange

Wars (note, these are the only ones I could confirm. Please PM me about wars!):

=D-N= Family (=D-N=, =D.N=) vs. RAW

Report: DN appears to be making head-way in this slow but mighty conflict.


Report: n/a

RAW    EDGE    SOFt  vs.  TFTP

Report: n/a

SETO FAMILY (F:M, F:M2, [IB], Invite, [IB]NX) vs. DNS

Report: n/a


Peace Treaties:


Important Alliances:



Possible merge- DA into RAW, being consitered, but no news of a dicision yet.

Statistics and Graphs

Sorry everyone, I started late this week. I promise some nice solid war stats and some info on the tribes soon!

Rest of release in the makings. I need to get the interview in.