Wolrd 32’s Weekly Blog #4

November 7, 2010 in World 032 News, World News

Welcome to the hottest place on this planet. Todays issue will feature an update on the world surroundings, an interview with LightOne (the leader of bloodp) and a look at the wars that are currently happening.

First things first, I owe you all an apology for my lack of post. I don’t honestly know what came over me, it was a moment of boredom I think coupled with the fact that last weekend I was out for the majority of it. This should hopefully provide an insight and get you all back up to date with the current wars, but first, a look at the world dominance map.

This is my first time seeing this map in two weeks and comparing it to a map from a fortnight ago a lot seems to have happened. The most notable differences in the map is that NFH have gone. A few of their players were recruited by Time and the rest either joined TwFtw, have remained out of a tribe, or joined a tribe not in the top 20. The other biggest difference that can be see from the comparison is that THX Family has lost some of their players in the west, and these players have created a tribe called -C*-.  The other difference I can see is that FearUs have lost some players, whether this be through deletion, kicking or booting they have lost some considerable ground.

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This week I have an interview with the leader of Bloodp. This interview is a bit old because it was planned to come out in last weeks blog so was done about a week before. Nevertheless it will hopefully provide an insight into what Bloodp’s next moves are and what their motive behind recruiting NA.T.O was.

The interview was edited for the purpose of spelling and grammar only.

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Well… the lack of response for the competition was interesting. Some of you were interested but had problems with getting your image editing software to work, and others of you were unaware of the competition.

AreYouKidden created the banner that currently adorns our World 32 blog, but if you think that you can do better then go ahead and create a new one. If enough people create banners then I will rotate through them monthly, and if we get an overwhelming amount then it could be rotated fortnightly or even weekly.

So if you think that you can do better than AreYouKidden, or just want to create a banner for the blog then check out the forum post and you’ll see all the details there.

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